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Title:GEMA DC Presents “An Evening with Jonathan Wolff, Seinfeld ‘Music Guy'”

An Evening with Jonathan Wolff, Seinfeld “Music Guy”
sponsored by GEMA DC

When: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 from 6-8PM
Where: Cawley Career Education Center

Acclaimed musician Jonathan Wolff created the music for 75 primetime network series and is best known for his iconic Seinfeld music. Jonathan will illustrate practical music business model do’s-and-don’ts, along with real world entrepreneurial career need-to-know and how-to-get-hired advice.

“You don’t land 75 steady TV composing gigs by just being good at music.”

This storytelling lecture includes details about Jonathan’s musical and entrepreneurial journey.

  • Hollywood Insider “behind-the-scenes” accounts
  • Business dealings
  • Career details which also included recording with 100’s of music artists (not hyperbole)
  • Participating in rate court proceedings and arbitrations related to TV music broadcast licenses and royalty collections

Jonathan credits much of his financial success to his (also retired) lawyer/friend/genie, Steve Winogradsky. Though sometimes overlooked in curriculum, the composer-attorney relationship is an essential creative and business partnership. In this lecture, Jonathan will share the composer’s view of it.

There will be Q&A and case studies with video of themes and scenes.

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