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Category: Club Volunteers Best Practices

Title:Membership Tips

Author: By Nick Smith, Assistant Director of Regional Engagement, Mid-Atlantic
Date Published: October 27, 2017

Many Clubs rely heavily on dues-paying members to fund their annual programming. There are a variety of ways to drive and maintain club memberships. We encourage each club to try different ways to engage your community to find what works best for your region. Here are some examples of what you can do to be successful:

1. Ask and Educate

Ask alumni to join the club in your newsletters, on social media, and in person at events. To ensure you will be able to collect memberships at events be prepared with an iPad. Inform your alumni community that dues are on a fiscal cycle from July 1 to June 30.

2. Discounts

Provide discounts on ticketed events including faculty lectures, networking events, and more. This gives your membership price a value add and is appreciated by your members’ wallets.

3. Early Access

For signature events, faculty lectures, and well-attended events that are apt to sell out, provide early access to club members to get their tickets first to secure a spot at the event.

4. Members-Only Gatherings

Offer Members-Only events or Members-Only pre-receptions at events to add a level of prestige and thanks to those who paid their dues.

5. Auto-Renewal Giving Ways

What better way to maintain membership than to encourage the use of iModules’ auto-renewal feature? But how? Consider giving a club-specific customized gift such as a pint class or coffee cup to those who sign up using the auto-renewal feature.

Still not sure what might work for your club? Ask your Regional Engagement Liaison if they can connect you with another club that has seen success with their membership program to learn best practices from them!