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Class Committee

Interested in joining the Class of 2004 Committee? Email Class Liaison, Ashley Stewart, at to learn more about how you can get involved.

  • Committee Members

    Christina Bennett C’04
    Stephanie Bruckner F’04
    Edmund Caulfield C’04
    David Childs F’04
    Kimberly Coughlin B’04, S’12
    Nicole Dore B’04
    Kathleen Koshy B’04
    Zen Fei “Phil” Lo B’04
    Christian Lowe F’04
    Adam McBride B’04
    Eamonn Moran C’04, L’07
    Eugene Nardelli P’04
    Kevin O’Donnell C’04
    Ashley Pinakiewicz Smallwood C’04
    Mairin Priestley B’04
    Daniel Stujenske C’04
    Donald Tansey C’04
    Meredith Thuerbach F’04, MSFS’08
    Linh Hoang B’04

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  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Mr. Steven J. Blaha Jr. B’04
    Mr. Donald A. Despertt B’04
    Ms. Alexandra Fiddes C’04
    Ms. Sara E. McFlynn C’04
    Mr. Faraz H. Naqvi F’04
    Mr. Dean Yep Jr. B’04

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Ms. Kelsey Albert N’04
    Mr. Charlie Andrews C’04
    Mr. Christopher M. Armao F’04
    Shawna B. Arsenault M.D. C’04, M’09
    Mrs. Jennifer Lee Baeder C’04
    Ms. Julia Allison Baugher C’04
    Ms. Alexa G. Baz C’04
    Mr. Alex J. Beck C’04
    Mr. John D. Beecham C’04
    Mr. Oualid A. Benjelloun C’04
    Ms. Alexis Puedan Bergemann N’04
    Ms. Debra M. Berman B’04
    Mr. Evan S. Bloodgood B’04
    Mrs. Juliet Rackl Bloodgood B’04
    Ms. Alejandra C. Bonetti C’04
    Ms. Juliana Bonilla C’04
    Ms. Ji S. Byun C’04
    Mr. Christopher J. Callahan C’04
    Ms. Melissa A. Cardinal F’04
    Ms. Jenny J. Chao F’04
    Ms. Marsha J. Chien F’04
    Ms. Virginia Chow C’04
    Ms. Veronica E. Chung F’04
    Ms. Jacqueline H. Coderre N’04, MS’06
    Ms. Marisyl de la Cruz C’04
    Mr. Carlos O. Cruz C’04
    Ms. Elizabeth R. Currie C’04
    Ms. Abiosseh J. Davis F’04
    Mrs. Jane B. de Cisneros C’04
    Ms. Caitlin R. DiFilippo C’04
    Mr. Joseph L. Doherty C’04
    Mrs. Carolyn Eberle N’04
    Mr. Samuel J. Edelson C’04
    Mr. Erik V. Eisele F’04
    Ms. Cathy Lee Erlich C’04
    Mr. Peter G. Faulhaber C’04
    Ms. Amelia E. Fitz C’04
    Ms. Gabrielle Gallaher N’04
    Mr. John F. Gelzer III F’04
    Ms. Alexis R. Gesualdo F’04
    Mr. Seleba Ghebreyesus B’04
    Mr. David J. Gold B’04
    Mr. Robert B. Goodfellow C’04
    Mr. Neil E. Gormley F’04
    Ms. Elizabeth Biernat Hallock N’04
    Mr. Christopher E. Hayes C’04
    Mr. Geoffrey C. Henisee F’04
    Ms. Abigail E. Hunt F’04
    Ms. Katie Ingram C’04
    Ms. Maria Eleonor Johansson B’04
    Mr. Drew T. Johnson-Skinner C’04
    Mr. Jarett D. La Tour B’04
    Ms. Anurupa Lahiri C’04
    Ms. Susan M. Launiau F’04
    Ms. Jill F. Lebov C’04
    Mr. Dong-jin Lee B’04
    Ms. Ryun J. Lee N’04
    Ms. Diana M. Lee C’04
    Mr. James K. Lenihan C’04
    Ms. Marya K. Link F’04
    Mr. D. Lawrence Linker B’04
    Ms. Katherine Elizabeth Londergan C’04
    Ms. Katrine Lvovskaya C’04
    Mr. Gregory J. Lyons C’04
    Ms. Brittany H. Marling C’04
    Mr. Justin S. Martin B’04
    Mr. Lucas B. McArdle C’04
    Ms. Virginia Lee Ashmead McClain C’04
    Ms. Moira C. McGinn N’04
    Devon L. McGlynn N’04
    Ms. Jessica A. McKinney C’04
    Mr. Matthew A. Meler B’04
    Mr. John R. Menzel C’04
    Ms. Mary Monell Masri C’04
    Mr. Daniel M. Moreira B’04
    Paul J. Muentener Ph.D. C’04
    Mr. Aaron D. Myers F’04
    Ms. Liza Trafton Ndreu C’04
    Ms. Amanda C. Noyes C’04, MS’04
    Ms. Rebecca A. O’Neill C’04
    Mr. Ashwin M. Panjabi B’04
    Mr. Jae Hyun Park B’04
    Mr. Matthew P. Paul B’04
    Mr. Jose R. Pereyo Dueno F’04
    Mrs. Dana P. Petrillo-Schippers C’04
    Mr. Eric B. Pohlman F’04
    Ms. Vanessa M. Rakaczky C’04
    Mr. Graham O. Reed C’04
    Mr. Jason F. Reid B’04
    Ms. Nicole J. Richardson C’04
    Mr. Gerald Riley C’04
    Ms. Jennifer Marie Rimm C’04
    Ms. Melina Robbana C’04
    Mr. Jonathan C. Roberts C’04
    Mr. Daniel J. Rogers C’04
    Ms. Rachel Fox Romano C’04
    Ms. Charlene M. Rosencrance F’04
    Ms. Robyn D. Russo C’04, MA’08
    Ms. Chantal R. Samonte C’04
    Ms. Cynthia Lou Searcy C’04
    Ms. Kin-ling Sham B’04
    Ms. Kathryn Sharkey de Solis C’04
    Ms. Hae Jin Shin C’04
    Mr. Marques R. Simpson B’04
    Ms. Alicia E. Soltero C’04
    Ms. Dina Spagnolo C’04
    Mr. Phillip G. Steele C’04
    Mr. Daniel P. Stock C’04
    Ms. Sharon L. Sweeney B’04
    Ms. Jessica L. Swift F’04
    Ms. Hui Mien Tan F’04
    Ms. Yi-Ling Tan F’04
    Ms. Jessica M. Taylor C’04
    Mr. Ivaylo V. Tchernev C’04
    Ms. Elizabeth Tigani C’04
    Ms. Charmian B. Tsui C’04
    Ms. Anne Elizabeth Voss N’04
    Ms. Shields P. Weaver C’04
    Ms. Lauren E. Weinberg C’04

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Our class needs you! We are always looking for volunteers who want to help with class events, communications and fundraising. Email to join.