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Celebrating our Scholars

We are grateful to have your dedicated support of scholarships at Georgetown. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we can continue to ensure that every student who wants to attend Georgetown has the opportunity to do so regardless of any financial barriers. Georgetown is proud to be a need-blind, meet-full-need institution and our ongoing commitment to access and affordability is imperative now more than ever. The impact of scholarships can be felt across our community and allows the best and brightest students to experience all that Georgetown has to offer. Thank you for enabling us to continue providing critical financial aid for Georgetown’s grateful students.

Joey Edmundson, Jenny Xu, and Josiah Laney

Grateful Hoyas

“I really feel like I am getting a wonderful and holistic education and I can’t express my thanks enough for that.”
– Joey Edmundson (SFS’22)

“I think that there’s no other community quite like Georgetown and I’m so grateful that I’m able to go to my dream school.”
– Jenny Xu (C’21)

“There is this care and understanding that you are more than just these classes, you’re more than just the knowledge, the grades. I think that’s something that’s really important and has been so defining for my Georgetown experience.”
– Josiah Laney (SFS’21)

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A Testimonial

Mary Sinclair

“After getting accepted into Georgetown, the only barrier that still stood in my way was a financial one. I knew Georgetown was and is the school for me and I was worried that money would be the only thing keeping me from my dream school. This is why I am so grateful and appreciative to have donors like you who have and continue to make a Georgetown education financially accessible for me. This scholarship allows me to focus on my education without as much worry as to how my family can afford such a prestigious education. I am forever grateful for such a scholarship because I have been able to learn from great professors, make lifelong friends, and enjoy the beautiful campus that is Georgetown.”

— Mary Sinclair (B’23), International Business major, Houston, TX

A Testimonial

Jeremy Ridley

“With your generosity, I have been able to attend my dream school, challenge myself academically and outside of the classroom, and make some of the best memories with the people I have come to meet at Georgetown. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to learn and grow, to help the world by helping others, and to truly live out the Jesuit values each and every day. Even though my Georgetown experience is coming to a close, the impact it has on my life both right now and in future years is one that I will cherish forever, and would not have been possible without your generosity.”

— Jeremy Ridley (C’21), Chemistry major, Wall Township, NJ

A Testimonial

Escadar Alemayehu

“This scholarship is everything to me. I never thought Georgetown could be financially possible for me. Georgetown and the global health program are so meaningful to me. This is more than a scholarship, this is an opportunity to be a part of this incredible community and network. I have the ability to study, learn, and collaborate in this special environment. This scholarship is opening doors for me and showing me that I can make the world a better place!”

— Escadar Alemayehu (N’22), Global Health major, Englewood, CO

A Testimonial

Sang Doan

“When I was a high schooler in Vietnam, ‘Georgetown’ felt like a synonym for academic opportunity and possibility. Now, it has become my future and part of a reality that I share with other Hoyas. Thank you for enabling many students including me to get the most out of our time at Georgetown. Scholarships are invaluable in the sense that it does not only open up many doors for us but also provides us with immense optimism about our future. It assures us that we can always find help at Georgetown when we need it, and reminds us of our role and responsibilities as young Hoyas in this community.”

— Sang Doan (SFS’24), International Affairs major, Nam Giang, Vietnam

We are so grateful for your support of scholarships at Georgetown which enables the best and brightest students to be welcomed into our community.