Category: Club Volunteers Best Practices

Title:And the Winner is…

Author: By Nick Smith, Associate Director, Regional Engagement
Date Published: January 17, 2019

Our alumni clubs and volunteer leaders continue to be among the best-in-class and we want to recognize your excellence through our Alumni Club Awards! Below are five helpful hints to help your club as you plan events and apply for an award.

1. Think Outside the Box

When planning your event, think of new and exciting opportunities in your market that will relate to your fellow Hoyas. Is there a new venue, exhibit, or show coming to town? What about an exciting topic or panel that would draw new interest from fellow alumni? Just be sure not to get stuck in a rut of the same programming year-after-year.

2. Hoya Connection

Leverage the Hoyas of your community. Is there a Hoya who owns a restaurant or bar, or one that is an expert in a field of interest? Build out your connections to showcase and highlight your fellow alumni. Also: Don’t forget to tie the Hoya connection back to the Hilltop. Think about how your club’s event submission represents Georgetown’s ethos and mission.

3. The Nuts and Bolts

In the midst of your innovative programming, it is important to remember to be collecting registration and attendance at your events. When the awards application asks for metrics you want to be able to provide the stats (and lists) to support your event success.

4. Say Cheese!

Don’t forget to snap away. Take pictures, post on social media and generate the conversation online. These pictures will help with your submission, but also help alumni see how vibrant and active your club is in your respective community.

5. Know your Audience

When you are writing your submission, remember who is reading it: fellow volunteers. The Board of Governors Alumni Clubs Committee are the ones reviewing and ultimately voting on the awards. Many of whom are current or former club leaders themselves—they understand the challenges and share the passion of bringing the Georgetown brand to their local regions.

Best of luck and we look forward to seeing all of your submissions during the nomination period in June!