Georgetown’s new NetID Password Management System (PMS) has been launched to help manage accounts for NetID users. This new system involves updating your password every six months to safeguard the security of your Georgetown email and other accounts.

net id diagram

Within the next few days, alumni will be receiving an email request to enroll in this new Password Management System and change your NetID password by June 30. Once that time frame passes, if you have not enrolled and updated your password, you will lose access to your Georgetown accounts and will have to contact University Information Systems (UIS) to reinstate them.

The security of your Georgetown accounts is a priority. Enroll in the new Password Management System promptly to ensure you do not lose access to your Georgetown accounts, including email, the Alumni Directory and the Alumni Career Network.

If you have questions or if you have forgotten your current NetID and password information, please contact the University Information Services (UIS) service center at 202-687-4949 or send an email to