Class of 1998

Welcome to our Class of 1998 webpage. Here you’ll find class event information, image galleries, and important contact details for our class committee.

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It’s been so long since last we met, so make sure to check in here with your classmates and friends! We are so excited for our upcoming 25th Reunion — be sure to save the date: June 2-4, 2023. Learn what fellow classmates are doing in their personal and professional lives, view upcoming events and keep up with reunion plans as they progress!

Class Committee

  • Committee Chairs

    Amina Makhdoom (B’98) Class Chair

    Chris Dopp (B’98)Fundraising Co-Chair

    Orlando Gonzales (C’98)Fundraising Co-Chair, Events Co-Chair

    Susan Marcantoni (F’98)Events Co-Chair

    Jessica Blouin (B’98)Marketing & Communications Co-Chair

    Rebecca Scuorzo (C’98)Marketing & Communications Co-Chair

  • Committee Members

    Ky Adderly
    Jon Berroya
    Fatema Burkey
    Rasheen Carbin
    Amina Elderfield
    Heather Galloway
    Kevin Griffin
    Nisba Husain
    Kimani Little
    Peter Manes
    Carl Mazzanti
    John McKee
    Christopher Nace
    Suzanne O’Brien
    Brian Recor
    Alex Rigaud
    Lisette Ruch
    David Shebay
    Lorraine Driscoll Sousa
    Tim Stallkamp
    Christina Wallace Wolfstitch
    Maura Yusof

Find Hoyas from This Class

  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Ms. Janina Braune C’98
    Ms. Sarah Grigsby-Reiser F’98, S’06
    Ms. Ellen Gstalder C’98
    Mr. Richard Hurst F’98
    Mr. John W. Jackson C’98
    Ms. Fatmata Kamara F’98
    Mr. Peter Kane C’98
    Mr. Michael Lynn C’98
    Mr. Daniel S. Miller C’98
    Mr. Matthew Papera C’98
    Mr. Adam Schumacher F’98
    Ms. Stephanie Smith C’98
    Mr. Rolf T. Strom B’98
    Ms. Heidi Faye Vogel C’98
    Ms. Elizabeth A. Whipple C’98

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have an updated mailing address to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Dr. Cherine Abu-Eid C’98

    Mr. Sheetal Acharekar F’98

    Mr. Russell Adams C’98

    Mr. Ky Adderley C’98, S’01

    Mrs. Kelly Adduci C’98

    Mr. Jarrod Agius B’98

    Mrs. Priti Agrawal F’98

    Mr. Abdul-Malik Ahmad C’98

    Ms. Monique Aiken F’98

    Ms. Paula Alayo-Viu B’98

    Mr. Mohammed Albakaye F’98

    Ms. Heather Alce B’98

    Ms. Meghan Alexander C’98

    Mr. Joshua Alexander F’98

    Mr. Chris Alexander B’98

    Mr. Lorring Allyn B’98

    Ms. Vida Almario C’98

    Ms. Sarah Al-Moosa C’98

    Mrs. Shantal Alonso C’98

    Ms. Samanta Al-Saifi F’98

    Ms. alsaihas alsaihas C’98

    Mr. Andrew Alsdorf C’98

    Dr. Fahd Amjad C’98, MS’99, M’04

    Mr. Edward Amorosi C’98

    Ms. Meredith Anatolios C’98

    Dr. Kevin Anchukaitis F’98

    Ms. Katharine Anderson C’98

    Mrs. Giovanna Anderson F’98

    Dr. Ricca Ando C’98

    Mrs. Annette Andreassen F’98

    Dr. Kristine Andrews B’98

    Mrs. Maggie Andriello C’98

    Mrs. Regina Andrus C’98

    Mr. Marko Andrus B’98

    Mr. Francis Ansvananda B’98

    Mrs. Dori Antonetti C’98

    Dr. David Antonetti C’98, M’02

    Ms. Tara Antonipillai C’98, L’01

    Ms. Lauren Armstrong C’98

    Mr. Benjamin Arnoldy C’98

    Ms. Melinda Arons C’98

    Ms. Sarah Ashcroft C’98

    Mr. Garrett Ashmore F’98

    Ms. Rina Assar C’98

    Mrs. Jennifer Atkinson F’98

    Mr. John Atwood B’98

    Mr. Scott Aubuchon B’98

    Ms. Carla Avellan C’98

    Mr. Boubacar Aw C’98

    Mrs. Marcella Aylwin C’98

    Ms. Paula De Azevedo B’98

    Mr. Alexander Azqueta C’98

    Ms. Hanim Ahad @ Baba B’98

    Dr. Gina Bachmann C’98

    Mr. Marc Bacigalupo C’98, L’03

    Mr. Sean Badcock B’98

    Mr. Bumjoon Bae C’98

    Ms. Irina Baichorova B’98

    Ms. Susanna Baigent C’98

    Mr. Joseph Baker C’98

    Ms. Patricia Baker NHS’98, MS’04

    Mr. Stephen Baldi B’98

    Ms. Jamie Bales C’98

    Mr. Jeremy Balint C’98

    Mr. Charles Ballard C’98

    Ms. Gita Bal-Pitura F’98

    Mr. Aidas Banaitis C’98

    Mr. Dinesh Banani F’98

    Ms. Katherine Bandy C’98

    Ms. Suparna Banerjee F’98

    Mrs. Claire Banks B’98

    Mrs. Alexandra Baquerizo C’98

    Ms. Amy Barabas C’98

    Mrs. Joanna Barbour C’98

    Mr. Stephen Barbour B’98

    Ms. Erica Bard C’98

    Mr. William Barnes F’98

    Ms. Kimberly Barns NHS’98

    Mrs. Natasha Barnum F’98

    Mr. Ivan Barry C’98

    Mrs. Gina Barthelemy C’98

    Mr. John Bartlett C’98

    Mr. Marco Bartoli B’98

    Dr. Sithara Batcha C’98, M’04, S’04

    Ms. Katherine Bava C’98

    Mr. John Scott Beale C’98

    Ms. Danielle Beauregard C’98

    Mr. Jeremy Beck F’98

    Mr. John Beckemeier F’98

    Mrs. Sara Beer B’98

    Mr. Brian Bekiers C’98

    Ms. Julie Bell B’98, L’02

    Ms. Krista Bell F’98

    Ms. Claudine Bellanton C’98

    Dr. Lawrence Belletti C’98, M’03

    Mr. Gavin Benke C’98

    Ms. Sara Bensley C’98

    Ms. Marie Bercik C’98

    Mr. Rafael Berckholtz C’98, L’06

    Ms. Jamie Berendt C’98

    Ms. Marisa Berge C’98

    Ms. Lorraine Berger B’98

    Mr. Brian Berger C’98

    Mr. Fernando Berio B’98

    Mr. Jon Berroya C’98

    Ms. Marianne Bertuna C’98

    Ms. Yodit Beyene C’98

    Ms. Anu Bhardwaj C’98, MA’03

    Mr. Sean Bielat C’98

    Mr. Brian Binetti B’98

    Ms. Cristina Birks-DeNegri C’98

    Ms. Janna Bischoff C’98

    Mr. Norman Bishop C’98

    Mr. Christopher Bitler B’98

    Ms. Carolyn Blake C’98

    Mr. Fabio Blancarte C’98

    Mr. Samuel Blatnick B’98

    Mr. Stephen Blatt C’98

    Ms. Rebecca Low Bloch C’98

    Mr. Robert Blood F’98

    Mr. Alexander Bloomingdale C’98

    Ms. Jessica Blouin B’98

    Mr. Jason Blumberg C’98

    Mr. Jeffrey Blumberg B’98

    Mr. Jason Blumkin B’98

    Ms. Ryan Bodkin NHS’98

    Ms. Amy Bodmann F’98

    Ms. Deirdre Boelke C’98

    Mr. Jorge Bohabot C’98

    Mrs. Elizabeth Boison C’98

    Ms. Maria Bolan C’98

    Mr. Nolan Bolduc F’98, L’09

    Ms. Katherine Bonaguidi C’98

    Ms. Maria Bonetti C’98

    Ms. Lisa Bonfante B’98

    Mr. Jonathan Booth B’98

    Ms. Jennifer Fetner Booth C’98

    Mrs. Katie Borden F’98

    Mr. Bryce Borlick C’98

    Mr. George Borst C’98

    Ms. Nicole Bostick C’98

    Mr. Carsten Botts C’98

    Mr. Mikhail Botvinnik F’98

    Mr. Jean-Paul Boucher C’98

    Mr. Arthur Bovino C’98

    Ms. Mona Bower C’98

    Ms. Mary Boyd F’98

    Mr. Neil Bradley C’98

    Mr. Brendan Branon C’98, L’03

    Mr. Benjamin Bratter C’98

    Ms. Janina braunej C’98

    Mr. Jeffrey Breay C’98

    Ms. Meredith Brennan C’98

    Ms. Keri Brenner C’98

    Mr. Brian Brenninkmeyer B’98

    Ms. Kim Bright C’98

    Mr. Kory Brin C’98

    Ms. Nicole Brockway C’98

    Ms. Rebecca Bronheim C’98

    Mr. Michael Brooks C’98

    Mr. Kevin Broughel C’98

    Mr. Eric Brown F’98

    Ms. Sally Brown C’98

    Mrs. Elizabeth Brown B’98

    Ms. Tinika Brown B’98

    Ms. Julia Brown NHS’98

    Mr. Ronald Brownlow F’98

    Mr. Matthew Brubacher F’98

    Mr. Robert Bruce F’98

    Mr. David Bruno C’98, MS’98

    Mr. Stephan Buckley C’98

    Mr. Don Bunuan C’98, S’11

    Ms. Meaghan Burdick C’98

    Mr. Daniel Burke C’98

    Mr. Jeffrey Burke B’98

    Ms. Fatema Burkey C’98

    Dr. Michael Burns C’98

    Ms. Rebecca Burton C’98

    Mr. Joel Bush C’98

    Ms. Marina Busse C’98

    Dr. Matthew Butkus C’98

    Ms. Jeanne Button C’98

    Mr. Edward Byrnes B’98

    Mrs. Jayna Cacioppo F’98

    Ms. April Cadiz C’98

    Ms. Shana Cal C’98, MBA’02

    Mr. Zion Calhoun F’98

    Ms. Catherine Callagy C’98

    Mr. Robert Callagy C’98

    Mr. Michael Callahan C’98

    Ms. Courtney Callanan C’98

    Mr. Todd Callow B’98

    Mr. Marcus Calloway B’98

    Mr. Gabe Camarillo C’98

    Mrs. Sarah Camp C’98

    Ms. Tracy Campbell C’98

    Mr. Christian Campos B’98

    Mr. Brian Camposano B’98

    Mrs. Courtney Capistran NHS’98

    Mr. Richard Caponetti C’98, MA’01

    Ms. Melinda Capozzi F’98

    Mr. Anthony Carabelli F’98

    Mr. Rasheen Carbin F’98

    Ms. Mary Carey NHS’98

    Mr. Raphael Carland F’98

    Dr. Victor Carmona F’98

    Ms. Dana Carotenuto F’98

    Mr. Kevin Carpenter B’98

    Mrs. Kristin Carter NHS’98

    Mr. James Cartwright F’98

    Ms. Kristina Cartwright F’98

    Mrs. Nancy Casey NHS’98

    Mr. Matthew Cashion C’98

    Mr. Michael Cassidy F’98

    Mr. J. Matthew Cassin C’98

    Mrs. Holly Cassin C’98

    Mr. Jorge Castilla B’98

    Mr. Patrick Castle B’98

    Mr. Anthony Santa Cattarina C’98

    Mr. Michael Causwell B’98, MBAE’13

    Dr. Jonathan Cavallero C’98

    Ms. Amy Cawman C’98

    Mrs. Mary Beth Cecchini C’98

    Mr. Joseph Di Censo F’98

    Mr. Ward Cerny B’98

    Ms. Amy Cha C’98

    Ms. Anne-Marie Chace C’98

    Mr. Alejandro Chacon C’98

    Ms. Michelle Chai-Onn C’98

    Ms. Cheryl Chairez NHS’98

    Ms. Tineke Chan C’98

    Mr. Brian Chandler C’98

    Dr. Himani Chandra C’98, M’02

    Ms. Melody Chang B’98

    Ms. Joy Chang F’98

    Mr. J. Chang B’98

    Mrs. Philippa Newman Chapuis C’98

    Mr. Eduardo Chavez F’98

    Mr. Brian Chebli C’98

    Ms. Julie Chen C’98

    Mrs. Catherine Chen C’98, L’01

    Ms. Amy Chen B’98

    Mr. William Chen B’98

    Mrs. Anice Chenault C’98

    Mr. Nicholas Cheremeteff C’98

    Rev. Natalya Cherry C’98

    Ms. Lauren Chewning C’98

    Ms. Millie Ching B’98

    Dr. YiMing Ching F’98

    Mr. Nelson Cho B’98

    Ms. Jennifer Cho C’98

    Ms. Carolyn Cho B’98

    Ms. Cornelia Choe F’98

    Ms. Amy Choi C’98

    Ms. Umi Chong F’98

    Mr. Richard Chotard B’98

    Mr. Philippe Chryssicopoulos F’98

    Mr. Serguei Chtchetinkine F’98

    Mr. Anand Chulani C’98

    Ms. Gee Yun Chung C’98

    Mr. Stanley Chung C’98

    Mr. Albert Chung C’98

    Mr. Bryan Church F’98

    Mr. Chris Cillizza C’98

    Ms. Megan Cincotta C’98

    Ms. Natajitr Cindhuchao B’98

    Ms. Karina Cisneros C’98

    Dr. Jonna Clark C’98

    Mr. Matthew Clark F’98

    Ms. Kristina Clark B’98

    Mr. Andrew Clark B’98

    Ms. Amy Clarke F’98

    Ms. Sherrese Clarke B’98

    Mr. Richard Clarke C’98

    Mrs. Jessica Clarke NHS’98

    Mrs. Lauren Clegg C’98

    Mr. Christopher Cleveland B’98

    Ms. Adelicia Cliffe F’98

    Mr. Michael Cling F’98

    Ms. Jessie Clyde C’98

    Mrs. Lorrie Cocolin-Repko NHS’98

    Mr. David Cognetti C’98

    Mr. Daniel Cohen C’98

    Ms. Kara Cohen C’98

    Mrs. Tara Colby C’98

    Mr. Ben Collamore F’98

    Ms. Jennifer Collins-Akgul B’98

    Mr. Efrem Colmenero B’98

    Mrs. Claudia Coltman NHS’98

    Ms. Claudine Columbres C’98

    Ms. Candice Columbres C’98

    Ms. Caroline Columbres C’98

    Ms. Elizabeth Tuerk Comeau C’98

    Mrs. Julie Compton NHS’98

    Mr. Casey Condron B’98

    Ms. Theresa Conduah C’98

    Mr. Mark Connelly C’98

    Mr. Charles Constantin B’98

    Mr. William Cooney C’98

    Mrs. Angeleen Cooper F’98

    Ms. Amy Cooper F’98

    Mr. Wade Coriell F’98

    Ms. Virginia Corpus-McDermott C’98

    Mr. David Corrado C’98

    Dr. Deirdre Corrigan C’98

    Mr. Michael Corry C’98

    Ms. Stephanie Cosentino C’98

    Ms. Josephine Courant C’98

    Dr. Alexandra Cousteau C’98, HON’16

    Ms. Christin Couvreux F’98

    Dr. Randall Craft C’98

    Mr. E. Bradford Cragin F’98

    Mrs. Adeline Crawford F’98

    Mr. Matt Creason C’98

    Ms. Lauren Creecy F’98

    Mr. Timothy Creedon F’98

    Mr. Joseph Croce F’98

    Ms. Catherine Crofoot C’98

    Mr. John Cronan C’98

    Ms. Beth Crowley C’98, L’10

    Ms. Erin Crum C’98

    Ms. Kerry Cunningham C’98

    Dr. Edward Cunningham C’98

    Mr. Andrew Curry F’98

    Ms. Francie Cushman C’98

    Mr. Warren Cutshall C’98

    Mr. Steven Dagdigian F’98

    Mr. Henrik Dahlback F’98

    Mrs. Hana Dalloul B’98

    Ms. Suzan Dalva F’98

    Ms. Gena D’Angona C’98

    Ms. Elizabeth Daniels C’98

    Mr. Philip Daniels C’98

    Ms. Mary Dantzler F’98

    Ms. Heather Darwin C’98

    Mrs. Kristin Davenport C’98

    Ms. Erika Davies C’98, MPM’09

    Mr. Brian Davis B’98

    Mr. Benjamin Davis F’98

    Dr. Caitlin Davis C’98

    Mr. Michael Davis C’98

    Mrs. Amber Davis NHS’98

    Mr. Christopher Davis C’98, S’17

    Ms. Jenel Day B’98

    Ms. Christina Deacon C’98

    Mr. Alan DeChant C’98, MA’08

    Ms. Stacia Decker C’98

    Ms. Heather Deese C’98

    Mr. Jonathan DeRosa C’98

    Mrs. Amelia DeRosa NHS’98

    Mr. Kevin DeSanto B’98

    Dr. Kristine Dettloff C’98, M’02

    Mr. Joseph Deutz B’98

    Dr. Laura DeWitt C’98

    Mr. Mohammed Dewji B’98

    Mr. Alfay Diah B’98

    Mrs. Cathy Diaz B’98

    Ms. Maria Diaz F’98

    Ms. Heather Dickinson C’98

    Mr. Ryan Dicks C’98

    Mrs. Kristin Dieng F’98

    Mr. Kristoffer Dieter F’98

    Mr. Mark DiGiovanni B’98

    Mr. Greg Dillard F’98

    Ms. Jacqueline Dinella C’98

    Ms. Judy Dinella C’98

    Mr. Bruce Ditman C’98

    Ms. Kathryn Divjak C’98

    Ms. Keyona Jones Dizella C’98

    Ms. Sophie Djugeli F’98

    Dr. Michael Do C’98

    Ms. Jennifer Doll C’98

    Mr. John Donaldson C’98

    Mrs. Katherine Donato F’98

    Mr. Matthew Donato C’98

    Mr. Aaron Donovan C’98

    Ms. Carrie Donovan C’98

    Mr. Christopher Dopp B’98

    Mr. Dan D’Orazio F’98

    Ms. Clementine Drackett C’98

    Mr. Stephen Dries C’98

    Ms. Jessica Driscoll C’98, L’02

    Ms. Kristen Duke-Richardet C’98

    Ms. Kathleen Dunn C’99, C’98, MA’99

    Ms. Laura Dunphy C’98

    Ms. Stephanie Duran F’98

    Mr. Phil Duritza B’98

    Mrs. April Duritza F’98

    Mr. Kevin Dutcher C’98

    Mr. Matthew Dzamba B’98

    Mrs. Sarah Dziedzic C’98

    Mr. Ben Dziedzic C’98

    Mr. James Earl F’98

    Mrs. Sheila-Anne Ebert B’98

    Mr. Louis Ebinger C’98

    Ms. Monique Eddleton B’98

    Ms. Marisa Edmund B’98

    Mr. Christian Edvardsen B’98

    Mrs. Christina Edwards C’98

    Ms. Kim Van Ee C’98

    Dr. Jordan Eisenstock C’98

    Mrs. Amina Elderfield B’98

    Mrs. Molly Elliot C’98

    Mr. Marcus Ellison C’98

    Ms. Kristen Elson C’98

    Mr. Keith Engert B’98

    Mr. Spencer Epps F’98

    Mr. Martin Epson F’98

    Ms. Leylim Erenel F’98

    Ms. Moana Erickson F’98

    Ms. Sarah Ertel B’98

    Mr. Kevin Ertel C’98

    Dr. Eva Escatel C’98

    Dr. Lauren Esposito C’98

    Ms. Julia Essex B’98

    Mr. William Etheridge B’98

    Mr. Steven Evangelista C’98

    Ms. Marneena Evans F’98

    Ms. Cynthia Ever F’98

    Mr. Scott Everly B’98

    Mrs. Katherine Everly NHS’98

    Mrs. Christiane Fabrizio C’98

    Dr. Francesca Facco C’98, M’02

    Mr. Philip Faix C’98

    Ms. Jennifer Fan C’98

    Mr. Robert Fansler F’98

    Ms. Samar Farah C’98

    Mr. Brian Farley B’98

    Mr. Thomas Farren B’98

    Mr. Farrokh Fattahi B’98

    Ms. Danielle Fazio C’98

    Mr. Stephen Feldman C’98

    Mr. Marcus Fellman F’98

    Ms. Alisa Ferguson F’98

    Mr. Charles Fergusson C’98

    Ms. Patricia Ferris C’98

    Mr. Evan Field C’98

    Mr. Fernando Di Filippo C’98

    Mr. Brian Finch C’98

    Ms. Sarah Fink F’98

    Ms. Melanie Fiore NHS’98, MS’09

    Dr. Michael Fioritto C’98

    Dr. Lynne Fiscus C’98

    Mr. Adam Fisher F’98

    Ms. Nora Fisher F’98

    Ms. Christine Fitch C’98

    Ms. Lauren FitzPatrick F’98

    Ms. Laurie Fitzpatrick C’98

    Ms. Mary Flannery C’98

    Mr. Michael Fleischman C’98

    Mr. T. J. Fletcher B’98

    Ms. Alexa Flores-Hull C’98

    Mr. Patrick Flynn C’98

    Mr. James Fogarty C’98

    Mr. Richard Fogliano C’98

    Mr. Thomas Foley B’98

    Dr. Reghan Foley C’98, M’03

    Ms. Grace Foley C’98

    Mr. Timothy Foley B’98

    Ms. Sofia Foltushansky F’98

    Ms. Aimee Foreman C’98

    Mr. Chris Fosdick F’98

    Mr. Matthew Fox F’98

    Mr. William Fox F’98

    Mrs. Ann Fox F’98

    Ms. Kristina Francis C’98

    Ms. Anne Frederick C’98

    Ms. Allison Freeman C’98

    Ms. Jennifer Freeman F’98

    Mr. Gregory Frey C’98

    Mrs. Susan Friday B’98

    Ms. Allison Fromm C’98

    Mr. Justin Fruehauf C’98

    Mr. Clinton Fuchs C’98

    Ms. Shelley Fukida B’98

    Mr. Pierre Fuller C’98

    Ms. Molly Furin C’98

    Captain Sam Gabremariam C’98, S’00, L’06

    Mrs. Laura Gaffney B’98

    Ms. Kim Gallon C’98

    Ms. Heather Galloway F’98

    Mr. John Galston F’98

    Mr. Peter Galus C’98

    Mr. Steven Gambuzza B’98

    Mr. Ruben Garcia C’98

    Ms. Katherine Garlinge C’98

    Ms. Brooke Garth C’98

    Ms. Katy De La Garza F’98

    Ms. Megan Gaul B’98

    Mr. Justin Gee B’98

    Mr. James Gehring C’98

    Mr. Hubert Geiger F’98

    Dr. Danielle Geraldi-Samara C’98

    Mrs. Sapna Ghuman C’98

    Ms. Jane Gibbons C’98

    Ms. Kari Gibbs B’98

    Mr. Patrick Gillespie C’98

    Dr. Sarah Gilman C’98

    Mrs. Jessica Gilmore B’98

    Ms. Margarita Giraldo C’98

    Mr. Mikey Glazer C’98

    Mrs. Megan Gleason F’98

    Mrs. Monica Godshall B’98

    Mr. Shad Gohn F’98, MA’04

    Mr. Michael Golden C’98

    Mr. Alexander Goldenberg F’98

    Mr. Evan Goldsmith C’98

    Ms. Charissa Abbay Gonzales F’98

    Mr. Edward Gonzales B’98, MA’00

    Mr. W. Orlando Gonzales C’98

    Mr. Peter Gonzalez B’98

    Mr. Miguel Gonzalez C’98

    Mr. Sir Arnold Gonzalez NHS’98

    Mr. Eric Gordon B’98

    Mr. Norbert Gottesman F’98

    Mr. Geoffrey Gougion B’98

    Mr. Harsha Gowda B’98

    Ms. Melissa Gozdieski F’98

    Mr. Matthew Graham C’98

    Ms. Michelle Graham B’98

    Mrs. Melissa Graham B’98

    Mrs. Peryn Graham F’98

    Mrs. Rosemary Granet NHS’98

    Ms. Felicia Grant C’98

    Mr. Brian Grant F’98, MAAS’99

    Mrs. Aimee La Grassa C’98

    Mr. Tom Greaser B’98

    Ms. Marianne Green C’98

    Mr. Peter Greenberg C’98

    Mr. Patrick Greenleaf F’98

    Mrs. Katherine Gregg C’98

    Ms. Amy Greiner F’98

    Mr. Kevin Griffin B’98

    Mr. Michael Griffin F’98, L’10

    Ms. Sarah Griffin C’98

    Ms. griffitn griffitn C’98

    Mr. Laurent Grippon B’98

    Mr. John Grivsky B’98

    Mr. Michael Groeninger B’98

    Mrs. Angela Groeninger B’98

    Ms. Marion Gross F’98

    Ms. Kathleen Del Grosso B’98

    Dr. Adam Groth C’98, M’02

    Ms. Catherine Grove C’98

    Ms. Karen Grundy C’98

    Ms. Jennifer Grunebaum B’98

    Ms. Rachel Grygiel C’98

    Ms. Sheila Gulati F’98

    Mr. Gregg Gupko F’98

    Ms. Cara Gutstein C’98

    Mr. Anthony Guzman C’98

    Mr. Gary Guzman F’98

    Ms. Susan Hagan C’98

    Mr. Anthony Haggar B’98

    Mr. Jason Haim C’98

    Mr. Scott Haladay C’98

    Ms. Greta Hale C’98

    Mr. Benjamin Hall B’98

    Mr. Ryan Hamilton F’98

    Mr. Phillip Hammack C’98

    Ms. Rasha Hammamieh PHD’98

    Ms. Kelly Hannon B’98

    Ms. Margaret Hanratty C’98

    Ms. Jennifer Hansen C’98

    Ms. Nicole Harburger C’98

    Ms. Leah Hardy C’98

    Mrs. Shannon Harley C’98

    Ms. Vanessa Harper B’98

    Mr. Jim Harris B’98

    Dr. Aimee Harris C’98

    Mr. Alexander Hartigan C’98

    Mr. Garrett Hartzog B’98

    Ms. Pascale Haspil F’98

    Mrs. Nausheen Hassan F’98

    Ms. Julie Hassman F’98

    Ms. Susan Hastings B’98

    Mr. Patrick Haugh C’98

    Ms. Nicole Hauser C’98

    Mr. Robert Hawryluk B’98

    Mr. Sean Hayes B’98

    Mr. Elias Hazou C’98

    Mr. Morgan Heavener F’98, L’04

    Mr. Michael Heinen F’98

    Mr. Dan Helfrich F’98, MBA’99

    Dr. James Helicke F’98

    Mr. Patrick Heller F’98

    Mr. Christopher Helwig C’98

    Ms. Michelle Henery C’98

    Mr. Kristopher Henman B’98

    Mrs. Andrea Hennigan NHS’98

    Mr. Kayvan Heravi F’98

    Mr. Andrew Herlihy C’98

    Mr. Dennis Hermonstyne B’98

    Mr. Ross Hess C’98

    Mr. Ryan Hetherington B’98

    Mr. Jeffrey Heyn C’98

    1LT Patrick Hickey F’98, MA’02

    Ms. Eleanor Hicks C’98, L’04

    Mrs. Stacy Higgins C’98

    Mr. Philip Higgins C’98

    Mrs. Nicole Higgins NHS’98

    Ms. Janine Hill C’98

    Mr. Matthew Hill F’98

    Mr. Blake Hill C’98, L’01

    Mrs. Maria Hillebrandt C’98

    Mr. James Hilliard NHS’98, MS’04

    Mr. Martin Hillis B’98

    Mr. Michael Hines B’98

    Ms. Karen Hines C’98

    Ms. Alexandra Hirschfeld C’98

    Mr. Stephen Hoban C’98

    Ms. Meredith Hobik F’98

    Mr. Michael Hoehn B’98

    Mr. Timothy Hogan C’98

    Mr. Kyle Hollingsworth C’98

    Mrs. Julie Honey NHS’98

    Mr. Kristian Honey C’98

    Ms. Tatiana Hoover F’98

    Ms. Nora Hopkins F’98, MPP’00

    Mr. Brian Hopkins B’98

    Mr. Andrew Horansky F’98

    Mrs. Laura Hornbach C’98

    Ms. Nicole Horton C’98

    Ms. Leila Howland C’98

    Mr. Geoffrey Hoy B’98

    Dr. Robert Hoyer C’98, M’02

    Ms. Christine Hoyte B’98

    Mr. Patrick Hruby C’98

    Ms. Natasha Hsi C’98

    Mr. Tai Hsia B’98, L’02

    Dr. Eileen Hsu C’98, M’02

    Ms. Lorraine Huber NHS’98

    Mr. Anthony Huberman C’98

    Mr. Otakar Hubschmann F’98

    Mr. Jeffrey Huening F’98

    Mr. Bernard Huger B’98

    Mr. Stephen Hugh C’98

    Mr. Gerard Hughes C’98

    Mr. Andrew Hughes C’98

    Mr. James Hurley B’98

    Ms. Nisba Husain C’98

    Mr. Patrick Hussey F’98

    Ms. Tara Huston C’98

    Mr. Colin Hutchinson C’98

    Mr. Craig Hutton F’98

    Ms. Memy Hwang B’98

    Mr. Alexander Ignatiev C’98

    Ms. Lyn Imai F’98

    Mr. Stephen Iorio B’98

    Dr. Sabah Iqbal C’98, M’02

    Mrs. Sarah Irwin C’98

    Ms. Leslie Isenegger C’98, MPP’01

    Mr. Allen Iverson C’98

    Mr. Gregory Jacobi C’98

    Mr. Nicolas Jacques F’98

    Mrs. Genia Jacques B’98

    Ms. Mary James C’98

    Ms. Pornpan Jankrajang F’98

    Mr. Eric Jannazzo C’98

    Mrs. Jennifer Jay NHS’98

    Ms. Hillary Jaynes C’98

    Mr. Tom Jeng B’98

    Mr. Jason Jennings C’98

    Mr. Nate Jezzi C’98

    Ms. Anna-Lisa Johanson C’98, L’03

    Mr. Richard Johnson F’98

    Mrs. Tina Johnson C’98

    Ms. Tracy Johnson C’98

    Ms. Melinda Johnson C’98

    Mr. Neal Johnson C’98

    Ms. Nicole Johnson F’98

    Mr. Ryan Johnson C’98

    Mrs. Melissa Johnson NHS’98

    Ms. Yvette Johnson C’98

    Mr. Matthew Johnson F’98, L’02

    Mrs. Nevina Johnson C’98

    Mr. Casey Johnson B’98

    Ms. Caroline Jolly B’98

    Ms. Rachel Jones C’98

    Mr. John Jones C’98

    Ms. Megan Jones C’98

    Mr. Louis Joos F’98

    Ms. Sarah Josephson C’98, L’01

    Ms. Laura Joshua C’98

    Mrs. Christina Josling C’98

    Mr. James Jung C’98

    Mr. Ahmad Kabakibi C’98

    Mr. Scott Kaiser F’98

    Ms. Kate Kaiser C’98

    Ms. Sarah Kallok B’98

    Mr. Len Kamdang C’98

    Ms. Jacqueline Kane C’98

    Mr. Jong Ku Kang B’98

    Mr. Han Kang F’98

    Mr. Bryan Kapeckas F’98

    Mrs. Jennifer Kaplan F’98

    Mr. Adam Karasik C’98

    Mr. Anthony Kaseta B’98

    Mr. Andrei Kasianenko B’98

    Mr. Matthew Katz F’98

    Mr. Daniel Kaufman B’98

    Mr. Jason Kaufman F’98

    Ms. Tomoko Kawasumi F’98

    Ms. Mary Keefe C’98

    Ms. Margaret Keefe C’98

    Mr. John Keenan C’98

    Mr. Livingston Keithley C’98

    Mr. Brian Kelleher C’98

    Mr. Michael Kelley C’98

    Mr. Erin Kelly C’98

    Mr. Gregory Kelly C’98

    Ms. Kathryn Kelly C’98

    Ms. Courtney Kelly C’98

    Mr. Max Kelly C’98

    Ms. Phoenix Kelly-Rappa C’98

    Ms. Maggie Kemper C’98

    Mr. G. Michael Kenny B’98

    Mr. Liam Kenny C’98

    Ms. Andrea Kern C’98

    Mr. Emir Keye F’98

    Mrs. Nikolina Keyes C’98

    Mr. Faris Khader F’98

    Dr. Sabiha Khan C’98

    Ms. Alla Khaytman-Alenikova F’98

    Ms. Hanan Kholoussy F’98, MAAS’99

    Mrs. Sarah Kiley C’98

    Ms. Jenny Killeen C’98

    Mr. Steven Kim F’98

    Ms. Julia Kim B’98

    Mr. Matthew Kim B’98

    Dr. Yoon Hui Kim F’98

    Mr. David Kim B’98

    Mrs. Mariza Kim F’98

    Ms. Julie Kim C’98

    Mr. Phillip Kim B’98

    Mr. Steve Kim B’98

    Mr. Steven Kim C’98

    Ms. Mai Kindaichi C’98

    Mr. Dustin King F’98

    Ms. Amie Kirby C’98

    Mr. John Kirkowski B’98

    Mr. Kelly Kirschner F’98, MA’98

    Ms. Eva Kirshenblatt C’98

    Ms. Maria Kiskis F’98

    Mr. Matthew Klauer C’98

    Dr. Andrew Klein C’98

    Ms. Alison Klein F’98

    Mr. Christopher Klejdys B’98

    Ms. Kelly Knecht NHS’98

    Ms. Jovana Knezevic F’98

    Mr. Ko Kobayashi B’98

    Mr. Benjamin Koby B’98

    Mr. George Kochman C’98, S’99

    Mr. Scott Koedel B’98

    Ms. Maeve Kokolus F’98

    Miss Nadege Konyn F’98

    Mr. Gayatri Koolwal F’98

    Mr. Mike Kooris C’98

    Ms. Elizabeth Kopits C’98

    Mr. Zachary Korman C’98

    Mr. Richard Kostro F’98, MBA’10

    Ms. Magdalina Kotek F’98

    Mrs. Anne Marie Kovacik B’98

    Mr. T. Gabriel Kramer F’98

    Mr. Peter Kranz C’98

    Ms. Kristin Krause F’98

    Mr. Bartholomew Kresse C’98

    Mr. Shekhar Krishnan F’98

    Mrs. Deborah Kriznik NHS’98

    Ms. Kara Krolikowski C’98

    Mr. Jeffrey Krull B’98

    Mr. Harald Kruse C’98

    Dr. Jeffrey Krygier C’98, M’02

    Ms. Elizabeth Kueneke C’98

    Ms. Katarzyna Kujawa-DeBuc C’98

    Mrs. Kirsten Kulis C’98

    Ms. Kaoru Kumatani F’98

    Ms. kundamas kundamas C’98

    Ms. Katherine Kunz F’98

    Ms. Lucy Kurtzer-Ellenbogen C’98, MS’06

    Mr. Errick Kusuma B’98

    Mr. Yoon-Sik Kwon C’98

    Mr. Yul Kwon B’98

    Mr. Omar Lababidi F’98

    Ms. Marie Lack B’98

    Ms. Nazanine Ladjevardi C’98

    Mr. Mark LaGratta C’98

    Ms. Jade Lam C’98

    Mr. Gaspare Lamarca B’98

    Mr. Chad Lamb F’98

    Ms. Kathryn Landau C’98

    Mr. Chris Landon C’98

    Mr. Edward Laney F’98

    Mrs. Melissa Lange NHS’98

    Mrs. Marie LaPasse B’98

    Mr. Travis Larson C’98

    Mr. Albert Latour B’98

    Ms. Erica Laudano B’98

    Mr. Andrew Laurino F’98

    Mrs. Kimberly Laurino NHS’98

    Ms. Siobhan Lawlor B’98

    Mr. Chris Layfield C’98

    Mrs. Erinn Leary NHS’98

    Ms. Michaela Ledesma F’98

    Mr. Dong-Ho Lee B’98

    Mr. Changsoo Lee C’98

    Ms. Seon Joo Lee F’98

    Mr. Jae Lee B’98

    Mr. Ergene Lee C’98

    Mr. Jaeyoung Lee B’98

    Ms. Gong Myung Lee F’98

    Mr. David Leeds B’98

    Mr. Kevin Lehpamer C’98

    Ms. Tracey Leibowitz C’98

    Mr. Daniel Leistikow C’98

    Ms. Tulasi Leonard C’98

    Mrs. Sara Leone C’98

    Mr. Anthony Lepore C’98

    Mr. Grant Leslie F’98

    Mr. Ying Lun Leung C’98

    Ms. Rebecca Levine C’98

    Mrs. Colleen Levitz C’98

    Mr. Kevin Levy B’98

    Mr. Howard Liao B’98

    Mr. David LiCalzi B’98

    Ms. Ariela Liebes C’98

    Mr. Anthony Limarzi C’98

    Ms. Christine Lin C’98

    Dr. Charlotte Lin B’98

    Ms. Chadaporn Lin F’98

    Mr. Eric Lind C’98

    Ms. Christianne Lind F’98

    Ms. Christine Lindsey B’98

    Mr. David Linehan C’98

    Mr. Stephen Liset C’98

    Ms. Amelia Littell-Herrick F’98

    Mr. Kimani Little F’98

    Ms. Katherine Liu B’98

    Ms. Ellen Liu C’98

    Ms. Marina Livanos C’98

    Ms. Elizabeth Lo F’98

    Ms. Kara Lodzieski C’98

    Mr. Andrew Loftus F’98, MA’99

    Ms. Frances Logan F’98

    Mr. Matthew Logue C’98

    Mrs. Susan Loiacano NHS’98

    Mr. Matthew Loos B’98

    Mr. Robert Lopez C’98

    Dr. Savile Lord C’98

    Mr. Gregory Lourie C’98

    Mrs. Elizabeth Love C’98

    Ms. Alejandra Lozada B’98

    Mr. Gregory Lucas F’98

    Mr. Julian Ludmer C’98

    Mr. G. Oscar Ludwigson B’98

    Mr. Jason Lusk F’98

    Ms. Francesca Luthi-Previtali F’98

    Ms. Janet Lychock C’98

    Ms. McKenzie Lyle B’98

    Ms. Krista Lynch B’98

    Mr. James Lyons B’98

    Mr. Erwin Macatulad B’98

    Mr. Daniel MacDonald C’98

    Mrs. Kristen Macklin C’98

    Mrs. Sarah MacLachlan NHS’98, MSN’00

    Mr. Timothy Madda B’98

    Mr. Richard Madigan C’98

    Ms. Michele Magdo C’98

    Ms. Subena Mahal C’98

    Ms. Tanja Maier F’98

    Ms. Amina Makhdoom B’98

    Ms. Susan Maklari B’98

    Ms. Sara Malan F’98

    Ms. Nina Malenic C’98

    Ms. Carolyn Maloney C’98

    Ms. Deirdre Maloney C’98

    Mr. Noam Mandel F’98

    Dr. Peter Manes C’98

    Mr. Peter Manice C’98, MBA’07

    Ms. Ella Mann F’98

    Ms. Cynthia Mann NHS’98

    Ms. Suzana Mansur F’98

    Mrs. Deitra Mara C’98

    Ms. Susan Marcantoni F’98

    Mrs. Julie Marcello C’98

    Mr. Joseph Marchese B’98

    Mr. John Karl Mariano B’98

    Mr. Dan Marinberg F’98

    Mr. Philip Marineau B’98

    Mrs. Irene Marmarchi C’98

    Ms. Jenifer Marsh C’98

    Mr. J. Alexander Marsh B’98

    Dr. Daniel Martin F’98

    Ms. Michelle Martin C’98

    Ms. Magda Martinelli-Torres B’98

    Ms. martinem martinem B’98

    Ms. Nicole Masiak B’98

    Ms. Katharine Mastellone C’98

    Mr. Dominic Mastroianni C’98, MA’01

    Mr. Johnathan Mathiesen F’98

    Mr. Patrick Matthews C’98

    Mrs. Amanda Maurer B’98

    Ms. Jessica Mayer NHS’98

    Dr. Alejandra Mayorga C’98

    Ms. Courtney Mayster C’98

    Mr. Carl Mazzanti B’98

    Mrs. Kamilah McAfee B’98

    Mr. Brendan McAlpine B’98

    Ms. Mary McAnally C’98

    Mr. James McAndrew B’98

    Mr. Matthieu McAuliffe C’98

    Mr. David McBride B’98

    Ms. Sharon McBride F’98

    Professor Michael McCann C’98

    Ms. Stephanie McCann F’98

    Ms. Christine McCasland C’98

    Mrs. Mariana McCormick C’98

    Mr. James McCoy B’98

    Ms. Mary McEachen NHS’98

    Ms. Carrie McGillen C’98

    Mr. John McGillion C’98

    Mr. Patrick McGinnis F’98

    Ms. Tracey McGovern B’98

    Mr. Ryan McGrath F’98

    Ms. Mary McGurn F’98

    Mr. Harry McKee C’98

    Mr. John McKee B’98

    Mr. Brian McKeever C’98

    Mrs. Kyan McKeever NHS’98

    Ms. Lara McKenzie B’98

    Ms. mckenzlj mckenzlj B’98

    Mr. Patrick McLain F’98

    Mr. Peter McMahon C’98

    Ms. Altonya McMillan C’98

    Mrs. Maureen McPartlan C’98

    Ms. Jessica McPhee C’98

    Mr. Matthew McQuade B’98

    Ms. Polly McVey C’98

    Ms. Blair Mead C’98

    Mr. Daniel Meade C’98

    Ms. Aisha Meertins C’98

    Mrs. Kathryn Mehta NHS’98

    Ms. Cynthia Meier C’98

    Ms. Jennifer Mellet C’98

    Ms. Hercilia Mendizabal-Frers C’98

    Mr. Victor Mendoza F’98

    Ms. Natalia Mensdorff-Pouilly F’98

    Mr. Michael-Joseph Mercanti-Anthony C’98

    Ms. Alexandra Merle-Huet C’98

    Mrs. Mary Mertsch C’98

    Ms. Mary Mesaglio F’98

    Ms. Kirsten Messina C’98, S’04

    Mrs. Lauren Meurlin B’98

    Mrs. Patricia Meyer B’98

    Ms. Kelly Michael F’98

    Mr. Shane Mikula B’98

    Mrs. Natalie Mikulski C’98

    Ms. Sandra Millan-Morris C’98

    Mrs. Jennifer Miller F’98

    Dr. Angela Miller C’98

    Ms. Melody Miller C’98

    Mrs. Katherine Miller B’98

    Ms. Joanna Mills B’98

    Mr. Scott Minker C’98

    Ms. Patricia Mitchell C’98

    Mr. Adom Mitkevicius F’98

    Mr. Ali Moledina B’98

    Ms. Shauna Monkman F’98

    Mr. Fernando Montemayor B’98

    Ms. Marisol Montero C’98

    Mr. Noel Monteserrato B’98

    Ms. Linda Montgomery C’98

    Mrs. Katharine Mooney C’98

    Ms. Juliene Moore C’98

    Ms. Tamara Moore C’98

    Mrs. Gladys Morales F’98

    Mr. Abhyudaya Morarka B’98

    Ms. Maria Moreira C’98

    Mrs. Holly Moreland C’98

    Ms. Jennifer Morgan C’98, S’24

    Ms. Mitsue Morita F’98

    Ms. Hande Morkoc B’98

    Mr. Jason Morris F’98

    Mr. Jayson Morris B’98

    Mrs. Joanna Morrissey B’98

    Mr. Gregory Morse B’98

    Mr. Larry Mosley C’98

    Mr. Alexander Moulton F’98

    Ms. Adriana Mourad F’98

    Mr. John Moye C’98

    Mr. Tyler Moynihan F’98, MBAE’05

    Ms. Jamie Kraska Muehlhauser B’98

    Ms. Anne Mugala B’98

    Mrs. Tracy Muhl F’98

    Ms. Dali Mukherjee F’98, MA’00

    Dr. Robert Mullaney C’98

    Ms. Kristin Muller C’98

    Ms. Elizabeth Mullin C’98

    Ms. Aimee Mullins F’98

    Ms. Tara Mulrooney C’98

    Mr. Philip Mulvaney C’98

    Mr. Joseph Munnich C’98

    Mr. Rafael Munoz B’98

    Mr. Thomas Murphy C’98

    Mr. William Murray C’98

    Ms. Brigid Murray C’98

    Mr. James Murray C’98

    Mrs. Emily Murray C’98

    Mr. Andrew Murray C’98

    Mr. Terence Mylonas C’98

    Ms. Christopher Nace C’98

    Mr. Serhan Nadir F’98

    Ms. Phillis Nagatsuka F’98

    Ms. Maya Narula B’98

    Ms. Ramona Nasir F’98

    Dr. Natalie Nasser C’98

    Mr. Edmond Navarro B’98

    Ms. Mary Neal C’98

    Ms. Daniela Nedialkova F’98

    Mr. Adam Needles F’98

    Mr. Obaid Nejati C’98

    Dr. Francesca Nesi-Eloff C’98

    Ms. Amanda Neville C’98

    Mr. Brian Newman C’98

    Ms. Jessica Newman C’98, MPP’00

    Mr. Michou Nguyen B’98

    Ms. Xuan-Huong Nguyen F’98

    Ms. Deborah Nicholas-Boyle C’98

    Ms. Anne-Marie Nicpon F’98

    Ms. Tesha Nixon C’98

    Dr. Marc Nock C’98

    Mr. Masaki Noda B’98

    Mr. Caleb Noel B’98

    Ms. Kirsten Noethen B’98

    Mr. Jonathan Nolan C’98

    Mr. Gregory Noonan F’98

    Ms. Jennifer Norton C’98

    Mr. Patrick Noyes C’98

    Dr. Ana Maria Nuevo C’97, MS’98, PHD’06

    Mr. Gregg Nunziata C’98

    Mr. Thomas Nutt F’98

    Mr. John Oberdorf B’98

    Mr. Darren O’Brien F’98

    Mr. Anthony O’Brien C’98

    Ms. Kathleen O’Brien C’98

    Mrs. Suzanne O’Brien NHS’98

    Ms. Orla O’Connor F’98

    Mr. Brian O’Connor B’98

    Dr. Jennifer O’Connor C’98

    Ms. Courtney O’Donnell C’98

    Mr. James Oehmke B’98

    Mr. Patrick O’Gara F’98

    Mr. Brian O’Hagen C’98

    Mrs. Mary Oldfield B’98

    Mr. Stewart Oldfield B’98

    Mr. William Olin B’98

    Dr. Mason Oltman C’98

    Ms. Beth O’Malley C’98

    Mrs. Maura O’Meara C’98

    Ms. Mora Oommen F’98

    Mr. Mark Opper C’98

    Ms. Lindsay O’Reilly B’98

    Dr. Michael O’Reilly C’98, M’02

    Mr. Joshua Orenstein C’98

    Mr. Matthew Orfuss F’98

    Ms. Monica Orlich C’98

    Mr. Juan Ortega B’98

    Mr. ortegaj1 ortegaj1 B’98

    Ms. Andrea Osborne C’98

    Mr. Andrei Ossyka F’98

    Ms. Tamara Ostling C’98

    Mr. Zayed Otaiba B’98

    Mr. Victor Oviedo F’98

    Mr. Fritz Owens B’98

    Ms. Valerie Owens C’98

    Mr. Edward Owens F’98, L’02

    Mr. Andrew Owiti C’98

    Mr. Andrew Owiti C’98, L’04

    Mr. Burcin Ozderici B’98

    Mr. Steven Ozeranic C’98

    Ms. Sulay Ozturk F’98

    Mr. Siddhartha Pagidipati F’98

    Ms. Lee Paige C’98, MATL’98

    Mr. Jeffrey Paige B’98

    Ms. Michelle Pang F’98

    Mr. Matt Pappas B’98

    Dr. Walter Park F’98

    Mr. Sung Woo Park F’98

    Mr. Young Park B’98

    Mr. Timothy Parliman B’98

    Mr. Robert Pate B’98

    Mr. Sameer Patel C’98

    Mr. Adam Patnaude B’98

    Dr. Marena Patronas C’98, M’03

    Mr. Trevor Patterson C’98

    Mr. Jim Paucar F’98

    Ms. Zoe Paul C’98

    Ms. Bobbi Paulson F’98

    Mr. Robert Pavlak B’98

    Mrs. Miranda Payne F’98

    Mrs. Kirsten Peek C’98

    Mr. Jeffrey Peisach B’98

    Mr. Robert Pellegrini C’98

    Mr. Cain Pence C’98

    Mr. Gregory Pennekamp B’98

    Ms. Kimberly Perez C’98

    Mr. Michael Periu B’98

    Ms. Hillary Perkes NHS’98

    Mr. Michael Perrone C’98

    Mr. John Perry C’98

    Ms. Lisa Perry C’98

    Dr. Keisha-Khan Perry C’98

    Ms. Sandhya Persad F’98

    Mrs. Larkin Peters C’98

    Mr. Gregory Peters C’98

    Dr. Erin Peterson-Fleming C’98

    Ms. Sara Petrillo C’98

    Mr. Christian Petro B’98

    Mr. Dan Pfeiffer C’98

    Mr. Amnat Phalapleewan C’98

    Ms. Rebecca Phenix C’98

    Ms. Karen Philippin F’98

    Ms. Neda Phinyawatana B’98

    Ms. phinyawn phinyawn B’98

    Dr. Stephen Piacentine C’98

    Ms. Jennifer Picciotto C’98

    Ms. Leesa Pickett NHS’98

    Mr. Philip Piliero C’98

    Mr. Avinash Pillay B’98

    Mr. Tyler Pinkernell C’98

    Mr. Narat Pinunsottikul F’98

    Ms. Ashleigh Pipes C’98, PHD’19

    Mrs. Danielle Vauthy Planells C’98

    Mr. John Ploumitsakos F’98

    Mr. Steven Pogorelec C’98

    Mr. Brian Poling B’98

    Major Michael Pond F’98

    Mr. A. Indrajit Ponnambalam B’98

    Ms. Maurita Poole C’98

    Mr. Mustafa Popal F’98

    Ms. Natalia Popova F’98

    Ms. Megan Porio C’98

    Ms. Anna Porteus C’98

    Mr. Peter Poulakakos C’98

    Mrs. Cathleen Power NHS’98

    Mr. Jose Power F’98

    Mr. Gregory Prata B’98

    Ms. Mandi Pratt-Chapman C’98

    Mr. Robert Preston B’98

    Mr. Matteo Previtali B’98

    Mr. Brian Price C’98

    Ms. Devyani Puri C’98

    Ms. Maria Queen C’98

    Mr. Michael Quilatan B’98

    Mr. Stephen Raborn F’98

    Mr. Gregory Rachinsky C’98

    Dr. Bartholomew Radolinski C’98, M’02

    Mr. Sean Raft C’98

    Mrs. Vidya Ragoo-Stark C’98

    Dr. Nicholas Ragovis C’98

    Mr. Antonial Raleigh B’98

    Mr. Franc Ramon C’98

    Mr. Luis Ramos C’98

    Ms. Caroline Randall C’98

    Ms. Elizabeth Raposo C’98

    Mrs. Maria Rappa C’98

    Mr. Ali Rashid B’98

    Ms. Sarah Rathke C’98

    Mr. Alex Raymond F’98

    Ms. Jean Readie C’98

    Mr. Brian Recor F’98

    Mr. Andrew Reed C’98

    Mr. Justin Reed B’98

    Mr. Alexander Reife C’98

    Mr. Brian Reilly C’98

    Mr. Jonathan Reining C’98

    Mr. John Relihan C’98

    Mr. Neil Rellosa C’98

    Ms. Kathleen Remedi NHS’98

    Mr. Laurence Reszetar C’98

    Mrs. Michelle Reyes F’98

    Mrs. Claire Reyes F’98

    Ms. Marie Reynolds C’98

    Mrs. Terra Reynolds F’98

    Mr. Howard Rhee B’98

    Ms. Maya Ribault C’98

    Mr. William Rice B’98

    Mrs. Kari Richards C’98

    Ms. Maria Riegger F’98

    Ms. Catherine Riegraf-Williams B’98

    Dr. Anne Rifkin-Graboi C’98

    Mr. Alex Rigaud F’98

    Mr. Scott Riley B’98

    Ms. Amy Rinaldi C’98

    Ms. Melissa Ring C’98

    Mrs. Gabriela Rivas F’98

    Ms. Rachel Rivkind F’98

    Mrs. Amy Robb B’98

    Ms. Sara Robboy C’98

    Mrs. Asel Roberts F’98

    Mr. Edwin Robertson C’98

    Ms. Catalina Robledo C’98

    Mr. John Roche C’98

    Mr. Carlos Rodriguez B’98

    Mr. Frank Roebuck B’98

    Ms. Autumn Roesch C’98

    Mrs. Rachel Rogers B’98

    Mr. Brett Rogers C’98

    Ms. Diana Roggemann C’98

    Ms. Susan Rohol B’98

    Mr. Jerome Romano B’98

    Mr. Robert Root F’98

    Ms. Meredith Roscoe B’98

    Mrs. Elisabeth Rosenson F’98

    Mr. Seth Rosenson C’98

    Mrs. Susan Rosenthal F’98

    Mr. Robert Rosenthal B’98

    Mrs. Abigail Ross C’98

    Ms. Alexandra Ross F’98

    Mr. Christopher Del Rosso B’98, L’02

    Mr. Benjamin Roth F’98

    Mr. Jeremy Roth F’98

    Ms. Anna Rotman F’98

    Mr. Marc Rouda C’98

    Mr. Reid Ruberti C’98

    Mr. Leon Rubinov B’98

    Ms. Lisette Ruch B’98

    Ms. Gina Ruelas B’98

    Ms. Eugenia Lopez Ruiz B’98

    Ms. Kristin Runkle F’98

    Dr. Wesley Russell B’98

    Mr. Michael Russell C’98

    Mr. Christophe Rust C’98

    Mr. Leif Rydfors C’98

    Ms. Danielle Sadler C’98

    Ms. Natosha Safo B’98

    Ms. Sarah Al Saihati C’98

    Ms. Itzel Salazar F’98

    Mr. Fernando Saldivar C’98

    Mr. Ronald Salerno B’98

    Mr. Carlos Salinas B’98

    Mr. Alexandre de Campos Salles C’98

    Ms. Kristen Salvamoser C’98

    Mr. Joshua Samit B’98

    Mr. Jason Sanchez F’98

    Mr. Alberto Sanchez F’98

    Mr. Bryan Sanchez C’98

    Mr. Jonathan Sandler C’98

    Ms. Heather Sands C’98

    Ms. Diana Sankovic F’98

    Mr. Kori Sargent F’98

    Ms. Renee Sarria B’98

    Ms. Regine Sassoon C’98

    Mrs. Grace Gau Saunders B’98

    Ms. Nicole Savard C’98

    Mr. Karim Sawabini B’98

    Mrs. Kathleen Sayles B’98

    Mr. Daniel Schafer C’98

    Mr. Gregory Schardt C’98

    Ms. Catherine Schelander B’98

    Mr. Alexander Scherer C’98

    Mr. Vaughn Schermerhorn F’98

    Dr. Elisabeth Scheufele C’98, M’02

    Ms. Julie Schik C’98

    Mr. Alexander Schimmelbusch C’98

    Mr. Alexander Schimmelbusch C’98

    Mrs. Julie Schirmang NHS’98

    Mr. Andrew Schneider C’98

    Ms. Juli Schneider C’98

    Mr. Roger Schoedl B’98

    Mr. Alexander Schrank F’98

    Ms. Ashley Schuh-Medina C’98

    Ms. Karin Schultz C’98

    Ms. Lacey Schwartz C’98

    Mr. Daniel Schweiger C’98

    Ms. Julie Schweitzer C’98

    Ms. Lisa Hassan Scott F’98

    Mr. Paul Scott F’98

    Ms. Patricia Scott C’98

    Mr. Hagan Scotten C’98

    Mrs. Rebecca Scuorzo C’98

    Mr. John Scuorzo B’98

    Ms. Wakio Seaforth F’98

    Dr. John Sebastian C’98, MA’99

    Ms. Traci Sebastian F’98

    Ms. Serena Mah Seel C’98

    Mrs. Tara Seidel C’98

    Ms. Susanna Seltzer F’98

    Mr. Thomas Senker B’98

    Mrs. Lindsay Senker B’98

    Mrs. Amanda Serna B’98

    Mr. Gobind Sethi F’98

    Ms. Dianna Severin C’98

    Mrs. Marie von Seyfried NHS’98

    Ms. Mital Shah F’98

    Mr. Padma Shah C’98, MS’00

    Mr. Omar Shahine C’98

    Dr. Lora Shahine C’98

    Mr. Mark Shainman C’98

    Mrs. Margaret Shapiro C’98

    Mrs. Danielle Shapiro NHS’98

    Mr. Kevin Sharkey C’98

    Mr. Jeremy Sharp F’98

    Ms. Heather Shaw F’98

    Ms. Julia Shaw C’98

    Mrs. Leucretia Shaw C’98

    Mr. Daniel Shea F’98

    Mr. David Shebay B’98

    Mr. David Sheehan C’98, L’07

    Dr. Tanya Sheehan C’98

    Ms. Laura Sheperis F’98

    Ms. Julie Sheppard B’98

    Ms. Elizabeth Sheppard F’98

    Ms. Diana Shiba C’98

    Mrs. Jennifer Shiffman NHS’98

    Mr. Van-Alan Shima C’98

    Mr. Jin Woo Shin C’98

    Ms. Emilie Shishido C’98

    Dr. Monica Shook B’98, M’02

    Mrs. Ruth Siegal I’98

    Mr. David Siegel B’98

    Mr. Timothy Siegrist F’98

    Mr. Alexander Sierra F’98

    Mr. Shea Silidker B’98

    Mr. Robert Silverman C’98

    Ms. Karen Simeone F’98

    Ms. Dawn Simmons F’98

    Ms. Carrie Simmons F’98

    Mrs. Katharine Simons C’98

    Mr. Alexis Sinclair C’98, L’07

    Ms. Kelly Singleton C’98, L’10, MA’10

    Ms. Sarah Sinwell F’98

    Mrs. Abigail Sipe C’98

    Ms. Augusta Siribuo NHS’98

    Mr. Mark Sirinyan F’98

    Mr. Paul Skoczylas C’98, MA’05

    Ms. Suzanne Smalley C’98

    Mrs. Courtney Smith B’98, B’97

    Ms. Moira Smith F’98

    Mr. John Smith B’98

    Ms. Dylan Smith F’98

    Ms. Kristin Smith B’98

    Mr. Joshua Smith F’98

    Mr. Brendan Smith F’98

    Mr. Russell Smith C’98

    Mr. Kevin Smith B’98

    Mrs. Kristin Smith F’98

    Mr. Dustin Smith F’99, F’98, MSFS’99

    Mrs. Aurea Smith B’98

    Mrs. Christine Smoragiewicz B’98

    Mr. Worawut Smuthkalin F’98

    Mr. Jonathan Snider F’98

    Mrs. Jessica Snow NHS’98

    Ms. Jennifer Snow C’98

    Mrs. Sophie Sohn C’98

    Mr. Jason Solarek F’98

    Mr. Jorge Solares-Parkhurst F’98

    Ms. Tolina Son C’98

    Mr. Eric Sondag B’98

    Dr. Lars Sondergaard F’98, MA’98, PHD’03

    Ms. Christina Sonsire C’98

    Mr. John Sopko C’98

    Ms. Justine Soscia NHS’98

    Mrs. Lorraine Sousa C’98

    Mr. Elias Soussou F’98

    Mr. Joseph Spagnuolo B’98

    Dr. Amy Spector C’98, M’02

    Mr. Avi Spiegel C’98

    Ms. Amy Spielhagen F’98, MA’06

    Mrs. Laila Srouji F’98

    Mr. Tarik Srouji B’98

    Ms. Sara Staats C’98

    Mr. Tim Stallkamp B’98

    Mr. Chris Stathopoulos C’98

    Mr. Kevin Stear C’98

    Mr. James Steckart F’98

    Mr. Adam Stellato C’98

    Dr. Christopher Stemland C’98, M’02

    Mr. Paul Stern C’98

    Mr. Mark Stevens F’98

    Ms. Jennifer Stevens C’98

    Mr. Michael Stokes C’98

    Mr. Kenneth Stone C’98

    Mr. Dorian Stone C’98

    Ms. Clare Stone C’98

    Mrs. Jeanette Strachan C’98

    Ms. Lorene Straka F’98

    Ms. Kirsten Strayer C’98

    Mr. James Stroka F’98

    Mr. Federico Stubbe B’98

    Dr. Matthew Sullivan C’98

    Mr. Brian Sullivan B’98, MBA’07

    Dr. Sanjay Sundar C’98, M’02

    Mr. Infany Suryadji B’98

    Mr. Yehudah Susson F’98

    Mr. Nitikrai Suwangonsakul C’98

    Ms. Mitsuyo Suzuki F’98

    Mrs. Deirdre Sweeney C’98

    Mr. Fionn Sweeney C’98

    Mr. Matthew Syrkin C’98

    Mr. Andrew Szygenda F’98, L’01

    Mr. Shih Tai F’98

    Ms. Andrea Talarico C’98

    Ms. Tanika Taliaferro NHS’98

    Ms. Ayesha Talwar B’98

    Mr. Howard Tang C’98

    Mr. Phillip Tate C’98

    Ms. Kimbarly Taylor F’98

    Mr. Anthony Taylor F’98

    Mr. John Tecce B’98

    Ms. Jenny Tegelvik F’98

    Mrs. Elizabeth Teitelbaum NHS’98

    Mr. Adam Tejpaul B’98

    Mr. Gabriel Teninbaum C’98

    Mr. Sean Tepe C’98

    Ms. Kimberly Ternavan NHS’98

    Mrs. Sarah Thayer F’98

    Mrs. Lynnette Thomas B’98

    Mr. Scott Thomas C’98

    Mr. Cole Thomas F’98, MBAE’01

    Ms. Roxanne Thomas C’98

    Mr. Stafford Thomas C’98

    Mrs. Safiya Thomas NHS’98

    Mr. Scott Thomasson C’98, L’02

    Ms. Nicole Thompson C’98

    Mr. Alexander Threadgold C’98

    Mr. Christopher Thurber F’98

    Mr. Tero Tiilikainen F’98

    Ms. Raquel Tinio NHS’98

    Mr. Joseph Todisco C’98

    Mr. Ramsey Tohme C’98

    Mrs. Amy Toland NHS’98

    Mr. Ryan Toland C’98

    Mr. Dennis Tolentino B’98

    Mr. Zachiary Tolin C’98, C’97

    Ms. Laurie Tolliver C’98

    Ms. Constance Tomber NHS’98

    Mr. Michael Tonsing C’98

    Mr. Shawn Tooley C’98

    Mr. Matthew Tosiello C’98

    Ms. Felicia Toth F’98

    Ms. Carmen Soini Tourres C’98

    Mr. Michael Townsend F’98

    Mr. Derek Townsend B’98

    Ms. Nancy Trejos C’98

    Mr. Antonio Trivizo F’98

    Mrs. Meghan Troy C’98

    Mr. Michael Tumasian C’98

    Mr. Philip Tumminio F’98

    Mr. Alexander Tuohy C’98

    Mr. Eric Turgeon B’98

    Mr. John Turnbull B’98

    Ms. Megan Twohey C’98

    Ms. Catherine Ulus NHS’98

    Mrs. Christina Ungaro B’98

    Mr. Jason Urban B’98

    Ms. Valeh Vakili F’98

    Ms. Kacy Valentine C’98

    Ms. Naushon Vanderhoop B’98

    Mr. Joseph Vanore B’98

    Mr. Michael Vardaro C’98

    Mr. Brenden Varma C’98

    Dr. Pamela Varma C’98, M’02

    Ms. Christine Vasconez C’98

    Ms. Ryan Le Vasseur C’98

    Ms. Nicole Vavrecka B’98

    Mr. Christopher Vecchiarelli C’98

    Mr. Ruben Veliz C’98

    Mrs. Emilie Veloso C’98

    Ms. Mary Vens C’98

    Ms. Meredith Verga B’98

    Ms. Rebecca Vergara C’98

    Ms. Nichole Vickers C’98

    Ms. Amy Vijayanagar F’98, MA’98

    Mr. Peter Viksnins B’98, MSFS’98

    Ms. Genevieve Villamora F’98

    Mrs. Kara Vines NHS’98

    Ms. Joy Vink C’98

    Mr. Lodovico de Visconti B’98

    Mrs. Amy Vitti C’98

    Ms. Christine Vix B’98

    Mr. Philip Vorobyov F’98

    Mrs. Halima Voyles C’98

    Mr. Matthew Waldron F’98, L’08

    Mr. Zachary Wales C’98

    Mrs. Adrienne Walker C’98

    Mrs. Kathryn Walker B’98

    Ms. Katherine Walker C’98

    Mr. Jeffrey Wall C’98

    Dr. Karen Walson C’98, M’02

    Mr. Mark Waner F’98

    Ms. Ashley Wang F’98

    Ms. Christy Wang B’98

    Dr. Hao Fei Wang NHS’98

    Mr. William Ward C’98

    Mr. Jeffrey Ward F’98

    Mr. Edward Warin C’98

    Ms. Ann Warren C’98

    Mr. Neil Watkins F’98

    Dr. Jamal Watson C’98

    Ms. Crystal Weathersby B’98

    Mr. Andrew Webb F’98

    Ms. Genevieve Weber C’98

    Mr. Jon Weinstein B’98

    Ms. Linnea Weiss C’98

    Ms. Meghan Welch C’98

    Mr. Jordan Welu C’98

    Ms. Sophie Wenzel C’98

    Mr. Christopher West B’98

    Mr. Larry West C’98

    Mr. Christopher Westrick B’98

    Ms. Joyce Whang C’98

    Ms. Joanna Wheeler F’98

    Mr. David Wheeler B’98

    Ms. Yvette White B’98

    Mr. Jahidi White C’98

    Mr. Matthew Whiting C’98

    Mr. Theophile Wiener B’98

    Mr. Joseph Wiinikka-Lydon C’98

    Mr. Pratt Wiley B’98

    Ms. Kazi Wilkins F’98

    Ms. Melissa Willard-Foster F’98

    Ms. Michelle Williams C’98

    Mr. Willie Williams B’98

    Mr. Michael Williams F’98, L’01

    Mr. Bradford Wills B’98

    Ms. Cherie Wilson F’98

    Ms. Colleen Wilson C’98

    Mr. Randall Wilson C’98

    Dr. Linus Wilson C’98

    Ms. Susan Wilson C’98

    Mrs. Katharine Wilson F’98

    Dr. Leah Windsor C’98

    Mr. Brandon Winkler B’98

    Ms. Virginia Winny NHS’98

    Ms. Eve Wittenmyer C’98

    Ms. Rachel Wolf F’98, MBA’15

    Mrs. Christina Wolfstich C’98

    Mrs. Amanda Lawrence Wood F’98

    Dr. Jessica Wood C’98

    Mr. Robert Wood F’98

    Mr. Jason Woods C’98

    Mr. Max Woodworth C’98

    Mr. Eli Wooten C’98

    Ms. Ashley Wright C’98, L’02

    Mrs. Yvonne Wright NHS’98

    Ms. Kate Wright C’98

    Ms. Jill Wright C’98

    Mr. Aaron Wu F’98

    Dr. Kelly Wurtz F’98

    Mr. Robert Wyatt C’98

    Ms. Tomoko Yamazaki C’98

    Mr. Aboud Yaqub B’98

    Dr. Heather Yeo F’98, M’04

    Mr. Alberto Yohai B’98, B’97

    Ms. Goksu Yolac B’98

    Mr. Brian Young F’98

    Mr. David Younger C’98

    Ms. Susan Youssofi C’98, MA’99

    Mr. Jimmy Yung C’98

    Ms. Maura Yusof C’98

    Mr. Jim Zacharias C’98

    Dr. Jennifer Zank F’98

    Mr. Maury Zanoff B’98

    Mr. Arturo Zaragoza-Ruiz F’98

    Ms. Liduina Zarate C’98

    Dr. Paul Zarek C’98

    Mr. Robert Zarnoch F’98

    Mr. Jan Zeman F’98

    Mr. Roushan Zenooz B’98

    Mrs. Ariane Zewe C’98

    Ms. Xue Zhen B’98

    Mr. Chris Zimmerman C’98, L’02

    Mr. Erich Zimny C’98

    Mr. Arezoo Zomorrodi C’98

    Mr. Frederick Zuck B’98

    Mr. Philip Zuvichaux F’98

    Ms. Rachel Zwolinski F’98, L’03

    Ms. Helena Zyblikewycz F’98

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