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Category: Club Volunteers Best Practices

Title:Check It Out, Check Them In, Let Me Begin

Author: By Aidan McLeod, Regional Engagement Coordinator
Date Published: December 6, 2018

In order to host a successful club event, it is important to collect attendee data and then send the information to the Regional Engagement Team. If data is properly collected at events, the Regional Engagement Team can assist in answering questions that will support your club with future events. We can help answer questions such as the types of events that appeal to alumni of various demographics, and the areas in your city that attract the most alumni.  All of this information helps contributes to the future success of Georgetown and our regional programming.

Below are a list of event reporting steps. If you have trouble with any of the steps, you can reach out to the GOdesk Team or your Regional Engagement staff liaison—we are here to help!

1. Plan event, confirm date and select location

Once the basics of the event are planned, we can move on to creating our event registration.

2. Create event in iModules

iModules is the platform used to created club events. iModules will help you create a registration webpage that can then be shared via email, the club website, and social media. This platform can be used for paid and free events. If a club leader does not have access to iModules or Marketing Cloud (our email system), they can request access via the GOdesk.

3. Send iModules link to

Once the event has been created via iModules, send the link to This is a new email the Regional Engagement Team will be using to consolidate all data related to club events. Emailing the iModules link allows us to update the online Georgetown Calendar (Live Whale) with the new club event.

4. Send email invite(s) to alumni

Using Marketing Cloud, alumni can create emails based on pre-made templates to send out event invites. Clubs also use Marketing Cloud for monthly newsletters. If you have not been trained and given access to this system, you can request it at via the GOdesk.

5. Export the registration list to Social Tables

Exporting the registration list to Social Tables makes hosting an event much easier. If the event was created in iModules, you can download the list of alumni who have registered and upload the list to Social Tables. If you need help, take a look at the Social Tables Guide or reach out to your club’s staff liaison and they can provide assistance.

6. Host the event and record event attendees in Social Tables

With a laptop or ipad, you can check-in guests as they come. At the end of the event, the data will be accessible by the Regional Engagement Team (this way you won’t need to email us event attendance). However, if your club does not use Social Tables, you will be responsible for emailing the Regional Engagement Team with the event attendance data collected.

When taking attendance data from walk-ins, please make sure to record the guest’s name, class year, school and email address.

7. Once the event is completed, send any attendee data not in Social Tables to

If you have any walk-ins or you did not use Social Tables, you are responsible for sending the data to

There you have it! Those are all the steps necessary for event reporting. And remember, by following the steps above, you can make sure that we have the data and knowledge to help you host the most successful events, now and in the future.