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It’s been so long since last we met, so make sure to check in here with your classmates and friends! Learn what fellow alumni are doing in their personal and professional lives, view upcoming events and keep up with reunion plans as they begin.

There are no upcoming events for this class.

Class Committee

  • Committee Chairs

    John C. McNamara (B’69, L’73) Class Chair

    Joseph T. O’Donnell, Jr. (C’69) Fundraising Chair

    Joseph D. Lonardo (C’69) Events Chair

    Maureen A. Pflum, Ph.D. (I’69) Communications Chair

  • Committee Members

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  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Mr. Robert Alesi C’69

    Mr. Robert Andary C’69

    Mr. John Awerdick F’69

    Mr. Robert Ayers B’69

    Mrs. Carol Barbee I’69

    Father Gregory Beheydt I’69

    Mr. John Betts C’69

    Mr. Donald J. Beuttenmuller Jr. F’69

    Mr. Kenneth Bock C’69

    Ms. Jean Brantmayer B’69

    Mr. Robert Brousseau F’69

    Mr. Francis Bruno F’69

    Mr. Christopher Buckley I’69

    Mr. Ronald Cardinale F’69

    Mr. Bruce Carter F’69

    Ms. Anne Casey F’69

    Mr. Daniel Cavan C’69, L’72

    Mrs. Joan Chiaramonte-Gruccio I’69

    Mr. Mark Collins C’69

    Mr. Bernard Coogan B’69

    Mr. Robert Coppotelli B’69

    Mr. John Coyle B’69

    Mr. Derek Craig F’69

    Colonel Regina Curtis I’69

    Mr. Thomas Curtis C’69

    Mr. Paul Demskie B’69

    Mr. Peter Donnelly F’69

    Mr. Wilbur Dooley C’69, L’75

    Mr. James Draude C’69

    Mr. Robert Embree I’69

    Ms. Christine English N’69

    Dr. Peter Erskine C’69

    Mr. John Farrell B’69

    Mrs. Eugenia Farrell F’69

    Mr. Richard Fitzgerald C’69

    Mr. James Fitzgerald C’69

    Mr. Robert Fizer F’69

    Mr. Nicholas Forstmann B’69

    Mr. Terence Fortune C’69, L’74

    Mr. George Gabb B’69

    Mr. Richard Gaunt F’69

    Mr. Dane Goodfellow C’69

    Mr. Robert Greenfield B’69

    Mr. Eldon Hale C’69

    Mr. Thomas Herter C’69

    Mr. George Hescock C’69

    Dr. Stephen Hickey C’69

    Mrs. Karen Higgins N’69

    Mr. Michael Hogye C’69

    Ms. Irene Honey N’69

    Dr. Austin Hughes C’69

    Mr. Robert Imperial B’69

    Mr. David Jewell C’69, L’74

    Mr. Randolph Jones C’69

    Ms. Margaret Kehoe F’69

    Mr. Joseph Kelly C’69

    Ms. Janet Kelly F’69

    Mr. Robert Kerney C’69

    Mr. Terrence Kidd C’69

    Mr. John Kraft F’69, MSFS’73

    Mr. Robert Kramer F’69

    Mr. William Kuhn C’69

    Mr. Lawrence La Pare C’69

    Dr. Gary Langevoort I’69

    Mr. Joseph Lawson C’69

    Mr. Ramon Marble I’69

    Ms. Gail Marble I’69

    Ms. Theresa Marqua C’69

    Mr. James Marron B’69

    Mr. Paul Massey C’69

    Mr. Daniel Maziarz C’69

    Mr. David McBride C’69

    Mr. Thomas McErlean C’69, L’72

    Mr. Steven Meyers B’69

    Mr. Thomas Moore C’69

    Mr. Samuel Moore I’69

    Mr. James Moran B’69

    Mr. Thomas Mulvey C’69

    Mr. Richard Murphy C’69

    Mr. William Murphy C’69

    Mr. Peter Murrett C’69

    Mr. Robert Nichols F’69

    Dr. Walter Nowak C’69, M’73

    Mr. Vincent O’Donnell C’69

    Mr. William O’Keefe F’69

    Mr. Jeffrey Orseck F’69

    Mr. Richard Overgaard C’69

    Mr. P. John Owen C’69

    Dr. Donald Panzera F’69

    Mr. Eugene Payne C’69

    Mr. Dennis Potts I’69

    Dr. Mark Quigley C’69, M’73

    Rev. J. Gregory Quinn C’69

    Mr. John Reale C’69

    Mr. Martin Reddan C’69

    Mr. Russell Redgate C’69

    Mr. Thomas Renehan B’69

    Mr. Patrick Reymann F’69

    Mr. Christian Rice C’69

    Mr. William Robinson C’69, MA’76

    CDR Richard Rudy C’69, M’74

    Mr. David Rupert C’69

    Mr. Baxter Russell C’69

    Mr. Joseph Santore F’69

    Mr. Joseph Saunders C’69

    Mr. James E. Scott F’69

    Mr. Thomas Shumaker C’69

    Mr. Joseph Skaggs B’69

    Dr. Harold Snider F’69

    Mr. Stanley Soha F’69

    Mrs. Carolin St. John N’69

    Mr. Thomas Stabile C’69

    Ms. Catherine Tackney F’69

    Ms. Claire Taplett F’69

    Mr. Brian Taugher F’69

    Mr. Stephen Thomas B’69

    Mr. William Thomas F’69

    Mr. James Thompson F’69

    Dr. James Tigani C’69

    Mr. Charles Van Zuylen B’69

    Mr. Giampaolo Vicinelli C’69

    Mr. Herbert Viertl C’69

    Mrs. Virginia Vito F’69

    Miss Patricia Walsh N’69

    Mr. James Wasilko B’69

    Mr. Robert Weber C’69

    Mr. Bernard White B’69

    Mr. Wayne White C’69

    Mr. Morgan Whittaker C’69, L’73

    Mr. William Wick F’69

    Mr. Peter Wiley C’69

    Mr. David Willemain C’69

    Mr. Richard Williams B’69

    Dr. Bruce Wilson C’69

    Mr. Mark Woorman B’69

    Mr. Robert Wootton C’69

    Mr. Phillip Wronka C’69

    COL Robert Yablonski F’69

    Mr. Gary Yanker C’69

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Mr. John F. Allmann Jr. C’69

    Ms. Tesalia Baltodano B’69

    Mr. Michael Berry C’69

    Mr. Fernando Betances B’69

    Mr. Gordon W. Bigger C’69

    Mr. Michael J. Butler F’69

    Mr. Francis F. Charron Jr. C’69

    Mr. William Joseph Christie C’69

    Mr. John R. Corcoran B’69

    Mr. Frank A. Corsini C’69

    Mrs. Georgia A. Costa I’69

    Mr. Michael Curley I’69

    Miss Kathleen M. De Brosse N’69

    Mrs. Patricia J. Edgerton N’69

    Miss Mary L. Evans I’69

    Mr. B. J. Farrington F’69

    Mr. Stephan A. Frank C’69

    Ms. Virginia Weinstein Frantz F’69

    Mrs. Cathlyn Porter Friedrich I’69

    Mr. Claude R. Gregoire C’69

    Mr. Stephen M. Gudac C’69, L’75

    Ms. Jane Hodson Guille C’69

    Mr. Robert P. Gullett B’69

    Mr. Glenn R. Gustafson F’69

    Mrs. Mary Hagigeorgiou I’69

    Mrs. Richard B. Hall I’69

    Mr. John Francis Regis Hanna C’69

    Mr. Carsten Ole Hansen F’69

    Mr. Joseph T. Heise C’69

    Mr. Roberto Horvilleur B’69

    Miss Marian N. Houk I’69

    Mr. Henry S. Kopp F’69

    Mr. Theodore J. Lambert F’69

    Louise Aguilar Leone I’69

    Mr. Timothy L. Mello C’69

    Ms. Anita Merzel-Todd I’69

    Anthony E. Minervino II, M.D. C’69

    Mr. John P. Napolitano C’69

    Mr. Robert J. Neville C’69

    Mr. Carl H. Niendorff F’69

    Mr. John P. O’Brien C’69

    Mrs. Martine B. O’Hara I’69

    Mr. Jerome Palms Jr. F’69

    Mr. Robert S. Phipps F’69

    Ms. Louise L. Picon I’69

    Mr. Astacio D. Polanco F’69

    William M. Porter C’69

    Mr. John M. Regan I’69

    Mr. Charles E. Schaab C’69

    Mr. Emile L. Sicre B’69

    Mr. Paul D. Stringer C’69

    Mr. Theodore H. Sutton C’69

    Mr. Brian M. Swain C’69

    Mr. Christopher M. Swift C’69

    Mr. William N. Taylor Jr. C’69

    Mr. Norman L. Tremblay F’69

    Ms. Karen Woldum C’69

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