Class of 1980

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It’s been so long since last we met! You can check here on your classmates and friends, learn what fellow alumni are doing in their personal and professional lives, and view upcoming University-wide and class events.

There are no upcoming events for this class.

Class Committee

  • Committee Chairs

  • Committee Members

    Tony Arend (F’80)
    Stephen Aubin (C’80, MA’82)
    Mary Elizabeth Corrigan (C’80, MA’85)
    Alanna Cronin (B’80)
    Kelvin Garvanne (F’80 F’21)
    Pat Lydon (B’80)
    Terry McGovern (C’80)
    Kenneth Robbett (C’80, L’89)
    Joseph Ryan (F’80, MA’82, PHD’87)
    Mary Schammel (C’80, MBA’15)

Find Hoyas from This Class

  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email

    If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Ruth Alexander I’1980

    Brunilda Alvarez F’1980

    Phillip Amico B’1980

    John Andrews C’1980

    Peter Barkanic F’1980

    Katherine Berman F’1980

    Kathryn Bresk NHS’1980

    Birch Carpenter F’1980

    Marie Clabby B’1980

    Angel Concepcion F’1980

    Catherine Conway C’1980

    Joseph Costello C’1980, L’1984

    William Cotter B’1980

    Matthew Curran C’1980, MA’1988

    Michael Curtin B’1980

    Richard Dale C’1980

    Robert Dalsky F’1980

    Gerard De Felice F’1980

    Jody Dreher C’1980

    Joseph Dunn NHS’1980

    Mary Eicher C’1980

    Rotimi Fani-Kayode C’1980

    Isabel Figueras C’1980

    Katharine Finn I’1980

    Maria Firpi B’1980

    Benjamin Fluhart F’1980

    Roy Gatehouse F’1980

    Patrick Gavin C’1980

    Alicia Gorman C’1980

    Nancy Graham I’1980, MS’1981

    Robert Guskind C’1980

    John Hargadon I’1980

    Alfred Herrmann F’1980

    Lorraine Huff NHS’1980

    Thomas James I’1980

    Kimberle Johannessohn C’1980

    Scott Johnson F’1980, MA’1993

    Peter Judge C’1980, C’1979

    Karen Jurczyk I’1980

    Colleen Kanipe I’1980

    David Kentler C’1980

    Thomas King B’1980

    Bridget Klauber C’1980

    1. David Krohn B’1980, L’1983

    Maureen Lau B’1980

    Michael Manicone F’1980

    Harriet Martin F’1980

    James Martino B’1980

    Patrick McDonnell F’1980

    Edward McElwain F’1980

    Beth McIntosh C’1980

    Mark Moreno F’1980

    Catherine Niarchos F’1980

    Kevin Nolan B’1980

    1. Lawrence Noyer F’1980

    James O’Neill F’1980

    Scott Ozmun C’1980

    Ralph Papile B’1980

    Robert Pomerenk F’1980

    Miguel Prieto I’1980

    Kathleen Race C’1980

    Marsha Reidhill B’1980

    Maria Riva-Chevez C’1980

    Pamela Roeser C’1980

    James Ryan F’1980

    Leslie Sherr I’1980

    Carley Smith I’1980

    Blake Snyder C’1980

    Mario Solomon I’1980

    Virginia Starke I’1980

    Cynthia Sweeting B’1980

    Donna Taylor NHS’1980

    Robert Villacari I’1980

    Johannes Von Schilcher F’1980

    Anne Warren C’1980

    Laurie Wilbern C’1980

    Michael Williams F’1980

    Joanne Withycombe C’1980, L’1984

    Gregory Zak C’1980

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect with them. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information or update to help us reach out to and track down our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Countess Monica Consorti Agusta I’80

    Ms. Nuzhat Ahmad I’80

    Ms. Margaret Anderson F’80

    Mrs. Lynn Arnone C’80

    Ms. Ana Arroyo B’80

    Ms. Beatriz Barco de Lega I’80

    Mr. Kirk Bennett F’80

    Ms. Sheri Bradley F’80

    Mr. Denis Carriere I’80

    Ms. Andrea Clarke NHS’80

    Ms. Shobanna Coomaraswamy B’80

    Mr. Robert Danenberg B’80

    Mr. John Davison F’80

    Ms. Dinesha de Silva C’80

    Mr. Daniel Desmond I’80

    Ms. Blandine Destremau I’80

    Mr. Ibrahim Edin C’80

    Ms. Catherine Eikland F’80

    Mr. Seth Fairhurst B’80

    Mr. Luis Fernandes F’80

    Ms. Sarah Flores I’80

    Mrs. Kathleen Frommelt F’80, MATL’90

    Ms. Joy Gogek C’80

    Mr. Charles Grove F’80

    Mrs. Roberta Harbeson C’80

    Mr. Charles Harrison C’80

    Ms. Kathleen Hennessey F’80

    Ms. Nancy Hoagland-Fuchs NHS’80

    Mrs. Liza Hodskins C’80

    Mr. Richard Hoffman F’80

    Ms. Christine Hooper I’80

    Mr. Christopher Johnston C’80

    Ms. Rosanna Joseph F’80

    Mrs. Julie Kaufman F’80

    Mr. Gregory Keech I’80

    Mr. James Kelly B’80

    Mr. Edward Koch B’80

    Ms. Olayinka Koleoso B’80

    Mr. Nicholas Lamb F’80, L’83

    Mr. Mark Larkin B’80

    Ms. Margaret Lord C’80

    Ms. Kimberly Lowe NHS’80

    Ms. Rini Malik B’80

    Mr. Karim Mattar C’80

    Ms. Rosanne May C’80

    Mrs. Kim Mazzarella C’80

    Mr. Michael McCabe B’80

    Dr. Jorge Miranda Meave F’80, MA’82

    Ms. Catherine Morgan B’80

    Ms. Nilda Navarro C’80

    Mrs. Patricia Neumann F’80

    Mr. Brian Niedermeyer F’80

    Ms. Kathleen O’Conner I’80

    Mr. Phillip Offill C’80

    Mr. Ononenyi Okonkwo B’80

    Ms. Maria Olcese I’80

    Dr. Sydney Peterson C’80

    Mr. Jaime Pieras Castaner C’80

    Ms. Susan Plan F’80

    Mrs. Beth Poisson F’80

    Ms. Pamela Price I’80

    Ms. Alison Romain F’80

    Ms. Magdalena Salazar C’80

    Ms. Nitzie Sanley I’80

    Ms. Stephani Scheer F’80

    Mr. Artemus Suarez F’80

    Ms. Jeanett Tang-Yonemoto F’80

    Ms. Rosabel Termini I’80

    Ms. Libby Thornton B’80

    Dr. Mary Verderese C’80

    Mr. W. Gregory Voss F’80

    Ms. Pamela White C’80

    Mr. Lionel Whitman C’80

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