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Join us at the Irish Channel for a post-game gathering after the Alumni Takeover game on February 11, 2023!

We’ll gather immediately following the game:
February 11th, 2023
500 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

To purchase alumni takeover game tickets:
Georgetown vs. Marquette
February 11, 2023
noon tip off
Capital One Arena

Class Committee

  • Committee Chairs

    Nancy Ripp Clark, M.D. (C’77, M’81) Class Co-Chair
    Kathryn Truter Von Rueden (N’77) Class Co-Chair
    Sylvan Sobel (C’77) Class Co-Chair

  • Committee Members

    Tom Bianco (B’77)
    Beth Karshenbaum Brown (B’77)
    Liam Burke (B’77)
    Peter Colaianni (B’77)
    Armand Della Porta (C’77)
    Edward Finneran (B’77)
    Eileen McCormack Harte (B’77)
    Joan McDonough Healy (N’77)
    Andrea Morseburg (N’77)
    Yvonne Peperzak-Blake (N’77)
    Nancy Smith Purpura (N’77)
    Diane Ninnie Roberts (F’77)
    Michele Murphy Trifari (C’77)

Find Hoyas from This Class

  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Mr. Cornelius Armstrong, B’77
    Mrs. Margaret Armstrong, I’77
    Ms. Catherine Auth, C’77
    Mr. Anthony Bell, C’77
    Dr. Donald Beresky, C’77, M’81
    Mr. Robert Bird, F’77
    Ms. Michelle Bouthiller, I’77
    Mr. Robert Broome, I’77
    Mr. Anthony Brown, C’77
    Dr. Tuan Bui, C’77, MS’79
    Mr. Gerald Cameron, B’77
    Dr. Maurice Capone, C’77, W’82
    Mr. John Clyde, C’77
    Mr. Roger Conkling, C’77
    Mr. Robert Daly, C’77, L’80
    Mr. Wayne De Four, B’77
    Ms. Katherine Des Marais, I’77, MS’79
    Mr. Mark Dobson, F’77, L’81
    Mr. Francis Forker, F’77
    Mr. Frank Forrestal, F’77
    Ms. Teresa Fyanes, F’77
    Mr. John Hall, B’77
    Ms. Janet Hanson, N’77
    Ms. Joanne Hatem, C’77
    Mr. David Hauspurg, C’77
    Mr. George Hepplewhite, C’77
    Mrs. Sandra Hitschler, I’77
    Ms. Julia Hodge, F’77
    Mr. Charles Horsky, C’77, H’82
    Mr. James Hughes, C’77
    Mr. David Jelen, F’77
    Dr. Heidi Jolson, C’77, M’81
    Mr. Edwin Jones, C’77
    Ms. Karen Kaufman-Yin, B’77
    Ms. Anne Kefauver, F’77
    Ms. Barbara Leonard, C’77
    Mr. Duncan MacElhone, B’77
    Mrs. Jill Major, F’77
    Mr. Gary Manfredonio, B’77
    Mr. William McCloy, B’77
    Mr. Gerard McConnell, F’77
    Mr. Michael McMullen, C’77
    Ms. Eleanor Meredith, C’77
    Ms. Mimi Meriwether, I’77
    Mr. Edward Michaels, B’77
    Mrs. Donna Murphy, F’77
    Ms. Judith Novak, F’77
    Mr. Paul Opel, I’77
    Mrs. Linda Pallotta, C’77
    Ms. Penny Pinney, I’77
    Ms. Deborah Ponds, C’77
    Ms. Ann Richardson, C’77
    Mr. Michael Richardson, F’77
    Dr. Peter Richen, C’77
    Mr. Russel Rosen, C’77
    Mr. Harvey Rosenberg, C’77
    Ms. Elizabeth Ryan, C’77
    Mr. Joseph Saporito, F’77
    Mr. Frederic Schunk, C’77
    Mr. William Shapland, C’77
    Mr. Manuel Sierra, F’77
    Mr. Jesse Smith, B’77
    Ms. Alice Snow-Robinson, I’77
    Ms. Cynthia Solsbery, I’77
    Mr. Robert Spurck, F’77
    Mr. David Stevens, B’77
    Mr. Shaun Sweetser, I’77
    Mr. Jeffrey Teramani, C’77
    Ms. Maryanne Thomas, C’77
    Mr. Gregg Werner, F’77
    Mr. Joseph Wesner, C’77
    Dr. Mary Williams-McSwain, C’77, M’82
    Mr. Arthur Williamson, B’77
    Mr. Martin Witherell, C’77
    Mrs. Laurie Zager, N’77
    Mr. William Zlotnick, F’77

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Mr. Laurance H. Armour III F’77
    Ms. Mercedes P. Arroyo B’77
    Ms. Audrey M. Baker N’77
    Thomas Blum F’77
    Ms. C. Irma Caicedo F’77
    Mr. George C. Clarke III F’77
    Mrs. Maura O’Brien Daley N’77
    Ms. Michelle Debra Daum C’77
    Mr. Louis Ralph De Palo C’77, MS’78
    Miss Maria C. Del Campo I’77
    Ms. Nancy Del Giudice I’77
    Mr. Richard P. Denman B’77
    Ms. Michele S. Farinet C’77
    Mr. Darryl Feldman C’77
    Miss M. Cristina Ferreira Da Silva I’77
    Ms. Dora Fiallo I’77
    Mr. Peter G. Garrity B’77
    Mr. William J. Geckle C’77
    Ms. Gladys G. Grace-Paz I’77
    Mrs. Maura T. Grubb N’77
    Mrs. Jane Milliken Hague F’77
    Mr. Sangmoon Hahm C’77
    Mr. Richard T. Hart C’77
    Daniel Francis Healy B’77
    Ms. Cynthia S. Hickman F’77
    Ms. Cintra H. Huber B’77
    Mr. Michael C. Hughes B’77
    Mr. Akira Ito C’77, L’80
    Ms. Gabriele Iyjis-Walker I’77
    Ms. Patricia A. Jacoby F’77
    Mrs. Joanne E. Jarboe-Costello N’77
    Mr. Eric B. Jones C’77
    Nancy E. Keeton M.D. C’77, M’82
    Ms. Eileen Kilroy N’77
    Mrs. Carolyn Barchard Laughlin C’77
    Mr. Michael C. Laughlin C’77
    Mr. Kevin J. Leonard F’77
    Mr. Shaoul Jacob Levy B’77
    Mr. John R. Liegey C’77
    Ms. Florence Ann Looker N’77
    Ms. Deborah Sue Magee B’77
    George R. Mastroianni C’77
    Mr. Michael McDermott B’77
    Mr. Daniel J. Murray C’77
    Monica M. Neagoy Ph.D. C’77
    Ms. Elizabeth Anne Nobbe C’77
    Mr. John E. O’Donnell C’77
    Ms. Luz A. Oramus I’77
    Ms. Suzanne Black O’Toole C’77
    Ms. Terri C. Oviedo C’77
    Ms. Carol A. Padden I’77
    Ms. Tebra S. Page I’77
    Mrs. Joan M. Pauley N’77
    Mr. Mark Pelt C’77
    Ms. Julia L. Pomeroy F’77
    Ms. Esme Rodrigues C’77
    Mr. Richard G. Rogan B’77
    Mr. Walter M. Ryan C’77, L’85
    Ms. Rosa L. Santillan C’77
    Mr. David J. Schrieberg C’77
    Ms. Barbara Lee Shepherd I’77
    Ms. Suzanne Sobral I’77
    Ms. Kathryn Ann Spalding F’77
    Ms. Nancy D’Andrea Stadulis I’77
    Ms. Jean L. Still I’77
    Mr. Thomas G. Tumilty F’77
    Ms. Jane M. Turek N’77
    Ms. Sherill J. Vine I’77
    Robert W. Westergan M.D. C’77, M’81
    Ms. Patricia White B’77
    Ms. Shelley A. Whitmore I’77
    Ms. Julia Anne Wochos I’77
    Ms. Yvonne M. Wright-Daddieco C’77
    Mr. Eric Wukitsch B’77
    Ms. Rebecca Sue Youn C’77

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