Category: Alumni Authors

Title:Career-ology: The Art and Science of a Successful Career

Author: Jeff Chapski (B'91)
Date Published: April 1, 2015

Career-ology book cover image
While your college education taught you how to learn and how to think logically, that is not enough to guarantee that you will succeed as a professional. Your diploma may help you get your first job. It is a like a ticket to enter the professional world, but it doesn’t mean you have all of the necessary skills you need. Jeff Chapski has received multiple awards from GUAA, including the 2013 Reed Alumni Award and the 2008 William Gaston Alumni Award. He also hold several distinguished positions in the HOYA community, including founder and chairperson of HOYA Gateway and Co-Founder & Treasurer, Past-President of the Georgetown Entrpreneurship Alliance.

London and White LLC (2015)

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