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  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Mr. Christopher E. Doheny C’03
    Ms. Nneka Makeda Fritz B’03
    Mr. John T. Jackson B’03
    Ms. Pamela Mazzocco B’03
    Ms. Johnetta S. Pressley F’03
    Mr. Nicholas J. Quinonez C’03
    Mr. Jay Sirois C’03
    Mr. Nicholas S. Stroemer B’03

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Mr. Alex Acs C’03
    Ms. Elizabeth Alt N’03
    Ms. Shannon Brice Antonio B’03
    Mr. Luke B. Appignani B’03
    Ms. Nok Nora Bassey B’03
    Mr. Edward T. Bauer C’03
    Mr. Noah Bergman C’03
    Ms. Melanie Marie Berliet C’03
    Ms. Antionette Lena Bethea B’03
    Ms. Hillary Billingsley C’03
    Ms. Andrea Jean Boyatzi B’03
    Mr. Marques A. Branch-Lucas N’03
    Mr. Patrick Brenninkmeijer F’03
    Mr. Richard E. Brown F’03
    Ms. Amanda Marion Burke B’03
    Ms. Angela Grace Chacon C’03
    Mrs. Julia Chan F’03
    Mr. Daniel S. Chertudi F’03, L’07
    Ms. Jessamine Suan Chin C’03
    Ms. Pearl G. Chu C’03
    Ms. Kathryn Logan Clouston C’03
    Ms. Paula Conthe F’03
    Devin Coyle B’03
    Ms. Nimrita Raju Dadlani C’03
    Ms. Jaclyn D’Onofrio B’03
    Mrs. Stephanie Dontje N’03
    Ms. Christina Suzanne Dow C’03
    Mr. Sean P. Duffy C’03
    Ms. Carmen Dorina Dumitrescu C’03
    Mr. Jonathan M. Dunlop F’03
    Mr. Salah El-Assir F’03
    Ms. Ann Marie Ellie N’03
    Ms. Elizabeth L. Evans F’03
    Mr. Ubaldo M. Fernandez C’03
    Mr. Jeffrey Fong B’03
    Mr. Daniel J. Gagliardi B’03
    Ms. Denise Erica Goitia C’03
    Mr. John S. Gormally C’03
    Ms. Mara Lynn Grumbo C’03
    Ms. Rhiannon Nelson Gulick F’03
    Ms. Catherine Lee Hayes N’03
    Ms. Kathryn Wade Hogan C’03
    Ms. Caroline Elizabeth John C’03
    Mr. Sung Chul Jung C’03
    Mr. Salomon Kalach C’03, MA’06
    Mr. Kenneth S. Kang B’03
    Mr. Alexis Katsareas F’03
    Ms. Maris Jade Katz B’03
    Mr. Min Sung Kim B’03
    Ms. Kiwi Kim F’03
    Mrs. Kylah Klinge C’03
    Stephen A. Klinge C’03
    Mr. Michael C. Koprucki C’03
    Mr. Edward M. Kuczma Jr. B’03
    Mr. Mark Largess C’03
    Mr. Bryan B. Law Jr. C’03
    Mr. Tony Lee Jr. C’03
    Mr. Joshua C. Lerner C’03
    Mr. Morgan S. Lewis C’03
    Ms. Janet Cynn Lim C’03
    Mr. Samuel S. Lo B’03
    Ms. Caitlin Elizabeth Lowans F’03
    Mr. Marcelo R. Lu F’03
    Mr. Ethan E. Marsh F’03
    Philip McDaniel F’03
    Mr. Bill McGonigle Jr. F’03
    Ms. Genevieve Douglas McKeel B’03
    Ms. Paige Ellen McLaughlin C’03
    Ms. Michelle Ann Miller C’03
    Ms. Tiana M. Mirchandani B’03
    Mr. Colin A. Murphy C’03
    Mr. Michael J. Napolitano C’03
    Ms. Kalpana Narayanan C’03
    Ms. Jennifer Margaret Newton C’03
    Ms. Kimberly Ellenann Nichols C’03
    Mr. Hyun-Taek J. Oh B’03
    Ms. Rebecca M. Oyama C’03
    Mr. Andrew V. Perry F’03
    Mr. Morgan E. Pietz F’03
    Mrs. Rajni Rao Posner B’03
    Mr. Henry A. Prempeh C’03
    Ms. Katherine Sheldon Prentice C’03
    Ms. Hala Mustafa Razian B’03
    Mr. Roland Riebl B’03
    Mr. Keith M. Robbins C’03
    Ms. Angela Lo Rodela C’03
    Ms. Jumana Yaser Salem F’03
    Ms. Jane Student Sample C’03
    Ms. Sylvia Saracino C’03
    Ms. Michalene Schechter F’03
    Ms. Andrea Schorosch F’03
    Mr. Daniel A. Shaffer B’03
    Mr. Joshua N. Siskin C’03
    Ms. Jennifer Vi Sou C’03
    Ms. Joi Irby Stanley C’03
    Mr. Aaron P. Stearns C’03
    Ms. Julia Elizabeth Strobel N’03, MS’06
    Ms. Joy Sun F’03
    Mr. Noah N. Sutcliffe F’03
    Mrs. Tracy Swift C’03
    Ms. Kyoko Takahashi C’03
    Ms. Sarah E. Tarver-Wahlquist C’03, MA’04
    Ms. Anne Look Thiam C’03
    Mr. Stephen G. Thompson II C’03
    Ms. Tona Mechelle Trice F’03
    Ms. Z. Bade Uysaler F’03
    Ms. Caitlin Elizabeth Vacanti C’03
    Mr. Jan W. Ver Eecke C’03
    Ms. Samina Azim Virani F’03
    Mr. Justin V. Williams C’03
    Mr. Connor R. Williams C’03
    Mrs. Candice Willis B’03
    Mr. Daniel J. Wright B’03
    Mr. Sinan Yircali B’03
    Mr. Jamaal A. Young F’03
    Ms. Nicole Pui Gin Yue C’03

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Our class needs you! We are always looking for volunteers who want to help with class events, communications and fundraising. Email to join.