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Alumni in the Field: Eric Daar

Eric Daar, MD (M'85), cared for his first AIDS patient as a Georgetown medical student on rotation. After graduation, he returned to his hometown, Los Angeles, to pursue a residency in internal medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Read More

Eric Daar

Alumni in the Field: Craig Hendrix

During some of his first clinical experiences as a medical student, Craig Hendrix, MD (M'84), witnessed the tragic conditions for AIDS patients, with Washington, D.C., an epicenter of the epidemic in the U.S. Read More

craig hendrix talking to students

Lives Well Lived—Spring 2019

Lives Well Lived honors a few alumni who have recently passed away with short obituaries. We share with you these portraits of alumni beyond the headlines who have made an indelible impact living day-to-day. Read More

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Progress in Neonatal Seizure Pharmacology

Mounting evidence from patients and from research in animal models suggests that exposure to common epilepsy drugs, phenobarbital in particular, causes lasting damage to cognitive and motor functions in the developing brain. Read More

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