About the GUAA

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The Alumni Association connects with 196,000 alumni all over the world through regional club initiatives and a broad array of social, educational, charitable, athletic, and fundraising events.

Report of the President
Rich Hluchan (F’71), President, GUAA

As you know, one of the objectives of our strategic plan is enhanced outreach and engagement with international alumni. I just returned from an outstanding International Alumni Weekend in Mexico City, which more than 200 alums attended. We enjoyed a dinner meeting with club leaders from Mexico City, networked with members of the Latin American Board, listened to an address by former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon, and socialized with alums from Mexico, Central and South America, as well as the US. In addition to panel discussions on topics such as NAFTA, migration, and the Jesuit experience in Latin America, there were also tours of the pyramids at Teotihuacan, the Palacio Nacional (with its amazing murals by Diego Rivera), and the Frida Kahlo museum. We absorbed Mexican hospitality, culture and cuisine. In all, it was a wonderful means of enhancing Georgetown’s global brand.

By virtue of my role as President, I am privileged to represent GUAA on the University Board of Directors. On October 2, I attended new member orientation, at which I learned the history and traditions of the Board and the responsibilities and duties of its members. The session was led by President DeGioia, along with Board Chair Bill Doyle, University Secretary Marie Mattson, and General Counsel Lisa Brown.

Board and committee meetings were held on October 3 and 4. I am assigned to the Main Campus, Advancement and Student Affairs committees. Graduate students desiring to be more engaged in alumni activities petitioned the Student Affairs committee to establish an alumni board, similar to the existing medical and law alumni boards. I agreed to work with Todd Olson, Executive Director Julie Farr, and other appropriate University officials to assist in this effort.

Also discussed were planning for the next campaign, as well as plans to establish a new campus in downtown DC to be known as the Capitol Campus. This is anticipated to eventually encompass the Law Center, McCourt School of Public Policy, and the School of Continuing Studies.

Finally, I hope all of you who attended Fall Leadership Weekend found it to be engaging, productive, and, yes, fun. We conferred awards on our outstanding clubs and their leaders at a sold out reception overlooking the scenic mall in downtown Washington. Our committees continued their important work. At our Board meeting, we heard inspiring words from our new Executive Director, Julie Farr, who has hit the ground running and with whom I am thrilled to work. We amended our bylaws to make the Diversity and Inclusion Committee a permanent, standing committee of GUAA, and heard an important conversation about diversity from committee chair Zaid Zaid and University Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity Rosemary Kilkenny. In addition, Gail Louis and Fitz Lufkin gave a well-received presentation (with audience participation!) about the concept of intersectionality.

I can never thank you and our staff enough for all you do for Georgetown. I look forward to seeing you all at Winter Leadership Weekend (February 7-9, 2019).