patrick healy dinner Saturday, January 13, 2024 Fairmont Washington D.C. Georgetown

2024 Honorees

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    Ky Adderley (C’98, S’01)
    Reena Aggarwal, PhD
    Benita Best-Wong (C’87)
    Doris Browne, MD (M’79)
    Theodore (D’88, Parent’24) and Denise Burnett (Parent’24)
    Mara Burr (L’96)
    Martin “Chip” Van Sherrill II (B’93) and Andrew Clarke
    Keith Dent (B’89)
    Lynn English (C’87)
    Brian Ferguson (C’18)
    Sandi Fields (C’90)
    Traci Higgins (C’86)
    Richard Hluchan (SFS’71, Parent ‘08, ‘09, ‘17)
    Donald Horton (C’72)
    Ria Jackson (B’91)
    Marianne Kotubetey (SFS’89)
    Pam Lipp-Hendricks (C’92) and Jason Hendricks (B’93)
    Erin Meadors (C’05, L’21)
    Kelly Mulvoy Mangan (SFS’91, Parent ‘25)
    Marlon Primes (L’89)
    Dennis Quinn (Parent’12, ‘15)
    Rick Sinkfield (SFS’91)
    Willie Tate (B’94) and Annette Johnson (G’19)
    Hillary Thomas-Lake (SFS’88, Parent’18)
    Traci Thompson, MD (C’96)
    Denise Warner DeVeaux (B’92)
    Marcus A. Williams (S’10)
    Beth-Anne Yakubu (B’91)

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    Josephine Bias Robinson (SFS’91)
    Bryan Foreman (C’84)
    Linda Holden-Bryant (C’87, Parent’25)
    Monique Jones (B’87)
    L. Toni Lewis, MD (C’93, M’04)
    Conan (I’73, MS’78, L’86) and Gail Louis (C’75)
    Nona Mitchell Richardson (SFS’89)
    Andrea Perrone, MD (M’94)
    Joe (B’91) and Kama Pierce (C’91)
    Marguerita Brunson Sims (C’91)
    Nicole Osborne Stupart (C’91)
    Fonda Sutton (SFS’87, L’95, G’15)
    Madeline Sutton, MD (C’89)
    Tanya Taylor (C’90)

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    J. Jacques Carter, MD (M’79)
    Renee DeVigne (F’79, L’82)
    Maja Hazell (L’98)
    Eddie Hill (B’92)
    Zaid Zaid (SFS’97)

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    Mannone A. Butler (B’94, L’99)
    Michael C. Ford (L’84)
    The Patrick Healy Fellowship
    Tyree Jones (L’86, Parent’21)
    Eric Woods (B’91)

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    Hope (B’75, Parent’03) and Tom (B’74, Parent’03) Reynolds

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About the Patrick Healy Dinner

Reverend Patrick Francis Healy became the president of Georgetown University in 1874. Born enslaved in 1834, he is considered to be the second founder of Georgetown. By racial classification standards, Patrick Healy, S.J., was the first Black man to earn a doctorate and the first to head a Jesuit university in the United States. In 1975, Georgetown University’s Black alumni began honoring the legacy of this great man by establishing a dinner and scholarship in his name. The annual Patrick Healy Dinner was founded as an official university event in 1992 and was placed under the direction of the African American Advisory board in 2002. Since then, the Patrick Healy Dinner and Scholarship have helped many Black students meet the financial burden of attending Georgetown.

Now a signature event under the Georgetown University Alumni Association Black Alumni Council, the annual Patrick Healy Dinner celebrates the achievements of Georgetown’s Black alumni, students, faculty, and staff. Proceeds from the dinner support the Patrick Healy Scholarship, which promotes diversity at Georgetown by providing assistance to students who have demonstrated financial need for scholarship aid.

About the Georgetown University Black Alumni Council

The Georgetown University Alumni Association Black Alumni Council (BAC) is the officially recognized affinity organization and shared interest group within the Georgetown University Alumni Association that supports and engages current and future generations of Black Georgetown alumni.

Since its launch in July 2022, the mission of the Georgetown University Black Alumni Council is to serve as the primary vehicle for the inclusion, engagement, and connectivity of Black alumni across the Georgetown University community; foster relations between Black alumni and Black students, faculty and staff; and to facilitate outreach from the university to the broader community.