Guidelines to Become a Club

If you are interested in starting a club in your region, first visit the Connections page and click on "Regional Clubs" to browse whether a club exists in your region. If there does not appear to be a club in your area, you may want to start by organizing a happy hour event, or some other low-key gathering, to try to gauge interest in starting a club. A good rule of thumb is to expect 2-10% of the alumni population participating in any given region. Contact our Regional Engagement Team at to help get the word out to alumni in your area.

In order to be chartered by the Alumni Association, new clubs need at least 25 active club members to be viable. You must also have an elected leadership team comprised of a President, President-elect or Vice President, and Treasurer. Clubs must be apply for charter and by officially approved by the Alumni Association.

General guidelines are as follows:

  1. To be eligible to form a new club, a domestic region must have at least 500 GUAA members and an international region must have at least 250 GUAA members. These numbers will be reported using the GU Alumni Database (GAMBIT).

  2. A new club must cover a defined geographic area that is of reasonable size for a single club to serve effectively in the judgment of the ACC.

  3. The prospective new club should email to discuss with Regional Engagement team member, no less than 30 days prior to the GUAA Leadership Weekend. All applications that are not complete will be deferred to the next Leadership Weekend. A Club Charter Application will ask for a one-year strategic plan, officers, demonstration of interest, and membership numbers.

  4. Clubs serving 2000 or more constituents shall be required to have at least four club officers at all times. The suggested roles: are President, President-Elect or Vice President, Events and Communications Chair, and Treasurer. All other clubs shall be required to have at least three club officers. The following officer roles are recommended: President, President-Elect or Vice President and Events Chair/Communications Chair.

If you are interested in starting a club, email our Regional Engagement Team at If you are unsure about starting a club, learn more about how to participate in our Regional Contacts Program.