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Title:GEMA DC Presents “Night at the Nats”

The GEMA MBA along with GEMA DC presented
GEMA Night with the Nats at Nationals Park on April 12.

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The event was attended by 70 GEMA members and featured two distinguished speakers: Lara Potter, Vice President & Managing Director, Communications & Brand Development, Washington Nationals; Adjunct Professor, Georgetown Sports Industry Management Program and Richard Brand (B ’81), Partner, Arent Fox and Adjunct Professor, Georgetown Law.
Prior to game time, Ms. Potter spoke about developing the Nationals branding strategy centered around Natitude. Professor Brand spoke about the sports industry and gave some helpful advice on how to break into that competitive job market. After the reception, GEMA watched the Nats game, and while the home team lost, the event was a big winner.
Special thanks to Bobby Brandt and Tasmia Khan of GEMA MBA for their work putting together this great event.