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Category: Club Volunteers Best Practices

Title:Making Any Event a Networking Event

Author: By Bridget Holmes, Senior Director, Career & Regional Initiatives
Date Published: February 9, 2016

Even a wine tasting or game watch can also become a great opportunity for your members to network and share professional connections! If 75% of jobs are found through networking and third degree connections, make Georgetown the platform to make those connections happen.  Here are a few tips on making any event a networking event.

1.  Include title & organization on nametags.

Hoyas love to share their school and class year but by simply adding (or having attendees add) titles and organizations to name tags is a simple way to encourage conversation around networking connections.

2. Encourage attendees to bring business cards to share.

Challenge your event attendees to bring 10 business cards to every event and hand them all out by the end of the night.

3.  Force fun (and mingling).

During events with less formal programs, ring a bell every 10-15 minutes to encourage attendees to switch up their conversation partner(s). It’s so easy to just talk to the people you know, encourage alums to mix it up a bit.

4. Collect business information during event registration and share with attendees.

It can be tough to meet everyone you want to during an event.  Make life easier for your club members by circulating an attendee list post event which includes business information.  (Note: Make sure you include a question during registration asking alumni if they give permission to share their information).

5.  Make sure you include time for networking.

If you are hosting a panel, class, or keynote, bookend the formal program with time for attendees to connect and chat.

Questions about hosting a career or professional development event in your region? Contact Cara Tarone, Associate Director of Alumni Career Services at