Nominations Process

The Board of Governors is the elected board of the Georgetown University Alumni Association that is responsible for governing and managing the affairs and setting the strategic direction of the GUAA. The Board is charged with establishing and reviewing policies and governing procedures regarding all Alumni Association business as well as serving as a channel for alumni engagement and feedback.

Annually, Georgetown alumni have the opportunity to submit a self-nomination to be considered for the Board of Governors. Governors serve a three-year term and typically, candidates have been exposed to or are active with the Association's regional, athletic, class, or school based alumni activities.

Board Duties and Responsibilities

If you are interested in applying for a position on the board, please carefully review the Board of Governors Statement of Responsibility to confirm you will be able to adhere to the expected responsibilities.

Application Process

The Board of Governors' Nomination Committee will accept applications to be a member of the Board from November to December 2016 for a term beginning July 1, 2017. Each of the application components below MUST be provided in order to qualify for consideration.

  1. Online nomination form
  2. Personal statement, to include:
    • Why you wish to serve on the Board of Governors
    • Your prior activities and support for Georgetown University
    • Any other information you think will be valuable to the nominations committee
  3. At least (2) two, but no more than (5) five letters of support for your nomination; Letters of support should not exceed two pages single-spaced

Letters of support should be collected and submitted by the nominee themselves and include descriptions of the following as qualifications of the nominee:

  1. How long and on what basis, the person writing the letter has known the nominee
  2. The nominee's previous involvement with Georgetown as a student and as an alumnus and alumna
  3. Previous volunteer activity by the nominee on behalf of the University and the Alumni Association
  4. Why the recommender believes the nominee should be a member of the Board of Governors
  5. Any other information the recommender believes is indicative of the nominee's commitment to Georgetown and its alumni

In order access the nomination form, alumni must have a NetID and password. If you need to obtain your NetID, please call UIS Help at 202-687-4949 and they will be happy to assist you.

Nominations packets should not contain any photographs.

Self-nomination packets remain valid only for the current application year. If you were not chosen for a previous election slate and still wish to be considered, you will need to submit a new self-nomination packet this year.

Qualifications and Considerations

The Board of Governors is the governing body of the Georgetown University Alumni Association. For many Governors, membership on the Board serves as a capstone event in their Alumni volunteer life cycle. For others who have demonstrated strong leadership and engagement at earlier stages, the Board serves as an opportunity to deepen and sustain engagement with Georgetown over the arc of their lives as alumni.

Strong candidates for the Board of Governors will generally have a multi-year and sustained track record of alumni involvement and service in leadership roles. Indeed, recent selectees have engaged with the University and alumni community across multiple touch points, and often are serving in leadership roles at the time of their selections. These touch points may include class committees, regional clubs, affinity groups (e.g., Hoya Hoops Club, Hoyas Unlimited, AAP) and professional alliances (e.g., GEMA, Wall Street Alliance, etc.). In addition, strong candidates will have a consistent track record of giving back to the University.

The Nominations Committee seeks to select those who are most qualified from among the diversity of schools, generations, gender, geographic location, and ethnic background. An important goal of the selection process is to target a Board composition that is broadly representative of the alumni base.

Selection Process

Completed nominations are will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee in a closed meeting during Winter Leadership Weekend in February 2017. Immediately following the meeting, committee members reach out to those alumni who have been selected by the Nominations Committee to stand for election. Pending the positive response of the nominee, the Executive Director will release the slate of Governor nominees who will stand for election to the Board, the general alumni population, and the Office of Advancement.

New Governors begin a three-year term on July 1 of each year and may serve a second, consecutive three-year term with re-election.


Once the slate is announced, all living Georgetown alumni, with a valid email address on-file, receive an email inviting them to vote online or to request a paper ballot in the GUAA Election which runs from mid-April through mid-May every year. Those without an email address receive a postcard by mail.

After voting has closed, the results of the Election are ratified at the GUAA's Annual Meeting in June. This information is released by email blast and posted to the website, Georgetown Alumni Online, upon certification of the results by the Judge of the Election. Slated Governors are then notified and an orientation process begins which culminates in an in-person orientation during Fall Leadership Weekend, which typically occurs in late-September.

If you have any questions regarding the nominations process, the Board of Governors or the Alumni Association, please contact