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Class Committee

  • Committee Members

    Missy Scoville Burke (C’79)
    Tom Delaney (C’79)
    Chris Graham (B’79)
    Gary Hayes (F’79)
    Colleen Grogan Moore (C’79)
    Nancy Oakes (B’79)
    Lonny Schwartz (B’79, L’82)

Class Newsletters

Our Class of 1979 Committee collected previous newsletters for our class website. Please click below to read our older editions, see previous Blinger cartoons, look at reunion photos and find (not so recent) announcements. If you have any old newsletter copies around your house, please send them to our staff liaison, Honor Murphy. 

Class of 1979 Newsletter (Summer 1990)

Class of 1979 Newsletter (Summer 1991)

Class of 1979 Newsletter (Fall 1991)


Class “Facebook”

Remember the days when we were in our first years and had to remember our classmates’ names from our Class of 1979 Freshman Register? Click below to see our our original Class of 1979 “Facebook” from our first year:

Georgetown Class of 1979 Facebook


Class Photos

Check out some Class of 1979 photos over the years by clicking the following links. If you have any additional photos to add to the albums, please reach out to Honor Murphy , our staff liaison, with any pictures. You may also add any photos to the appropriate Google Photo Albums.

Class of 1979 Photo Album – 40th Reunion 

Class of 1979 Photo Album – John Carroll Weekend 2017

Class of 1979 Photo  Album – Steve Palusek Award 

Class of 1979 Photo Album – 30th Reunion

Class of 1979 Photo Album – 25th Reunion

Class of 1979 Photo Album – Clyde’s Party 

Class of 1979 Photo Album – President DeGioia’s Inauguration

Class of 1979 Photo Album – Miscellaneous Photos



Find Hoyas from This Class

  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email

    If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    John Adams – C’1979

    Lucyann Axelson – F’1979

    Angelica Braestrup – C’1979, MA’1979

    Gail-Marie Crowley – F’1979

    Deborah Brissey – C’1979

    Donna Bruchmann – NHS’1979

    Joseph Bruder – C’1979, MA’1994

    Michael Burke – C’1979

    Mary Butler – C’1979

    Marcus Capone – C’1979

    Todd Chambers – F’1979

    Stanley Cieslewicz – F’1979

    David Civali – I’1979

    Robert Clinton – C’1979

    Kyle Cobb – F’1979

    Ann Coffey – NHS’1979

    Marianne Crawford – B’1979

    Michael Cunningham – C’1979

    Edwin Davila-Bloise – B’1979, L’1984, L’1987, L’1988

    Robin DeSilva – C’1979

    Beth Dickerson – NHS’1979

    Ignatius DiNardo – C’1979, M’1983

    Michael Doran – F’1979

    Kevin Drummond – C’1979

    Thomas Griffin – C’1979, L’1984

    Anne – Naczi – C’1979

    Michael Finnegan – B’1979

    Mark Fischer – B’1979

    Edward Flynn – C’1979

    Allen Forte – F’1979

    Kenneth Freeling – C’1979, L’1982

    Francis Gaffney – C’1979, L’1988

    James Gerlach – I’1979

    Richard Glatfelter – F’1979

    Monica Grinnell – NHS’1979

    Mary Hawkins – F’1979

    Gregory Heck – I’1979

    Beatriz Hernandez – C’1979

    Steven Weingarten – F’1979

    Christopher Hill-Byrne – B’1979

    Daniel Hoopes – F’1979

    Patricia – Horvath – F’1979

    Mary Ellen Hughes – NHS’1979

    Maria Impink-Hernandez – I’1979, MATL’1983

    Amar Inam – F’1979

    William Johnson – F’1979

    Deborah Jones – C’1979, L’1992

    Todd Kelly – I’1979

    Tara Khaleel – F’1979, MAAS’1979

    David Kleinberg – C’1979

    Gregory Koczanski – F’1979

    Samuel Kubiak – B’1979

    Frank Lemay – F’1979

    Rennie Lesem – NHS’1979, MS’1987

    Ann Licandro – I’1979

    Heidi Lipson – B’1979

    Karyn Lloyd-Hontz – NHS’1979, MSN’1979

    Steven Lotterer – C’1979

    Gregory Marden – F’1979

    James McCarrick – C’1979, M’1983

    Toni McMahon – C’1979

    Matthew McNulty – C’1979, L’1982

    William Miles – I’1979

    Jeanne Mion – NHS’1979

    Lucy Moore – C’1979

    Gayle Nelson – C’1979

    Betty Ng – C’1979

    James Nolan – C’1979, L’1982

    John Noukas – F’1979

    Nancy Oremland – B’1979

    Stephen Carrig – F’1979, MA’1980

    Charles Plotkin – C’1979

    John Rabb – C’1979

    Joanna Belbey – F’1979

    Anne Read – C’1979

    Thomas Scates – C’1979

    Henry Shaffer – C’1979, F’1974

    Jayne Shea – C’1979, L’1982

    John Sheedy – I’1979

    James Shutack – C’1979

    Attila Sipos – B’1979

    Mary Smith – C’1979

    Kathryn Leebron-Smyth – I’1979

    Marsha L. Stainken – C’1979, M’1983

    Noelle Egan – I’1979

    Margaret Stone – C’1979

    Louis Swift – F’1979

    Christine Tierney – F’1979

    Sandra Valentine – B’1979

    Michael Walsh – B’1979

    Jane Watson – C’1979

    Eugenia Weber – I’1979

    Keith Barnish – B’1979

    Christopher Wolsky – F’1979

    Susan Zenel – I’1979

    Paul Zimmermann – B’1979

    James Ebben – F’1979

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect with. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information or update to help us reach out to and track down our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Missing Email and Contact Information:

    Dorrie Dale Hipschman – C’79

    Elizabeth DeBorde Ramsey – C’79 

    Brian F. Healy – C’79, MS’81, M’85 

    Michael J. Gunshinan – I’79 

    Peter Scott Julian – C’79 

    Gertrude N. Sargent – C’79 

    Masako Ohkuma Mori – I’79

    Edythe Smith Febvay – F’79

    Naomi Katz – F’79

    Clas Rohl – F’79

    Brian Michael Downing – F’79

    Kathryn A. Ziebert – F’79

    Nancy Claire Clifford – C’79

    Elizabeth Curtin Weimar – C’79

    Peter N. Yaffe – C’79

    Alice L. Cassidy – C’79

    Debora C.M. Simmons – C’79

    Darshini A. Ragapaksa – C’79

    Douglas Paul Kempf – C’79, M’85

    James Staunton Weiss – B’79

    Frederick Tak-wai Ng – B’79

    Joseph Mark Kirk – B’79

    Diane M. Yng Wong Blanc – B’79

    Mohamed Taghinia-Milani – B’79

    Kourosh Afrassiabin – B’79

    Charles O. O’Donnell – B’79


    Missing Mailing Addresses:

    Amy S. Kuhner – F’79

    John S. Crowley Jr. – C’79

    Linda Tersilla Johnson – F’79 

    Jill A. Kastanek – B’79

    Kenneth Damian Ward – F’79, L’88 

    Anna Brigida Mella – I’79 

    David Edward Kolf – I’79 

    Thomas Lloyd Jones – C’79 

    Beth Broomell Good – I’79 

    Virginia Gomez-Cruz – F’79 

    William E. Klawonn – F’79, L’82 

    Marianna Ilona Allen – I’79 

    Robert J. Boyd – B’79 

    Ralph A. Maldonado – C’79 

    Doina Elizabet Neagoy – I’79

    Andrea McCarrick – I’79

    Aldo Liguori – F’79

    Jeffrey B. Kingston – F’79

    Michael J. Jacobsen – F’79

    Andrew Herman – C’79

    Maria Gilda Echaus – C’79

    Dennis P. O’Connor – C’79, L’84

    Stephen James Rawson – B’79

    Ruben Hiram Melendez-Lugo – B’79

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