African-American Advisory Board

The African-American Advisory Board’s mission is to ensure the necessary inclusion of African Americans in all sectors of the Georgetown University community; foster communication and networking among African American students, alumni, faculty, and staff; and act as a key advisor to the university on policies and procedures that will positively impact the African American experience at Georgetown.

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Mannone A. Butler, B’94, L’99

Nigel Scott

On behalf of our dynamic board, welcome to the GU African-American Advisory Board’s new website!

We are energized to enlist and engage you in order to effectively fulfill our responsibility as advisors to the University. Many of you will already be familiar with our signature event, the annual Patrick Healy Dinner, which honors a distinguished alumnus, a university leader, and also recognizes the Patrick Healy scholarship recipient, a rockstar student. We invite you to join us annually, on the Saturday before the nationally recognized Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday to celebrate exemplars in our community as well as to fellowship with fellow alumni. In addition to the Healy Dinner, the African-American Advisory Board advises the University on a myriad of issues, including but not limited to, alumni engagement, advancement, student affairs, and issues that touch on and concern the wider African American community.

We invite you to check out our directory to learn more about the African-American Advisory Board and contact us if you are interested in volunteering your time and talent to support our events and initiatives.

Best wishes and Hoya Saxa!

Mannone A. Butler, B’94, L’99

Nigel Scott, C’95


  • Leadership

    Mannone Butler, Chair (B’94, L’99)
    Nigel Scott, Vice Chair (C’95)
    Marguerita Brunson Sims, Secretary (C’91)
    Chris Perkins, Treasurer (B’94)


  • Board Members

    Ky Adderley (C’98, SCS’01)
    Marcia Cooke (SFS’75)
    Michael C. Ford (L’84)
    Ashley Hodges (L’14)
    Schuyla Goodson-Jeanniton (L’92)
    Christopher Jones (M’01)
    O. Felix Obi (MPM’11)
    Beverly Perry (L’81)
    David Simmons (L’84)
    Rick Sinkfield (SFS’91)
    Fonda Sutton (SFS’87, L’95, G’15)
    Charlene Tarver (L’03)
    Willie Tate (B’94)
    Donna Wise (SLL’80)

  • Emeritus

    Chukwudozie “Dozie” Azotam (B’06)
    J. Jacques Carter (M’79)
    Goren Dillard (C’84)
    Tyree Jones (L’86)
    Conan Louis (SLL’73, MS’78, L’86)
    Erin Meadors (C’05, L’21)
    Markhum Stansbury (C’91)

Events & Awards

Upcoming Board Meetings
Monday, January 11, 2021

Events in Our Community
The Georgetown University Black Alumni Summit is a biennial gathering planned by and for the Black alumni community of Georgetown University.

  • The Patrick Healy Dinner

    The annual Patrick Healy Dinner celebrates the achievements of Georgetown’s African-American alumni, students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Proceeds from the dinner support the Patrick Healy Scholarship, which promotes diversity at Georgetown by providing assistance to students who have demonstrated financial need for scholarship aid. We are excited to award the Patrick Healy Scholarship this year to LaHannah Giles (C’23).

  • Samuel A. Halsey Jr. Award

    Joseph “Joe” Pierce (B’91), 2020 recipient

    In 2002, we created the Samuel A. Halsey Jr. Award to honor the outstanding contributions of Georgetown University’s African American alumni. Now presented at the dinner annually, the award is named for the university’s first known African American undergraduate alumnus. It is presented to individuals who have demonstrated commitment and service to the university community and who have achieved professional success and excellence in their chosen field.

    Past Awardees

    2020 Joseph “Joe” Pierce (B’91)
    2019 Melissa Bradley (B’89)
    2018 Terri Carmichael Jackson (C’89, L’92)
    2017 Kaya Henderson (F’92, G’07, H’12)
    2016 The Honorable Stacey Plaskett (SFS’88)
    2015 Marcus R. Johnson (L’97, MBA’97)
    2013 Malcolm D. Lee (C’92)
    2012 Tim King (SFS’89, L’93)
    2008 Doris Browne (M’79)
    2007 The Honorable Marc Morial (L’83)
    2006 Ronald E. Blaylock (B’82)
    2005 The Honorable Ricardo Urbina (C’67, L’70)
    2004 Cheryl Cooper (B’78)
    2003 Valerie Lancaster (C’76)
    2002 Lloyd Campbell (B’79)
    2002 Dikembe Mutombo (SLL’91, H’10)

  • Patrick Healy GU Scholarship

    Tiana Holston (C’22), 2020 recipient

    The scholarship was established to promote diversity at Georgetown by providing assistance to undergraduates who have demonstrated financial need for Georgetown scholarship aid, with preference in selection to eligible minority students. It is supported by donations from members of the GU African-American Advisory Board and others. Make a gift to the Patrick Healy Endowed Scholarship >

    Past Awardees 

    2021 LaHannah Giles (C’23)
    2020 Tiana Holston (C’22)
    2019 Josiah Laney (SFS’21)
    2018 Taurjhai Purdie (C’20)
    2017 Elizabeth Nalunga (SFS’19)
    2016 Luce Angeline Lovely Olivier (C’18)
    2015 Angela Williams (C’17)
    2013 Grace Yeyeodu (C’16)
    2010 GrettaDigbeu (C’14)
    2009 Tanore Barrow (C’10)
    2008 Jodi Greer Callender (B’09, SCS’11)
    2005 Lauren Alicia Johnson (B’08, L’14)
    2004 William Garard Godwin (C’07)
    2003 Neal Fisher (C’06, L’09)
    2003 Kathryn-Ann Bloomfield (B’04, L’07)

  • Distinguished Leader Award

    Angelyn Mitchell, 2020 recipient

    In 2018, we created the Distinguished Leader Award to honor the outstanding contributions of Georgetown University’s African American administrators, faculty, and staff. The award is given to a member of Georgetown’s campus community who has made significant contributions to the university and demonstrated unwavering commitment to the experiences of African American members of the Georgetown University community.

    Past Awardees

    2020 Professor Angelyn Mitchell
    2019 Rosemary Kilkenny
    2018 Professor Gwendolyn Mikell


  • Admissions and Financial Aid

    The Admissions and Financial Aid Committee works in conjunction with the overall university admission and financial aid offices to ensure that the processes include a socially, culturally and economically diverse population in order to provide world-class access and opportunity.

  • Bylaws

    The mission of the Bylaws Committee of the Georgetown University African American Advisory Board (GUAAAB) is to maintain the bylaws of the GUAAAB in an efficient, effective and updated condition for the use of the board’s members.

  • Communications and Engagement

    This mission of the Communications and Engagement Committee is to foster communication and networking among Black students, alumni, faculty, and staff, as well as to keep alumni informed about what is happening at Georgetown and with the board.

  • Faculty, Staff, and Curriculum

    The Faculty, Staff, and Curriculum Committee serves as a catalyst for diverse and inclusive scholarship, by encouraging the faculty of the university to develop and sustain a diverse and rigorous academic environment and curriculum across disciplines. The committee also seeks to provide support to academic and administrative staff around issues related to a diverse student body and the interests of students of color.


  • Healy Dinner

    The Healy Dinner Committee serves to coordinate preparations for the annual Patrick Healy Dinner alongside the university. The dinner is an annual celebration that recognizes the accomplishments of Georgetown’s African American alumni, faculty, staff, and students.

  • Nominations

    The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to identify candidates to serve as members of the board.

  • Student Life

    The Student Life Committee serves to foster relationships and resources between the current African American student body and African American alumni network.

  • We are Georgetown: Celebrating our Black History

    Mission: To memorialize, through storytelling and associated artifacts, the richness and depth of the African American experience at Georgetown University.

    The GU African-American Advisory Board seeks alumni volunteers, stories, and resources for a new project that seeks to document the Black experience at GU. For more information, email