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Lives Well Lived—Fall 2018

In calling this new section, “Lives Well Lived,” we share portraits of alumni beyond the headlines who have made an indelible impact living day to day. Let us know what you think at Read More

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Achieving Dreams in Global Health

Asked what advice she'd give a Georgetown undergraduate student, Pamela Hoyt-Hudson (NHS'86) says, “Define your dream. Know where you want to go. Never give up.” Read More

Pamela Hoyt-Hudson

Forty Years of Fighting for the Underdog

When Douglass Seidman (F'72) was thinking about college, he considered four vocations. One was archeology— he was already spending weekends laboriously translating Egyptian hieroglyphics at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. He also thought of being a teacher, like his parents. And with his love of travel and learning different languages, the Foreign Service seemed like a good idea. His mother also suggested a career in law. Read More

Douglass Seidman

A Fast Track to Global Citizenship

One day during her junior year, Donna Hernandez (F'13) was running an errand that took her past the busy Foggy Bottom Metrorail stop. As crowds rushed by, she checked her email and stopped cold. Read More

Donna Hernandez