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Title:GEMA Launches Undergraduate Club

In an exciting and expansive new development, the Georgetown Entertainment and Media Alliance (GEMA) has launched a chapter for Georgetown undergraduate students. One of the defining pillars of GEMA’s mission is to “foster and support career development for its members and current GU students within the entertainment and media communities.”

Establishing the GEMA Undergraduate Club will be essential in the effort to create a strong and sustainable pipeline of Georgetown undergraduates flowing into the entertainment and media industry. More specifically, the GEMA Undergraduate Club seeks to establish a community for students and support their desire to explore their interests in the world of media and entertainment as more than just passions or hobbies, but as potentially fulfilling careers.

Jack O’Connell, a second-year in the McDonough School of Business and Co-Founder & President of the GEMA Undergraduate Club, believes that by giving careers in entertainment and media the same opportunities as other fields, GEMA will occupy a unique and important space in Georgetown’s well-established pre-professional environment. “While Georgetown is known, and rightfully so, for its presence within governmental and financial sectors, GEMA has proven that there is a strong community of alumni operating within the dynamic fields of entertainment and media. The role of the Undergraduate Chapter is to leverage this robust network to educate students on the plethora of engaging careers within these industries,” O’Connell said.

In addition to O’Connell, Ava Stepan (COL’24) will serve as Vice President, while Ivy Becker (COL’24) and Koller Wolfe (SFS’24) will serve as Co-Directors of Entertainment and Julia Cannamela (COL’24) and Markus Kempin (SFS’24) as Co-Directors of Media. Timothy Brennan (MSB’24) and Justin Filak (COL’24) round out the leadership team as Co-Directors of Sports. “From journalism to sports broadcasting to script writing, our board is comprised of passionate individuals representing a broad spectrum of interests within the entertainment and media industry,” Stepan said.

The GEMA Undergraduate Club will harness the mentorship and guidance of its parent association while advancing its own mission. This mission can be distilled into three main pillars: 1) build a strong community of like-minded undergraduates 2) expand professional development opportunities and 3) establish meaningful relationships with GEMA alumni members.

To foster a strong community of like-minded undergraduates, the GEMA Undergraduate Club will seek out students interested in the entertainment and media industries. The undergraduate organization will provide members with the platform to forge genuine connections with other individuals on campus, promoting collaboration and overlaps between distinct disciplines within these fields. Additionally, members interested in both the creative and corporate streams of the media and entertainment industry will be able to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships across sectors.

“We are thrilled by the launch of the GEMA Undergraduate Club and look forward to it becoming a valuable resource for the undergraduate community of students interested in better understanding the vast world of entertainment and media and in accessing the significant GEMA alumni network to pursue a career in the industry,” said Rich Battista (MSB ’86), GEMA Founder and Chairman.

To expand professional development opportunities for the GEMA undergraduate community, members will be encouraged to attend workshops, on-sight visits, and speaker events, interacting closely with key players in the industry. Additionally, members will be provided with professional development resources so that they are able to navigate industry standards for methods of evaluation, such as portfolios, auditions, and resumes. Professional development will also entail a discussion of members’ intended career paths, regardless of how non-linear, in order to develop a calculated approach to entering the industry.

Finally, the GEMA Undergraduate Club will connect current students to creative and professional opportunities within the entertainment industry, highlighting jobs and internship opportunities available to undergraduates. The undergraduate chapter will capitalize on the expertise of GEMA alumni, establishing mentor relationships between undergraduates and alumni and further strengthening connections between GEMA and the university.