Category: GEMA, GEMA Event

Title:Music Policy Forum Summiit

When: October 26-27, 2018

Where: Georgetown University, Lohrfink Auditorium, Rafik B. Hariri Building

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The Summit brings together several hundred musicians, researchers, policymakers, industry and nonprofit leaders, and other stakeholders into a wide-ranging exploration of some of the most promising and exciting thought leadership in the music and policy space.

Summit Themes: The Future is Access, Data, Collaborative and Incremental!

The biggest constant in the music community is change. The Music Policy Forum Summit shines a spotlight on some of the most compelling, inspiring and, sometimes, frustrating developments in public policy, research, technology, and culture. Presentations, interviews and roundtable discussions will be provocative and challenging. Intense small group conversations will allow for high-level, focused explorations of critical topics that are central to moving the field forward. Come join a community of hundreds of musicians, policymakers, activists, researchers, nonprofit leaders and other key communities in a highly curated, two-day exploration and celebration of what is coming next.

Special interest sessions will focus on specific themes including the how blockchain will impact compensation structures, developing and implementing music strategies, a “meetup” of halls of fame and music museums, best practices in music research, and other targeted discussions.