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Category: Club Volunteers Best Practices

Title:Three Social Media Tips for Clubs

Author: By Sam Sanders, Director of Regional Engagement
Date Published: February 9, 2016

It’s all the rage these days, using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever it takes to reach people and share great experiences online.  But how can you best do that for your local Georgetown Club?  Here’s a few suggestions:

Use a scheduler to ensure a steady flow of posts from your club.

Although you may bleed Hoya Blue all the time, you may not want to spend all your time posting for your club.  It’s a lot easier to set aside more time once in awhile to just line up your posts for the week or month or whatever time period you decide.  I recommend Hootsuite, a free app/tool that lets you schedule posts to come from your account when you want.  It also has some nice other tools, but this is a great feature that helps you make sure that people looking at your club’s Facebook/Twitter page have a constant stream of content.

Pictures, pictures, pictures

This is obvious, but part of vicariously reliving your Georgetown experience is by being visually reminded of it!  Don’t feel like you have to find all these pictures yourself, the Georgetown Alumni and Georgetown University Facebook pages can be great resources for some new, relevant pictures.  No shame in reposting/retweeting good content!

Make it local

Even if it’s not timely, an occasional post about a Hoya alum in your area, or a Hoya-owned business can draw eyeballs.  As long as it’s not outright promotion, letting your fellow club members hear about something happening in your neighborhood is a good way to gain interest. Don’t over think it- even small tidbits can be compelling.  

For more ideas on Social Media, feel free to check out a compelling and comprehensive presentation recently given to Club Leaders here – Social Media Best Practices