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Title:GEMA Alumni Spotlight – Nicole Tingir MacMillan (C’07), Director of Artistic Producing, Roundabout Theatre Company

As the co-head of the Artistic Department, Nicole works on programming the theatre’s season, finding and developing a pipeline of scripts, running various artist-support initiatives, and artistic producing shows in production.

What was your first “big break”? Or, what is the most significant experience you have had that has made your success possible?

I was looking for a career change into theater two years out of school and got an internship at Atlantic Theater Company in NYC. I was interning for the two heads of the company – the Artistic Director and Managing Director. Taking the leap to leave healthcare consulting and take this (then) unpaid internship (only possible due to the two years of consulting), was 100% what got my foot in the door. All further opportunities came from this first internship.

What is the most challenging part of your job? What is the most rewarding part?

The most rewarding part is getting to help bring an artist’s vision to life and getting to shepherd their work from its inception to a fully realized product. The opposite is the most challenging – having to act as a gatekeeper of sorts (though as we continue to push equity and inclusivity, I prefer the term curator). There is so much talent out there and it’s impossible to support all of it at once.

What is something current you are working on that you are excited about?

We have a robust pipeline of work in development that I’m excited about. Things always kick into high gear when you’re about to start rehearsals, though. So, I would say one of our upcoming new plays — Eboni Booth’s Primary Trust, starring William Jackson Harper. This was one of those scripts, that after my colleagues and I read it, we’d compare every other script to it. It was just that good.

How is the ever-changing media landscape affecting your industry?

We rely far more on social media than we ever have in the past. Though I like to think that that just means that word of mouth is now more meaningful than a Times review. I’m not sure that’s necessarily the case quite yet, but it would be a nice trend.

Are there any ways that you feel Georgetown especially prepared you for your career?

I spent a huge amount of time in the office of The Hoya. The knowledge and camaraderie I experienced from my peers in that office was an incredible education for just about any industry.

What is your best advice to those who are starting out in your field?

Meet as many people as possible. If you’re able to say yes to an opportunity outside of work (from a financial and mental health perspective), definitely do.

Best Business Advice Received:

Always answer your own colleagues first – try not to keep them waiting, even if the answer is that you need a bit more time to get back to them!

Trait You Most Admire in People:

The ability to remember that we’re all people and we have things going on besides work.

Favorite App, Website, Podcast or Social Platform (other than related to your own company):

When I was first getting into theater I poured over everyday. I learned so much about the industry, key players, and career paths on that site.

Favorite Georgetown Professor:

I worked for Dr. Jan Blancato in her cytogenetics lab at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center for all four years. She was the best.

Favorite Georgetown Restaurant or Bar:

Can I say The Tombs? Generic, I know, but I truly loved being there with friends.

Favorite Georgetown Memory:

Living with all my closest friends in a house at 35th and N my senior year.