Class of 1972

Welcome to our Class Page. Here you’ll find class events, image galleries, and important contact information.

It’s been so long since last we met, so make sure to check in here with your classmates and friends! Learn what fellow alumni are doing in their personal and professional lives, view upcoming events and keep up with reunion plans as they begin.

There are no upcoming events for this class.

Class Committee

  • Committee Chairs

    Alan Di Sciullo (C’72, L’77) Communications Chair

    Michael Karam (F’72, L’76, L’81) Chair

    Frank McDonough (C’72) Fundraising Chair

  • Committee Members

    John Connolly (F’72)

    Tom Corrigan (F’72)

    Bill Doyle (C’72)

    Ron Faucheuz (F’72)

    Nick Inzeo (F’72)

    Libby Kurry (B’72)

    Pat McArdle (C’72, L’77)

    Jeanne McDermott (N’72)

    Mary Pat Michel (C’72, L’82)

    Kathleen Mitchell (N’72)

    Frank Murray (F’72, L’75)

    Janet Richert (I’72)

    Tom Russo (C’72)

    Jim Schroer (C’72)

    Lawrence Vitulano (C’72)

    Dale Wilker (F’72)

Find Hoyas from This Class

  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Edward Lee Anderson M.D. C’72, M’76
    Mr. Michael F. Anderson F’72
    Mr. Lee Francis Novelli C’72
    Mrs. Brenda Lewis Ashford C’72
    Mr. James M. Bauman C’72
    Mrs. Barbara M. Bayly I’72
    Mr. Matthew E. Beaulieu C’72
    Miss Elizabeth N. Bennett NHS’72
    Mr. John Alfred Bordeaux I’72
    Mr. Charles M. Brown I’72
    Reverend Robert D. Bruso C’72
    Mr. Brian Wegg Bulger C’72, L’77
    Miss Mary J. Campbell B’72
    Mr. Thomas E. Campion C’72
    Mrs. Carol Campion C’72
    Michael J. Caruso M.D. C’72, M’76
    Mr. Joseph D. Chachulski I’72
    Mr. James F. Chadbourne C’72
    Mr. Timothy J. Charles C’72
    Mr. Roger Jonathan Cohen I’72, MS’82
    Mr. Robert John Conrad Jr. C’72, L’75
    Mr. William C. Dale F’72
    Mr. Robert Greig Crichton F’72
    Mr. Robert J. Daniels C’72
    Mr. Mark Stephen Daniels B’72
    Mrs. Sharon O’Connor Davies NHS’72
    Mr. Kim C. Davis I’72, MS’74
    Mr. Francisco D. de la Torre C’72
    Mr. Randall J. Dicks I’72
    Mr. Michael John Dirende C’72
    Mr. Charles B. Dodson F’72
    Mr. John T. Dolan C’72, L’79
    Miss Patricia Ann Douglas NHS’72
    Mr. James Michael Doyle C’72
    Mr. James John Duryea Jr. C’72
    Mr. John Gerard Dzurik F72, L’75
    Mr. Felipe F. Echavarria B’72
    Mr. Matt Ellis F’72
    Mr. John W. Farley F’72
    Mr. William Brooke Farley B’72
    John P. Feerick M.D. C’72, M’78, R’82
    Mr. Raymond M. Fessel C’72
    Mr. Harry M. Fisher F’72
    Ms. Mary C. Fitzgerald F’72, MS’80, MA’86
    Mr. Charles French C’72
    Mr. John Bubnis Fullerton F’72
    Mr. William D. Gage C’72
    Mr. Richard J. Gardner C’72
    Mr. Gary Bruce Gaynor F’72
    Mr. James Mark Geisler B’72
    Mr. Jawad Fred George F’72, MSFS’73
    Mrs. Marianne R. Gioia I’72
    Sheldon E. Goldberg M.D. C’72, M’77
    Mr. Albert M. Goodman C’72
    Mr. Timothy Robert Graham F’72
    Mr. J. Christopher Grannis C’72
    Mr. Geoffrey E. Gross B’72
    Mr. Paul D. Hadlock C’72
    Mr. Douglas V. Handal C’72
    Mr. Francis J. Hanssens Jr. F’72
    Mr. William Hantman C’72
    Mr. Frank Jay Hanus III F’72
    Mr. William F. Hartman C’72
    Mr. Tomas V. Healey C’72
    Juliet Hedge NHS’72
    Richard Paul Heller C’72
    Ms. Patricia E. Hoerner I’72
    Mr. William H. Howard Jr. C’72
    Mr. John Mark Jansen J.D. F’72, L’78
    Mrs. Andree Ross Kiely NHS’72
    Mr. Brian Edward Kline F’72
    Mr. Ronald J. Klucik B’72
    Mr. George Berwyn Knight F’72
    Mr. Gregory Paul Kuzma B’72
    Mr. C. Robert Lange B’72
    Mr. Michael Laughna C’72
    Mr. Robert Edward Lauter C’72
    Mr. Francis M. Lavelle C’72
    Mr. John R. Lewin F’72
    Mrs. Frances T. Lillis I’72
    Ms. Janet Ann Mackin B’72
    Yvonne Bohatch Maher M.D. C’72, M’76, R’79
    Mr. Stephen J. Maillet F’72
    Mr. Patrick S. Maloney C’72
    Mr. Anthony D. Mancinelli B’72
    Mr. Michael J. Manion I’72
    Mr. John A. Mastriani C’72
    Ms. Paula Maurice I’72
    Ellen C. McCormick M.D. NHS’72, M’78
    Mr. Michael T. McDermott C’72
    Mr. John F. McDonald C’72
    Mr. Michael P. McDonough F’72
    Mr. Edward Joseph McKeon F’72
    Mr. Stephen R. McNeil I’72
    Mr. John Patrick McShane Jr. C’72
    Mr. Timothy P. McTighe C’72
    Mr. Marcel Andrew Mersch C’72
    Mrs. Suzann Long Michael F’72
    Mr. Jay Ellery Michaud C’72
    Miss Marguerite M. Mitchell NHS’72
    Mr. Thomas F. Monico B’72
    LTC Philip G. Moriarty F’72
    Mr. James Crawford Murray C’72
    Mr. Albert Crandon Nolan Jr. B’72
    Dominic J. Nompleggi M.D., Ph.D. C’72, MS’74, PHD’77, M’82
    Mr. Paul G. Ochs C’72
    Mr. Gregory Gerard Parker F’72
    Mr. James S. Payne C’72
    Mr. Richard M. Pettinger C’72
    Mr. Christopher D. Pollan B’72
    Mr. Daniel J. Popeo C’72, L’75
    Mr. Jonathan E. Price F’72
    Mr. Brian Andrew Reardon C’72
    Mr. John J. Reddington F’72
    Mr. John Porter Rhines C’72
    Mr. Charles J. Riggott B’72
    Mr. George D. Roberts F’72
    Mr. John Stevens Robling Jr. C’72
    Mr. Gaston E. Rodriguez C’72
    Mr. Ernest J. Ross Jr. C’72
    Mr. Michael Rogers Rubin C’72, L’76
    George Gerard Ryan Jr., D.D.S. C’72
    Mr. Leonard S. Sawicki F’72
    Mr. Douglas A. Shachnow I’72
    Mr. Robert F. Simmons Jr. F’72
    Miss Linda S. Sinila C’72
    Mr. Stephen J. Sirianni C’72
    Mr. Edward F. Spellman C’72
    Mr. William Lee Sturtz B’72
    Ms. Cecilia Marie Valente I’72
    Mr. Warren J. Van der Waag B’72
    Mr. James Charles Vogt F’72
    John J. Wall Jr. B’72
    Mr. Peter Leonard Wanger F’72
    Mr. Richard Alan Weaver I’72
    Mr. William F. Webber C’72
    Mrs. Tara Ann Weinstock I’72
    Verlin Ralph White Jr. C’72
    Mr. Jerome D. Wichlac F’72
    Mr. Richard Den Wickerham F’72
    Mr. John F. Yonke B’72

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Mr. Jose E. Alegria B’72
    Mr. Peter B. Alois F’72
    Mr. John Gregory Behuncik I’72
    Mrs. Jennifer A. Bienestock C’72
    Mr. Vincent A. Bogdanski C’72
    Mr. Harry L. Brown I’72
    Mr. Richard Ellis Burnham C’72
    Mrs. Ann Ruckle Burnham C’72
    Mr. Michael S. Callahan B’72
    Mr. Ralph F. Camilli F’72
    Miss Lydia E. Camozzo I’72
    Mr. John Andrew Carrozza B’72
    Mr. William R. Caruso C’72
    Mr. Luis R. Cerna B’72, MA’76
    Mr. Merrill Wesley Clark F’72
    Mr. P. Kevin Connelly F’72
    Mr. Lawrence J. Crevey F’72
    Mr. John Hanten Dean C’72
    Mr. Thomas Russell Dilk C’72
    Mr. Joseph J. Dwyer II C’72
    Mr. Mark M. Fitzpatrick B’72
    Mr. Joseph L. Haertel C’72
    Mr. Don Hendrickson C’72
    Mr. George D. Henriquez I’72
    Mr. Robert W. Higgins C’72
    Mr. Roberto F. Holguin C’72
    Mr. Paul Joseph Howard B’72
    Mr. James M. John F’72
    Mrs. Lynne Ellen Johnson I’72
    Ms. Shannon Keenan F’72
    Mrs. Kathleen E. Key NHS’72
    Mr. Mark T. Kipfer F’72
    Mr. Joseph R. Kurry Jr. B’72
    Sister Marthe Laiberte I’72
    Mrs. Gustava E. Leland C’72
    Ms. Margarita Luelsdarff I’72
    Mr. Kevin James Maloney C’72
    Mr. John Raymond Maruskin C’72
    Mr. Andrew G. Mitchell C’72
    Mr. Carmelo J. Montalbano C’72
    Mr. Thomas D. Moritz F’72
    Ms. Madeline Tedesco Nishite B’72
    Mr. Richard Panttaja O’Connor B’72
    Mr. Terence O’Halloran F’72
    Mr. Young Il Park B’72
    Mr. Christopher M. Petrich C’72
    Mr. Thomas L. Philipp C’72
    Mr. Kenneth J. Pitterle F’72
    Mr. Louis J. Raspuzzi Jr. C’72
    Mrs. Margaret L. Reuland F’72
    Mr. James M. Reuland F’72
    Mr. Jose Manuel Sanchez-Castro B’72
    Mr. Richard M. Schoembs C’72
    Mr. Douglas A. Shachnow I’72
    Mrs. Michelle Smith I’72
    Alan Lee Smuckler M.D. C’72, MS’73, M’77
    Mr. Thomas P. Spollen C’72
    Mr. J. Sterling Stover Jr. F’72
    Mr. Frank A. Viteritto Jr. B’72
    Mr. Kevin J. Walsh C’72, L’77, L’78
    Mr. John Shea Ward C’72
    Mr. John Bernard Welch III C’72
    Ms. Beatrice E. Westfall C’72

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