Class of 1996

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It’s been so long since last we met, so make sure to check in here with your classmates and friends! Learn what fellow alumni are doing in their personal and professional lives, view upcoming events and keep up with our 30th reunion plans as they begin.

There are no upcoming events for this class.

Class Committee

  • Committee Chairs

  • Committee Members

    Dustin Angelo B’96

    Joe Carabetta C’96, MS’98

    Hillary Chassin B’96

    Dan Gilbert C’96

    Gavin McKiernan F’96

    Clara Pang B’96

    Abby Rogers B’96

    Daniel Ward C’96, L’99

Find Hoyas from This Class

  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Mrs. Christine L. Arena C’96
    Ms. Elizabeth Hood Catelinet C’96
    Mr. David M. Booth C’96, L’01
    Mr. Robert Charles Cushmac F’96
    Mr. Eric David Duffell C’96
    Mr. Joseph Anthony Eacobacci C’96
    Ms. Kai Surae Fox B’96
    Rev. Joseph K. Grieboski F’96, MA’01
    Ms. Alison Ann Steck NHS’96
    Mr. Marcus Peter Hall C’96
    Mr. Michael S. Linsenmeyer C’96
    Mr. Richard Jensen Lynch B’96
    Mr. Jonathan Donald Matthews C’96
    Ms. Katherine Schuyler Morrison B’96
    Ms. Katherine Nicklis NHS’96, MS’11
    Mr. Gregory Pereira B’96
    Ms. Mary Rose Pilsner NHS’96
    Mr. Om Piromya F’96
    Ms. Erica Brett Lane-Tamuza C’96
    Mrs. Tysha Quin Tessay Holguin C’96
    Mr. Joseph Tobin C’96
    Mr. Gordon Matthew Walsh B’96
    Mr. Thomas Christian Yannelli C’96

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have an updated mailing address to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Mr. Bandar Al-Hejin F’96

    Ms. Silvia Armijo C’96

    Mrs. Lisa Meredith Balsam N’96

    Ms. Kara Blank-Gonzalez C’96

    Ms. Natacha Corinne Bobin C’96

    Ms. Allison Huguet Breault F’96

    Ms. Carin Camacho B’96

    Mr. Alexis C. Chartouni B’96

    Eric Kay Chen F’96

    Ms. Sylvia Chow B’96

    Jenna Lynn Christensen, M.D. C’96

    Ms. Marion Wheeler Damon C’96

    Ms. Katherine Melissa Daniels C’96

    Ms. Alicia Dee C’96

    Ms. Stephanie Dawn Dillard C’96

    Aaron E. Drews, Ph.D. C’96

    Mrs. Karin England-Fink C’96

    Mr. Nicholas Ian Fink F’96

    Mrs. Kim Paula Flatman F’96

    Ms. Jessica Ann Gage B’96

    Ms. Joy Christina Fredericia Gallowitsch C’96

    Ms. Heidi Nicole Gomez F’96

    Mr. Noah Jay Gordon C’96

    Ms. Lucia Guajardo C’96

    Mr. Korrey Evin Henderson B’96

    Mr. Alexander O. Hertzberg C’96

    Mr. Sean Eric Hotung F’96

    Mr. Sung Min Christopher Jun C’96

    Ms. Susan Kovalik F’96

    Mr. Jason Thomas Kovnesky B’96

    Ms. Arie Kondang Kresnadi B’96

    Mr. John Edward Kreul F’96

    Ms. Gulcin Karadeniz Kuser F’96

    Mr. Dennis Claude Layton-Rodin C’96

    Mr. Julien Le Tourneur d’Ison B’96

    Mrs. Eleonora Leibman F’96

    Mrs. Serena Lind F’96

    Ms. Wathit Lo C’96, C’98

    Mr. Brian R. Marshall C’96

    Ms. Carolina Angeles Matheus C’96

    Ms. Sarah More McCann C’96

    Mr. Brian Philip McMullen C’96

    Mr. William Scott Mut F’96

    Mr. Eduardo Javier Nunez B’96

    Mr. Nawaf Essam Obaid F’96

    Ms. Jennifer Mine Okano C’96

    Ms. Christy M. Oliver F’96

    Ms. Leyla L. Ones F’96

    Ms. Sheila Elizabeth O’Shea N’96

    Ms. Rebecca Isabel Perez C’96

    Ms. Ariella Shoshana Rosansky F’96

    Mrs. Ana Maria Santos Puelles F’96

    Ms. Jennifer Annette Schaeffer C’96

    Mr. David VanSandt Selph C’96

    Ms. Kripa Sethuraman F’96

    Mr. Edward Ming Shen C’96

    Ms. Katarina Simonov N’96

    Mr. Phillip Douglas Stewart F’96

    Mr. Raul Talvik F’96

    Mr. Bekhzod Fatikhovich Teshabaev F’96Mr. Bevon Ray Thompson C’96

    Ms. Kristin Erin Toland N’96

    Mr. Eugene Thomas Venanzi II F’96

    Mr. Marc Philip Villanueva C’96

    Ms. Sarah Louise Webster F’96

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