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Title:GEMA Externship: Where Are They Now? Caroline Garity (C’12)

Caroline Garity (C’12) is Senior Vice President of Television and Film at Blue Marble Pictures. Blue Marble Pictures is a film and television production company focused on building a curated slate of scripted series, films and non-fiction projects that reflect our global culture.

What was your first “big break” into your industry? Or, what is the most significant experience you have had that has made your success possible?

Starting my career as an assistant at the talent agency WME was an invaluable experience. Not only was it a crash course in dealmaking, but it also offered me exposure to many aspects of the business. Throughout my time there I was able to foster relationships with agents, writers, directors and studio executives that enabled me to grow into my role now as a producer.

What was your first job?

See above.

What do you do in your job now? What is your favorite part of your current position?

I am a producer for television and film. There are several aspects of the job, but it primarily consists of sourcing material to be adapted, working with writers to develop and sell their ideas to a platform, and then collaborating with writers throughout the entire development and production process. My favorite part of my job is getting to work with writers every day. Being so close to their creative process is immensely inspiring, and I love the challenge of diving deep into an idea to help it come to life on screen.

What was the externship experience like for you? Did it have an influence on your career/help kickstart your career?

I really loved my externship experience. I got to meet with incredible executives and producers, including Justin Falvey, Charlie Andrews and Stephanie Leifer, who each took the time to explain the ins and outs of their roles and how they got to where they were. Hearing about their jobs confirmed for me that I wanted to explore creative development after college. And it was through their advice that I applied to the talent agencies to start. Hanley Baxter, a fantastic agent and another Georgetown alum who I met on my trip, sent in my resume to WME and I interviewed shortly after the externship. I am so grateful to the program for launching my career!

What part(s) of the Externship did you find most valuable?

See above.

What was your experience like attending Georgetown? Were there any particularly formative experiences that were special to you?

I loved my time at Georgetown. As an American Studies major, I was encouraged to explore subjects from an interdisciplinary lens, and I remember one year taking an art history class, a dance history class, a music class, a literature class and a film class that all covered the same time period in history. Through that experience, I learned to see how different artistic mediums influence one another to ultimately define a cultural movement. Developing an understanding of these different mediums has been incredibly additive to my work in film & TV now.

What’s your advice for an undergraduate trying to break into your industry? Is there anything you would tell your younger self now?

My advice to an undergraduate would be to consume as much content as you can – including films, television, books, podcasts – from all over the world. Constantly feed your curiosity and develop your own sense of taste. Treat every new encounter as an opportunity to learn and foster a new relationship. And go into your first job knowing that you have to work your way up. Everyone starts pushing a mail cart and answering phones, and that’s okay. Trust the process and learn as much as you can along the way!

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