The Medical Alumni Board exists to serve the needs and interests of Georgetown University, the Georgetown University Alumni Association, and the medical alumni community. The Medical Board’s primary responsibility is to foster engagement and support among alumni for the School of Medicine.

2022-2023 Medical Alumni Board

Kathleen Antonetti, M.D. (B’90, M’97)
Laurie Ashby, M.D. (MS’87, M’91)
Elizabeth Calleja, M.D. (C’85, M’89)
Ronald Caputo, M.D. (C’84, M’88)
Matthew Cooper, M.D. (M’94)
Francis “Jay” Crosson, M.D. (C’66, M’70)
Brian D’Arcy, M.D. (C’70, M’74)
Mary Furlong, M.D. (M’95)
Christine Hluchan, M.D. (C’08, M’17)
Tiana Hughes, M.D. (M’12)
Edward Jewell, M.D. (M’81)
Christopher Jones, M.D. (M’01)
Joanne Kechejian, M.D. (MS’85, M’89)
Daphne Keshishian, M.D. (M’93), Chair
Jenifer Aventuro Luck, M.D. (MS’89, M’93, R’97)
David Zach Martin, M.D. (M’97)
William Oppenheim, M.D. (M’70)
Sean Pinney, M.D. (C’90, M’94)
Jeffrey Perri, M.D. (M’90)
John Roohan, M.D. (MS’86,M’90)
Thomas Schneider, M.D. (M’77)
Regina Torsney-Durkin, M.D. (C’73, M’77)
Sonja Wanebo, M.D. (M’93)

Please call 202-687-6673 or email if you have any questions.

Board Duties and Responsibilities

The Medical Alumni Board serves the needs and interests of Georgetown University, the Georgetown University Alumni Association, and the medical alumni population through planning and promoting activities that bring medical alumni and students together and encourage a continued connection to Georgetown.

If you are interested in applying for board membership, please carefully review the Medical Board Member responsibilities below.

  • Members must serve a three-year term and may serve two consecutive terms. Note: term requirements follow Georgetown’s fiscal year (July 1-June 30).
  • Members are expected to attend two of the three board meetings held each year, as well as meetings of any committees on which he or she serves.
  • Members will serve on at least one of the four standing committees of the Medical Alumni Board. These committees include Awards, Communication, Nominations, and Philanthropy.
  • Members are expected to make a gift to the Georgetown University School of Medicine each year. The amount and designation is at the discretion of each member.

Nominations Process

Each year, School of Medicine alumni have the opportunity to submit a self-nomination to be considered for membership on the Medical Alumni Board. Typically, candidates are active participants in their communities and are engaged in Georgetown University activities. Those submitting a nomination will be considered to begin their first term July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2026.

The Medical Alumni Board will vote on the elected slate of nominees during the Spring 2023 meeting. Elected candidates will be notified after that meeting.

Application Process

Nominations for the 2023-2026 term will open on February 22. The application deadline is April 6, 2023. 

The necessary components of an application packet include:

  • A Georgetown Resume, which is a one- to two-page summary of your Georgetown involvement. An example is found here.
  • A professional resume or CV
  • A personal statement
  • At least two, but no more than three, letters of support written by any colleague who is not a current member of the Medical Alumni Board Nominations Committee
  • An online application form

Please submit your Georgetown Resume, CV, Personal Statement, and letters of support to BEFORE completing the online form. 

Nominations Committee Members

Michael Alexander, M.D. (C’74, M’78, W’83)
Kathleen Antonetti, M.D. (B’90, M’97)
Brian D’Arcy, M.D. (C’70, M’74) Vice Chair, Nominations Committee
Tiana Hughes, M.D. (M’12)
Edward Jewell, M.D. (M’81)
Daphne Keshishian, M.D. (M’93), Chair, Medical Alumni Board
Sean Pinney, M.D. (C’90, M’94)
John Roohan, M.D. (MS’86, M’90), Chair, Nominations Committee
Eric S. Vallone, M.D. (C’90, M’97, R’00)
Sonja Wanebo, M.D. (M’93)