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Title:GEMA Alumni Spotlight – Rocky Collis (L‘11), Co-Founder & CEO, Mustard

Rocky Collis (L‘11) is Co-founder and CEO of Mustard which is democratizing the world’s best coaching through proprietary AI/CV mobile applications and live and recorded instructional content with the world’s greatest athletes and coaches.

Mustard seeks to provide every athlete across sports with the personalized instruction necessary to continue playing their sport longer than they otherwise would. See two posts from Mustard: AI Change Your Game and Welcome Clayton Kershaw, first pro-athlete guest in the kitchen


What was your first “big break”? Or, what is the most significant experience you have had that has made your success possible?

My (relatively short lived) athletic experience (I was a college and minor league baseball player) has indirectly led to a number of opportunities throughout my career. First, it helped me get into college, then I think was a factor in getting admitted to GULC, and then was a factor in getting hired at my first law firm, and in obtaining early clients (including the players of the USWNT). I’m now the founder and CEO of a sports tech startup company.

What is the most challenging part of your job? What is the most rewarding part?
As a startup founder something happens every day that feels like it could lead to the end of the Company. And something else happens every day that feels like you’re taking over the world. The journey is the challenge, and is also the reward.

What is something current you are working on that you are excited about?
We’re preparing to launch into a new sport at Mustard, in partnership with some of the best athletes and media entities in that sport. We are very excited!

How is the ever-changing media landscape affecting your industry?
1) Consumers are overwhelmed with the amount of content. 2) The proliferation of youth sports streaming (the ultimate product to capture parents’ eyeballs) leads to many opportunities for elite, automatic coaching at scale (which is our expertise).

Are there any ways that you feel Georgetown especially prepared you for your career?
1) GULC taught me to analyze problems from every possible angle. I feel it’s a very helpful skill for a startup founder — both for running the business day to day and for fundraising (and seeing issues from the investors angle). 2) I had the opportunity to serve as Editor-in-Chief of the Law Journal, effectively running a small business.

What is your best advice to those who are starting out in your field?
The most important characteristic is relentlessness. Best Business Advice Received:
Think bigger. Start from the end point: what do you want the world to look like when you’re done? And then work backwards from that point.

Trait You Most Admire in People:
I most admire people who are constantly progressing and improving themselves, even if in tiny (but compounding) ways.

Favorite App, Website, Podcast or Social Platform (other than related to your own company):
The Masters golf app is a remarkable app that creates a different and better sports viewing experience than viewers can have for any other event or sport.

Favorite Georgetown Professor:
There were a lot. I was lucky to have Dean Areen for my 3L writing seminar, and she made a particular impact on my thought processes and writing style.

Favorite Georgetown Restaurant or Bar:
There weren’t a ton of options right around the Law School at the time! There was a solid place right across the street from school, next to the Starbucks on the island on 1st and NJ. I don’t think it’s there anymore. But I liked it — mostly for it’s proximity to school!

Favorite Georgetown Memory:
I loved Law School. My favorite and most vivid memories are of long nights cramming Law Journal edits with good friends. It doesn’t sound great, but I remember it fondly.

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