Class of 1983

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It’s been so long since last we met, so make sure to check in here with your classmates and friends! Learn what fellow alumni are doing in their personal and professional lives, view upcoming events and keep up with reunion plans as they begin.

There are no upcoming events for this class.

Class Committee

  • Committee Chairs

    Kate Nightingale (B’83) Class Chair

  • Committee Members

    Valerie Adelson (NHS’83)

    Katharine Burnett (C’83)

    Katie Connelly Collins (C’83)

    Peter Croncota (B’83)

    Robert Dailey (C’83)

    James Hayes (F’83)

    Michael Heffernan (C’83)

    Lucy Kapples (’83)

    Lorraine McDonough Kelly (C’83)

    Andrew (Andy) Kindfuller (C’83, L’86)

    Barbara Kyrillos (F’83)

    Michael Pernetti (I’83)

    Marianne Wallace (’83)

    Ana (Nana) Salazar Wenger (F’83)

Find Hoyas from This Class

  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Ms. Joanne Ames B’83, L’86, L’92
    Ms. Cecilia Anekwe F’83
    Mr. Wayne Michael Bailey F’83
    Ms. Janice Benjamin NHS’83
    Mrs. Karen Caulfield B’83
    Mr. Stephen J. Cangialosi C’83
    Mr. Michael L. Clancy B’83
    Ms. Justine M. Clougherty B’83
    Mr. Sean Collins F’83
    Mr. Charles Cooke C’83
    Mr. Joseph P. Corrigan B’83
    Mr. Gene Norman Cote C’83
    Robert J. Doherty, M.D. C’83, M’87
    Mr. Timothy Sean Driscoll C’83
    Ms. Nikki Lee Earll B’83
    Ms. Sarah Findley N’83, MS’88
    Ms. Lauren Gagne-Dwyre F’83
    Ms. Lacey W. Gallagher F’83
    Mr. Kevin A. Gallop I’83
    Ms. Susan Garwood C’83
    Ms. Deborah Goodwin F’83
    Mr. Hans Crete Gray F’83, MSA’84
    Ms. Caroline Kappel Haak N’83
    Mr. Timothy Dean Hodges F’83
    Ms. Jane Kiley¬†C’83
    Ms. Barbara A. King C’83, L’89
    Ms. Andrea Masucci C’83
    Mr. Matthew J. McLaughlin C’83
    Mrs. Susan K. Mickelson I’83
    Mr. John Paul Morrissey B’83
    Mr. Wesley Keith Murphy I’83
    Ms. Terry A. O’Connell I’83, MSFS’85
    Mr. Stephen Francis Ott C’83
    Ms. Kim E. Palumbo C’83
    Mrs. Robyn Parker I’83
    Mr. Afshin Pedram F’83
    Mr. Walter S. Peskoe B’83
    Mr. Robert Pflieger C’83
    Ms. Jennifer Lynne Pool F’83
    Mr. Thomas Powers I’83
    Mr. Steven Reynolds C’83
    Mrs. Emilie Richey C’83
    Mr. Michael R. Rullis F’83
    Ms. Deirdre M. Ryan C’83
    Mr. Robert Allen Scott F’83
    Ms. Susan M. Serpa N’83
    Avishai W. Shapiro, M.D. MS’82,C’83,M’86
    Mr. Steve Skonberg B’83
    Ms. Laurie Vedeler Sloan F’83
    Tracy Lee Steele, Ph.D. F’83
    Mr. David N. Stewart C’83
    Mr. Edward F. Sweeney C’83
    Mr. Geoffrey A. Thaler C’83
    Ms. Melvina M. Walker I’83
    Mr. Peter R. Ward I’83
    Ms. Anna Watkins C’83, MA’86
    Mrs. Kathryn Aguirre Worth F’83
    Mr. Charles Zug B’83
    Mr. George F. Meierhofer C’83, L’86

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Ms. Catherine H. Abernathy¬† N’83
    Ms. Diane Robb Aucoin¬† N’83
    Mr. George James Becker¬† B’83
    Ms. Rebecca Ann Bowlsbey¬† I’83
    Ms. Julie P. N. Brady¬† C’83
    Mr. Herman Brenninkmeijer¬† C’83
    Mr. Frank Brightwell C’83
    Ms. Isabelle Ann Bryan¬† F’83
    Mrs. Deborah H. Carrington¬† C’83
    Ms. Camilla Carroll¬† F’83, MA’86
    Ms. Lisa DiPrete Champagne¬† I’83
    Mr. Kevin C. Connolly¬† C’83
    Ms. Mary Ellen Cronk¬† B’83
    Mrs. Zorana Danis F’83
    Mr. Ivan Rafael Davila¬† C’83
    Karel Michael de Ubl D.D.S.¬† C’83, D’87
    Mr. Carlos M. Dennis¬† C’83
    Ms. Carmen M. Ferreira¬† C’83
    Ms. Amal Ghandour¬† F’83
    Ms. Deborah Anne Gilles¬† C’83
    Ms. Laura E. Goodin¬† F’83
    Mr. Philip Michael Griffin¬† F’83
    Mr. Jason Craig Harlan¬† F’83
    Mr. Daniel Hittlet C’83
    Mr. Michael Hotung I’83
    Ms. Alexandra Karfopoulos¬† F’83
    Mr. Robert Edward Konicek¬† C’83
    Ms. Nicole K. Langford¬† C’83
    Mrs. Margaret M. Lawrence¬† N’83
    Mr. Richard D. Millard¬† C’83
    Ms. Gisele-audrey Mills¬† F’83
    Mr. Daniel Thomas Murphy¬† C’83
    Ms. Robin E. Nixon¬† C’83
    Ms. Adriana B. Ortolan¬† F’83
    Mr. Bela Elemer Papp¬† F’83
    Ms. Celeste T. Parks¬† C’83
    Ms. Carolyn C. Parris¬† C’83
    Ms. Catherine M. Pascullis¬† C’83
    Mr. Lucio A. Petrocelli¬† C’83
    Ms. Carrie Lynne Queenan¬† C’83
    Ms. Ladan Rafii¬† F’83
    Ms. Paulette A. Richards¬† I’83
    Ms. Jacqueline M. Sanchez-Volny¬† C’83
    Mr. Gerard Michael Sears¬† C’83
    Ms. Jeanne M. Skerrett¬† I’83
    Joseph B. Slakey M.D.¬† C’83, M’87
    Mr. Romuald T. Slimak¬† B’83
    Ms. Lisa A. Suits¬† F’83
    Ms. Hao Sun¬† C’83
    Ms. Tania Theodoridou¬† I’83
    Ms. Stephanie Theodorou¬† C’83
    Ms. Siri Valseth¬† F’83
    Ms. Kathleen Van Twyver¬† C’83
    John E. Varallo M.D., M.P.H.¬† C’83, M’87
    Ms. Katarina Wiesner¬† I’83

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