Class of 1982

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The Class of 1982 gathered back on the Hilltop in June 2022 to celebrate our 40th Reunion.

Download the class photo from our Saturday night party and view other Reunion photos via the university photo album

Relive our time on campus with the official 1982 Reunion party playlist

There are no upcoming events for this class.

Class Committee

  • Committee Chairs

    George N. Biagi, III (C’82) Class Co-Chair  

    Eileen Gaul Isdaner (B’82) Class Co-Chair 


  • Committee Members

    Dawn Dekker (B’82)

    Hollis Dittersdorf (C’82)

    Mike Djavaherian (F;82, L’86)

    Jeffrey Jaffee (C’82)

    Stephanie Koda (I’82)

    Matthew Lustig (F’82)

    Marissa McDermott (I’82)

    Sean Murphy (C’82)

    Ana Gloria Rivas-Vazquez (F’82, S’85)

    Ellen Sher (C’82, M’86)

    Kim Vranceanu (C’82)

    David Zrike (C’82)

Find Hoyas from This Class

  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email

    If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Fraser Allport – F’1982

    Michael Baker – B’1982

    Thomas Britt – C’1982

    Mitchell Broz – C’1982

    Barbara Call – B’1982

    John Carroll – B’1982

    Christopher Cole – F’1982

    Jacqueline D’Alessio – C’1982

    Robert Davids – NHS’1982, MSN’1982

    Peter Demirali – B’1982

    Robert Donovan – C’1982

    Donna Duca – I’1982

    Andrea Fields – NHS’1982

    Jose Garrigo – C’1982

    Susan Gassler – C’1982

    Juan Gelats – B’1982

    William Gellert – F’1982

    J. Clayton Griffin – I’1982

    Margaret Hague – F’1982

    William Henry – C’1982

    Nancy Hesselton – NHS’1982

    Kevin Higgins – B’1982

    George Hodges – C’1982

    Charles Horsky – C’1977, HON’1982

    Carlton Howard – C’1982

    Woodie Johnson – C’1982, L’1985

    Harold Keane – C’1982

    Elizabeth Koop – NHS’1982

    Robert Lattanzio – B’1982

    Brian Lingle – B’1982

    Charles MacLachlan – F’1982

    Nora Marra – C’1982

    Andrea Mathews – F’1982

    Anthony Mattola – C’1982

    Maureen McGrath – F’1982

    Emily McHale – C’1982

    Anthony Miller – F’1982

    David Nadelhaft – F’1982

    Ann Nalls – B’1982

    Mark Nicholson – F’1982

    Kimberly Patrick – C’1982

    Frank Polito – C’1982, L’1985

    Suzanne Schuck – NHS’1982

    Bruce Selnick – C’1982

    Frederick Shearer – B’1982

    Diane Shortt – B’1982

    Keith Slack – I’1982

    Matthew St. Jepcevich – F’1982

    John Stansfield – C’1982

    Andrew Swire – F’1982

    Paul Tracy – C’1982

    Robert Van Dyke – C’1982

    Kerry Wetter – NHS’1982

    Pamela White – F’1982

    David Williams – I’1982

    Edward Wisniewski – C’1982

    Carl Wrobleski – C’1982, MS’1985, M’1989

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates that we’d love to reconnect with.

    View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information or update to help us reach out to and track down our Hoya friends by emailing

    Dr. Craig Adams C’82, M’86

    Ms. Amany Attia F’82

    Dr. Amy Beer C’82

    Ms. Deborah Berliner F’82

    Ms. Linda Boyd I’82

    Mr. Mario Calvo B’82

    Ms. Bianca Carotenuto I’82

    Ms. Donna Chauvet NHS’82

    Mr. Brian Chavies C’82, L’88

    Mr. Angel Chinea F’82, L’85

    Mr. Thomas Christopherson F’82

    Ms. Mary Clark C’82

    Ms. Patricia Coffey NHS’82

    Mr. Edward Cooke B’82

    Mr. Steven Copley I’82

    Mrs. Alisa Dalton-Wager C’82

    Mrs. Deirdre Darragh NHS’82

    Ms. Daphne Davis F’82

    Ms. Jarmila Dokladalova I’82

    Mr. Matthew Fitzmaurice C’82, L’86

    Ms. Maria Giulini C’82

    Mr. Jamil Guellal F’82

    Ms. Anne Guste C’82

    Ms. Allison Hirschfeld F’82

    Mr. Carlton Howard C’82

    Ms. Susan Hume F’82

    Ms. Yuko Ishida F’82

    Ms. Martha Jeffcock C’82

    Mr. Gary Johnston F’82

    Ms. Sausan Kabbani C’82

    Mr. George Kelly B’82

    Ms. Massoumeh Khadjenouri B’82

    Ms. Vivian Kolenda B’82

    Mr. Juan Letelier C’82

    Mr. Antonio Limcaoco B’82

    Ms. Maria Ljunggren F’82

    Mrs. Christine Madden C’82

    Ms. Jennifer Marschak C’82

    Ms. Heidi Mathis F’82

    Ms. Lisa McCollough I’82

    Ms. Cheiron McMahill I’82

    Ms. Kathleen McNatt NHS’82

    Ms. Angela Mezzullo I’82

    Ms. Gabriele Michelman F’82

    Ms. Karen Morris F’82

    Mr. Edward Mosca C’82

    Mr. Lawrence Needle F’82, L’85

    Mr. Michael Niemczyk C’82

    Ms. Patricia Norland F’82

    Ms. Joan Palandrani C’82

    Mr. Joseph Panico F’82

    Ms. Deborah Park B’82

    Ms. Maria Perez F’82

    Ms. Amy Pierce Melton I’82

    Mr. Sam Pimm C’82

    Ms. Helen Recinos F’82

    Mr. Philippe Renaud C’82, MA’84

    Mr. Timothy Robinson B’82

    Ms. Julie Ruth B’82

    Ms. Patrice Schaefer Barelli I’82

    Ms. Judith Sherman F’82

    Ms. Caroline Siegfried NHS’82

    Ms. Lisa Sims NHS’82

    Mr. C. James Sloan B’82

    Ms. Melissa Strong C’82

    Ms. Susan Tangney F’82

    Ms. Joanna Thouron I’82

    Mr. Garret Van Erk F’82

    Ms. Mary Whitney F’82

    Ms. Carol Woodhull I’82

    Mr. Michael Zak F’82

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