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Class of 1987 Newsletter – Fall 2022

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Class of 1987 Newsletter – Fall 2021


All Souls Day 2022

This past June, at our 35th reunion, we gathered in Dahlgren Chapel for a mass led by Tom Benz, S. J. to remember our dear deceased classmates.¬† On this All Souls Day, and as we begin the month when the Church traditionally remembers all of our friends, family and loved ones who gave passed, let us remember our classmates once more.¬† We all miss our friends terribly, but as Fr. Tom reminded us so beautifully in his homily, because their lives have “changed but not ended” they remain with us always, and are now part of the “Communion of Saints.”

Fr. Tom’s “Communion of Saints” homily, and the remembrance book from the mass listing our classmates may be found below.¬† The remembrance book concludes with Bill McGarvey’s moving tribute to our classmates, “I Call Your Name” which he sang at the mass.¬† The Dove picture from the cover of the remembrance book includes the phrase “We Remember” in 80 different languages, with the beak representing the word for “peace” in the ancient language of Tangut (western Xia dynasty).¬† The Dove was created by our classmate Martin Parker, and also included for additional reflection here is an extraordinarily touching poem he wrote in memory of a Georgetown friend.¬† Let us always remember our classmates, our friends.

Please click below to find our remembrance book, class homily, and poem:

Remembrance Book – Class of 1987 Memorial Mass

T. Benz Homily – Class of 1987 Memorial Mass

Martin Parker Poem – The Smith of the Smoking Runestone Rhymes


Find Hoyas from This Class

  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Mr. Michael D. Abdenour C’87

    Ms. Monica Naomi Banks C’87

    Ms. Elizabeth Knowles Bischoff N’87, MS’92

    Mr. Robert A. C. Bonsor F’87

    Ms. Laura Ilene Burde C’87

    Mrs. Julienne Callaway C’87

    Mr. Richard Catalano B’87

    Mr. John David Dressing F’87

    Mr. James Neil Ehrbar C’87

    Ms. Cynthia A. Faloon N’87

    Mr. John P. Flynn C’87

    Mr. Edward A. Frazier F’87

    Ms. Diane Shaffer Gallo C’87

    Mr. Craig E. Gibson C’87

    Mrs. Sheila Christine Giere C’87

    Mr. Charles P. Gooding C’87

    Theresa Virginia Gorski Esq. C’87

    Mr. Don Robert Hamersley C’87

    Mr. Timothy L. Hancock B’87

    Mr. John Reardon Hoyne C’87

    Jill Eckman Hungerford C’87

    Ms. Stephanie Camille Anne Jackson I’87

    Mr. Paul L. Jentel F’87

    Mr. Chris Johnsen B’87

    Ms. Shelly D. Kennedy N’87

    Mr. Panayotis Lambrakopoulos C’87, L’91

    Mr. Christopher Leuzzzi B’87

    Mr. Edwyn Zain Mara F’87

    Ms. Kathryn Rosemary McLaughlin C’87

    Mr. John E. Medosch Jr. F’87

    Mr. Peter P. Murphy F’87

    Ms. Marisa Dolores Picallo I’87

    Ms. Theresa Puleo F’87

    Mrs. Christine Romeo B’87

    Mr. W. Andrew Shea C’87, L’93

    Ms. Lisa Stefanacci C’87

    Ms. Shin Ju Tsai C’87

    Mr. Miguel Uria C’87

    Virginia M. Walsh F’87

    Anne R. White B’87

    Mr. Alex Wong B’87

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Ms. Alexandra E. Asfour¬† F’87
    Mr. Aaron D. Ashby¬† B’87
    Mr. Pablo Batista¬† B’87
    Ms. Diane Baumann¬† I’87
    Ms. Sally Park Behrhorst¬† C’87
    Ms. Christine Blom¬† N’87
    Ms. Claudia Bogen-Froese¬† F’87
    Ms. Shirley Ellen Bomhoff¬† N’87
    Ms. Elizabeth Braestrup¬† C’87
    Ms. Maria Carvalho Burger¬† I’87
    Mr. Paul D. Capcara Jr.¬† F’87
    Mrs. Luz Castillo Morehouse¬† I’87
    Mr. Matthew Russell Clevenger¬† I’87
    Mr. Alberto Cocchi¬† B’87
    Mr. Nicholas Colmenares¬† C’87
    Colleen M. Connolly-Ahern Ph.D.¬† C’87
    Mr. Cyril Stephan Cuminal¬† F’87
    Ms. Sophie Richard D’Aulnay¬† C’87
    Ms. Karen B. Decker¬† F’87
    Mr. Patrick Gerard Doherty¬† B’87
    Mrs. Deirdre L. Donahue¬† I’87
    Daniel J. Dufresne Esq.¬† F’87
    Mr. Catalino V. Echiverri Jr.¬† F’87
    Ms. Amina Elmediouri¬† C’87
    Ms. Jill Esposito¬† C’87
    Ms. Tamara Fields-Radosevic¬† F’87
    Ms. Sandra Findlay¬† N’87
    Mrs. Michaela A. Francis¬† C’87
    Mr. Matthew Paul Glunz¬† F’87
    Ms. Barbara A. Grady¬† N’87
    Mr. Alkman N. Granitsas¬† F’87
    Mr. John P. Haines¬† C’87
    Mr. William Francis Hughes¬† C’87, L’90
    Mrs. Kshama Shukla Hughes¬† C’87, L’94
    Ms. Dorothy B. Hull¬† I’87
    Ms. Maria Elena Ines Jack¬† C’87
    Mr. Alan Robert MacDougall Jones¬† C’87
    Ms. Chantal M. Kenol¬† C’87
    Ms. Jungmin Kim¬† I’87, MS’89
    Ms. Linda June Kingsmore¬† C’87
    Mr. James Anthony Kofalt Jr.¬† I’87
    Mr. Michael Lee¬† C’87
    Mr. Jung Woo Lee¬† B’87
    Mr. Ronald Shingwun Lee¬† B’87
    Mr. Marcos Daniel Lorenzo¬† I’87
    Colonel Anne T. Magpuri USAF¬† N’87
    Ms. Martha Ann Matthews¬† C’87
    Ms. Tara Shannon McKelvey¬† C’87
    Ms. Happy Lee Miller¬† F’87
    Ms. Sherry Williams Miller¬† F’87
    Ms. Tammy A. Mitchell¬† B’87
    Mr. John Michael Morton¬† C’87
    Mr. Arthur G. Owens III¬† C’87
    Ms. Maria Cristina Pastrana¬† F’87
    Ms. Gloria J. Quinn¬† C’87
    Ms. Annemarie L. Rothe¬† I’87
    Ms. Claudia Saavedra¬† C’87
    Ms. Nishita Shah¬† F’87
    Mr. Timothy S. Shepard¬† C’87
    Mrs. Taili Song Roth¬† C’87
    Mr. Arnaldo Soto Jr.¬† B’87
    Mr. Guy B. Stear¬† F’87
    Mr. Andrew W. Stuart¬† C’87, L’93
    Ms. Bonnie M. Symonds¬† C’87
    Ms. Sandra J. Taylor¬† I’87
    Ms. Marcia L. Tutora¬† F’87
    Mr. John Vogel¬† F’87
    Mr. Gero Constantin Von Lieres¬† C’87
    Ms. Mary Ellen Warner¬† B’87
    Ms. Kelly Norton Watts¬† C’87
    Ms. Mayumi Anne Willgerodt¬† N’87
    F. Chrispin Wilson¬† C’87
    Mr. Jason Eric Winkler¬† F’87
    Mr. Chris J. Yeager¬† C’87
    Ms. Tonya Young¬† C’87
    Mrs. Marion Zehner¬† I’87
    Ms. Tina Zournatzi¬† F’87
    Mr. Stanley L. Zylowski¬† C’87

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