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Title:GEMA Holds Virtual Alumni Career Panel for Current Students

By Tara Jabbari, (CCT’17).

On October 28, 2020, GEMA held its first virtual GEMA Alumni Career Panel for current Georgetown students, sponsored by GEMA in partnership with Alumni Career Services and the Cawley Career Center. The audience was comprised of undergraduate students, MBA students and Law School students. We learned a great deal from five distinguished alumni from diverse backgrounds and fields. Our alumni offered insightful advice on how to get your start in the entertainment industry.

The panelists included Gilbert Cruz (C’03), Culture Editor, NY Times; Christian Davin (C’01),

Global Head of Movies, Marketing, Amazon; Alison Eakle (C’02), Executive Vice President, Head of Creative Content, Shondaland; Dominique Shelton Leipzig (L’91), Partner and Firm wide Co-Chair, Ad Tech Privacy & Data Management Perkins Coie LLP; Kevin Scharff (C’94), R&D Game Lead and Senior Producer, Riot Games; and moderated by Mitch Peyser (MBA’93), Vice President and Executive Producer, Time Life.

Cruz expressed that the newspaper path is not what it used to be. Now, you have to chart your own path, write as much as you can, and provide your perspective to show editors and publishers that you not only write, but that you have put yourself out there.

Davin recommended that students find out what they are passionate about then go after that. Your career is a long-term commitment, so find an area that makes you happy to start your workday.

Eakle stressed the importance of self-motivation and having a sense of purpose along with writing skills. Eakle encouraged students to take advantage of resources such as Hoya Gateway, however, you need to do your research before reaching out.

Scharff explained that while your first job may be focused on supporting others, it’s important to find opportunities where you can get a ‘seat at the table’ and present your ideas.

Leipzig explained that it is important to be current on other industries. Media and Entertainment is affected by other industries like Finance, Tech and others. Keeping up to date with other industries will help you succeed as you continue in your career.

In 2020, a lot of has changed and our panelists shared how you can achieve a lot despite the pandemic.

GEMA thanks the panelists for their insights and their time and hope you can join us for our next GEMA event!