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Three Hoyas Walk into a Delicatessen

Since becoming the Executive Director of the Georgetown University Alumni Association a year-and-a-half ago, Julia Farr (C'88) has made it her mission to discover and showcase alumni stories in a way that is personal, creative, and bespoke. With 185,000 alumni across the globe, the stories are literally endless, but she is determined to shine a light on as many as possible. Read More

Executive Director of the Alumni Association Julia Farr (C’88), center, greets Mary Giuliani (C’97) and Adam Platt (F’81) for a lunchtime conversation at this iconic New York City delicatessen.

Lauinger Library Turns 50

On April 6, 1970, Lauinger Library opened its doors for the first time. As Georgetown's first standalone library building, it marked the most significant expansion of collections since the opening of Riggs Library in 1891. A proposal for the new library stated that it should be “much more than a warehouse for books.” Half a century later, “Lau” has become a quintessential part of the Georgetown student experience. Read More

old picture of lauinger library

Alumni Are Still Hitting the Books—This Time Virtually

The Alumni Association has launched two virtual book clubs: one specifically for alumnae, and another for all alumni focused on their professional development. These clubs offer alumni a flexible and low-commitment way to engage with Georgetown and fellow graduates while expanding their networks and fostering career advancement. Read More

book covers

Celebration of the Century

Founded in 1919 to prepare the nation for new global leadership in the devastating wake of World War I, the School of Foreign Service has a legacy of educating professional diplomats, public servants, business leaders, and even presidents around the world. The SFS Centennial, a yearlong celebration of the school's mission, reflects on and honors that legacy while looking to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead—as well as what skills future SFS graduates will need to carry that legacy into its second century. Read More

crowd of people at the centennial gala celebration

Students Sweeten Business Opportunities Through UHustle

It's study week, and students prepping for fall 2019 finals are draped over the comfortable furniture in the Healey Family Student Center. Down a hallway, students take a break to dart into a room and stand in line. It's not a speaker that's drawing them, not a study group—it's the unmistakable smell of cotton candy. Read More

Christy Felix (B’21) hosts campus events to meet potential student entrepreneurs. | Photo: Lisa Helfert

Meet Georgetown’s First Chaplain for Athletics

Tony Mazurkiewicz has more than two decades of ministerial and leadership positions in education and social services. He previously served as director of the John Main Center for Meditation and Inter-Religious Dialogue before debuting the athletics chaplaincy in fall 2019. Read More

Some of the work of Tony Mazurkiewicz, chaplain to athletics, fits into the tight schedules of student-athletes such as men’s cross country/track team members Maazin Ahmed and Joshua Bell.

SFS-Qatar Student Mitigates Conflict in Somaliland

What are the key contributors to tribal conflict? A lack of water and grazing land contribute to clashes for pastoralist communities like the one in which Mustafe Axmed (F'21) grew up. But more than anything, nepotism in politics drives discord, says this student of international economics at the School of Foreign Service-Qatar. “The government doesn't provide the social services that people need.” Read More

Religious scholar Sh. Faysal Ali Faarax, professor Ali Mahdi, poet Axmed Cabdi Xirsi, mediator Xariir Iimaan, and Kaltuun Maxamed speak at a panel organized by Mustafe Axmed

Simplifying a Civic Duty

When Andrew Straky (C'20) first registered to vote in his home state of Michigan, he learned that there was a law requiring that state citizens vote in person at least once before they can vote absentee. Straky had already turned 18 and had voted in person before he left for college, “but some of my peers faced an unnecessary barrier,” he recalls. Read More

Students table for National Voter Registration Day in September 2019

Classroom Robots Assist Remote Learners

Students Andrew Zubiri and Aaron Joya are huddled around a table in the Car Barn working on a group project with their classmate Anne Jillian Dumanat. Dumanat swivels her head to hear her teammate tell a joke. She laughs—all the way from Doha, Qatar. Read More

L-R: Prof. Yianna Vovides and students Andrew Zubiri, Aaron Joya, and Anne Jillian Dumanat (on screen from Doha, Qatar) discuss how people learn with technology during their fall 2019 Methods of Learning and Design course. | Photo: Moruomi Li

The Benefits and Barriers of Genetic Testing

How accurately can we identify risks for cancer, and who has access to affordable services? These are questions that Beth N. Peshkin, M.S., LCGC, one of the nation's few genetic counseling experts to become a full professor, asks at the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. Read More

beth peshkin talking with colleague