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Title:Hoya Happy Hour: Keep It Simple

Author: By Emily Glaessner, Assistant Director, Regional Engagement
Date Published: February 6, 2017

Hosting happy hours for local Hoyas is a fun, casual, and simple way to foster social engagement in your Club, and as long as you take attendance they count towards your event programming requirements. Clubs of all shapes and sizes enjoy happy hours and Georgetown game watches!

We have identified a few practices that will make planning a happy hour for your club simple and successful:

1. Plan ahead, but don’t reserve a room.

To keep your Hoya happy hour easy and affordable, pick a fun local bar or restaurant for the event, but plan to gather in the main bar area. Do contact the bar if you expect more than 12 attendees so they are prepared for increased patronage. Expert Tip: Reach out to Hoya-owned bars and restaurants for special deals.

2. Game watch essential: confirm TV channel.

Be sure to contact the restaurant or bar and ask if they have the TV channel that the Georgetown game is playing on. Arrive early to grab a couple tables with the best view of the TV!

3. Get the word out as much as possible.

Make sure all your local Hoyas know about your happy hour by posting on the Club’s social media pages, create a Facebook event, and send out 2-3 emails promoting the happy hour.

4. Make it Georgetown!

Show the Club’s Georgetown spirit at the event. You can do this by bringing a banner, recommending Georgetown attire, and reaching out to your staff liaison for swag. Maybe make a challenge out of it and see who can wear the most Hoya gear!

Hoya Saxa!