Class of 1981

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There are no upcoming events for this class.

Class Committee

  • Committee Members

    Alex Chapman (B’81)

    Mary Ellen Conway Chenette (N’81)

    Lisa Flaster (B’81, L’85)

    Phil Geyer (B’81)

    Greg Moffatt (F’81, L’91)

    Andrea Muller (F’81, L’85)

    Jane Lynch O’Donoghue (B’81)  

    Debrajean Overholt (C’81)

    Tim von Gal (C’81)

Find Hoyas from This Class

  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email

    If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Richard Beck C’1981

    Jose Bosch B’1981

    Julia Brown F’1981

    Debra Buenaga C’1981

    William Burke C’1981, L’1986

    Cecelia Campbell I’1981

    William Chafin C’1981

    Sue Ann Cimbricz I’1981

    Lisa Clark C’1981

    Robert Cruz B’1981

    James Dionisio C’1981

    Marilyn Dods B’1981

    Elizabeth Earls C’1981

    Jonathan Eldredge B’1981

    Marilyn Feorino F’1981

    Jeffrey  Frawley C’1981

    Francis Gallagher C’1981

    Katherine Harakas C’1981

    Neil Hathaway C’1981

    Carol Higgins C’1981

    Kerry Hishta C’1981

    Margaret Howe NHS’1981

    Ross Hugo-Vidal C’1981

    Jocelyn Jones C’1981

    Susannah Kelley F’1981, MA’1984

    Patricia Kelly C’1981

    Charles Knisely C’1981

    Julie Lackey F’1981

    Stephen Maczynski F’1981, MA’1984

    Edward Marin B’1981, L’1986, L’1995

    Michael Mastrobattista F’1981

    Natalie McFadden F’1981

    Patricia McRae F’1981

    James Meiburger C’1981, L’1987

    Fred Mouzon B’1981

    Enrique Navas F’1981

    Maureen Norton F’1981

    Kevin O’Leary C’1981, L’1986

    Marguerite Pacacha C’1981

    Vicente Pangelinan C’1981

    Juan Piedra F’1981

    Scott Pilarz C’1981

    Barbara Prudoff NHS’1981

    Kathryn Pufahl C’1981

    Benjamin Reese C’1981

    Joel Rodriguez B’1981

    Trinja Rogers NHS’1981

    Eric Salonen F’1981

    Catherine Schilling C’1981

    Patrick Sheehan C’1981

    Daniel Sheehan C’1981

    Sarah Sherwood I’1981

    Landon Tracy Summers C’1981, L’1996

    Jana Thompson F’1981

    Rose Van Dine F’1981

    John Wetter F’1981, MAAS’1983, MA’1993

    Roger Whitfield F’1981, F’1980, L’1984

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect with.

    View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information or update to help us reach out to and track down our Hoya friends by emailing

    Ms. Monica Ahlstrom I’81

    Mrs. Nariman Al Awadhi F’81, MSFS’83

    Ms. Theresa Alventosa I’81

    Ms. Silvia Arcari I’81

    Ms. Janet Art I’81

    Ms. Tina Aviles-Silva NHS’81

    Ms. Ellen Barry C’81

    Mrs. Patricia Biggers B’81

    Ms. Sara Biro C’81

    Dr. Philipp Borinski F’81, MA’83, PHD’90

    Dr. Barbara Bostock I’81

    Ms. Hang Bourque B’81

    Mr. James Brady C’81

    Mrs. Deirdre Bumbera F’81

    Mr. Joseph Callahan F’81

    Mr. Mohan Coomaraswamy F’81

    Ms. Karin Crowder I’81

    Ms. Carol Cullen C’81

    Mr. Alan Cumbee F’81

    Mrs. Robin Fabian NHS’81

    Mr. Paul Fameli F’81

    Mr. Christopher Farland C’81

    Mr. John Feeney C’81

    Mr. Juan Gomez C’81

    Ms. Gayle Gough F’81

    Ms. Jacqueline Greene I’81

    Mr. Lawrence Hanabergh F’81

    Mr. David Howley C’81

    Ms. Shannon Kahnert I’81

    Dr. Gretchen Kemp C’81, M’86

    Ms. Melanie La Borwit C’81

    Mr. Gregory Larsen F’81

    Mr. Kevin Lesmeister C’81

    Ms. Jacqueline Levandowsky F’81, MA’83

    Ms. Elaine Longa I’81

    Ms. Gail MacDonald NHS’81

    Mr. Thomas Mack C’81

    Ms. Patricia McEnery B’81

    Ms. Ellen McGovern NHS’81

    Ms. Maryesther Merlo C’81

    Mr. Henry Newberry B’81

    Mr. John Nugent I’81

    Mr. Harrison Nwitte-Eze F’81

    Mr. Jeffrey Pfeiffer C’81

    Ms. Leslie Price NHS’81

    Mr. Jose Quiros B’81

    Ms. Izabel Ricardo C’81

    Mr. Daniel Saint-Rossy F’81

    Ms. Elizabeth Sickman F’81

    Ms. Caren Skoulas B’81

    Mrs. Cheryl Sloane-El NHS’81

    Mrs. Katherine Stewart C’81

    Ms. Sally Stinner F’81

    Ms. L. Francoise Stuart I’81

    Mr. Robert Thomas F’81

    Ms. Iris Valentin C’81

    Ms. Vivian Vigliarolo I’81

    Mr. Mario Villasanta B’81

    Mr. Brad West F’81

    Mr. Lane Williams B’81

    Ms. Elizabeth Woodworth F’81

    Mr. Peter Ziebert C’81

    Mrs. Catherine Zwicky I’81

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