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As Georgetown University School of Medicine alumni, you play a great role in the school’s past, present and future. Georgetown remains your home – a place where you learned and matured as doctors, researchers and scientists.

Among the best ways to stay involved with the school is by connecting with current students, young alumni and each other. You can make a difference in the lives and careers of students and young alumni through your support and the sharing of knowledge. Students are eager for your experience-based insight on such topics as residency, specialty practices and what being a doctor is really like.

Connecting with students and young alumni can also help alumni hone skills as influential leaders, fulfill the Georgetown spirit of service to others and personally invest in the continued success of the school and the university.

Get Involved

Dine with a Doc – Organized by the Medical Students Alumni Ambassadors program, this mentoring opportunity gives alumni an opportunity to socialize with current medical students in a small group setting. If you are in the neighborhood during the day, take a few first- and second-year medical students out to lunch. Or, you can choose to host a dinner at your home, take a group out for a round of golf, enjoy a sporting event together, or just take a few students out for dinner. This is an excellent way to share information about your career and personal experiences.

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Connect with a Recent Grad – The CURA (formerly MATCH) Program (Connecting and Uniting Residents and Alumni) pairs Georgetown medical alumni from across the country with recent School of Medicine graduates as they head out to begin their residencies in hospital centers across the nation.

As a medical alumni mentor you can offer the benefit of your own experiences, encourage the new residents as they walk the path that you have already followed and provide insight into the real world of practice.

The goal of the program is to match each graduating School of Medicine student with a Georgetown medical alumnus in the community where they will be undertaking their residency program. Additionally, wherever possible, the alumni match will be associated with the resident’s hospital or have the same specialty interest.

Reunite Every Five Years – Whether you are five minutes or 5,000 miles away, your reunion is a great time to be back on campus with your friends and families. If it is your reunion year be part of the action by joining your reunion committee, which is responsible for planning all the fun and informative events, lectures, campus updates, tours and parties for your class. Interested in becoming a Class Communication Chair for your reunion? Let us know as many years in advance, so you be involved with planning a great Reunion!

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