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It’s been so long since last we met, so make sure to check in here with your classmates and friends! Learn what fellow alumni are doing in their personal and professional lives, view upcoming events and keep up with reunion plans as they begin.

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  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Mr. Robert Adikes C’61
    Mr. Edward Ahern C’61
    Mr. Edmund Albert F’61
    Mr. Robert Alexander C’61
    Mr. Mohammed Al-Shohaty F’61
    Mr. Anthony Altieri C’61
    Mr. George Amthor B’61
    Mrs. Ursula Andreas F’61
    Mr. John Armentano C’61
    Mr. F. Pierre Arnold F’61
    Mr. George Aste F’61
    Miss Ellen Atkinson I’61
    Mr. Charles Atwell B’61
    Mr. Kinjiro Ayukawa C’61
    Mr. Joseph Baldez C’61
    Mr. Thurston Balfour F’61
    Mr. James Bannon B’61
    Mr. Samuel Bartholomew F’61, MSFS’63
    Mr. William Beane F’61, MA’79
    Mr. Ernest Belfi C’61
    Mr. Kelly Berger I’61
    Mr. Alfred Bianco C’61
    Mr. Fredric Bingham C’61
    Mr. Thomas Boggs C’61, L’64
    Mr. David Bohman F’61
    Mrs. Theresa Boone N’61
    Mr. Edward Bourgoin F’61, MA’70
    Mr. James Boyle F’61
    Miss Jane Braucher I’61
    Mr. Francis Bray F’61
    Dr. James Broome C’61
    Ms. Ann Brosnan F’61
    Dr. Domenic Bruzzese C’61, M’65
    Mr. Harvey Buffalo C’61
    Mr. Dennis Burke C’61, L’64
    Mrs. Ella Burling I’61
    Mr. Eugene Burrows B’61
    Dr. James Cadden C’61, M’65
    Mr. Fred Callaway B’61
    Mr. Michael Carden C’61
    Mr. J. Philip Carlile F’61
    Mr. Christopher Carmody C’61
    Mr. George Carr C’61
    Dr. Roberta Casko N’61
    The Rev. Jerrold Caughlan F’61
    Mr. J. Richard Chachere C’61
    Dr. Aaron Chinn C’61, M’65
    Dr. Nicholas Cirillo C’61, M’65
    Dr. Barbara Collett N’61
    Dr. Ronald Connolly C’61, M’66
    Mr. William Conway C’61, M’66
    Lt. Col. Peter Conway F’61
    Mr. James Courtney F’61
    Mr. E. Avery Crary F’61
    Mr. James Cunningham C’61
    Mr. John D Agostino C’61
    Mr. Gaston De Bearn C’61
    Mr. Ronald De Lucien F’61
    Mr. Joseph De Matteis F’61
    Mr. James De Vol B’61
    Mr. Dennis DeMelto C’61
    Mr. Samuel Di Misa C’61
    Mr. Richard Dixon F’61
    Mr. Mark Donovan C’61
    Dr. Charles Doyle C’61
    Mr. John Dunn B’61
    Ms. Constance Duplessie I’61
    Mr. Dana Durand C’61
    Mr. Michael Duval C’61
    Mrs. Gloria Eckert I’61
    Mr. George Ell C’61
    Mr. Rodolphe Ellert-Beck F’61
    Mr. James Emery B’61
    Mr. Paul Eshleman F’61
    Dr. Frederick Eszterhazi C’61
    Mr. William Farrell C’61
    Mr. John Faust C’61
    Mr. Gerald Faverman I’61
    Mr. John Field C’61
    Mr. Thomas Fitzpatrick C’61
    Mr. Donald Flavin C’61
    The Hon. Paul Flynn C’61
    Mr. Edward Forney B’61
    Mr. Gerald Freed F’61
    Mr. William Gargaro C’61, L’64
    Mr. Harold Gattsek C’61
    Mr. Louis Gerber C’61
    Mr. F. J. Gibbons B’61
    Mr. Charles Gill F’61
    Mr. Charles Gillooly C’61
    Mr. Robert Gilmartin C’61
    Mr. Ronald Goertz B’61
    Mr. Basil Gogos C’61
    Mr. Clarence Grubic F’61
    Mr. John Hamlin F’61
    Mr. Christopher Hankinson C’61, L’65
    Mr. David Hartner C’61
    Dr. Arthur Hayes C’61
    Mr. Lucius Henderson F’61
    Mr. Nelson Henderson I’61
    Mr. Alfred Hewitt B’61
    Mrs. Maureen Hoegen N’61
    Mr. William Hoffman F’61
    Mr. Charles Hogan C’61
    Mr. Richard Hollowaty F’61
    Mr. Kendrick Hopwood B’61
    LT Richard Horowicz F’61
    Mr. John Howard F’61
    Mr. Robert Hurley C’61
    Mr. James Hurt C’61
    Mr. Carroll Ingalls F’61
    Mr. Kenneth Jacobs I’61
    Mr. John Jaeger C’61, L’64
    Mrs. Cathleen Jaeger N’61
    Mr. Stephen Jarema C’61
    Mr. Eugene Kakalec B’61
    Mr. Charles Kaleta F’61
    Capt. Randolph Kennedy B’61
    Mr. Paul Kenney C’61
    Mr. Dennis Kenny C’61
    Mr. John Kiley C’61
    Mr. James Kimsey C’61
    Mr. William Kirkpatrick C’61
    Mr. Edward Krovitz C’61
    Mr. Otto Kundert I’61
    Mr. Stephen Kushnir F’61, L’73
    Mr. John La Gorce I’61
    Mr. Robert Lang C’61
    Mr. Gerard Laurence C’61, L’64
    Mr. William Leach C’61
    Dr. Russell Leach C’61, D’64
    Mr. Joseph Lee C’61
    Mr. Donald Lenhart I’61, MS’69
    Mr. Robert Lewis F’61
    Mr. Alfredo Lopez C’61
    Mr. Thomas Lynch C’61
    Mr. Paul Lyons F’61
    Ms. Rose Mansour I’61
    Mr. Walter Marac F’61
    Mr. Robert Markee C’61
    Mr. A. Paul Marrocco C’61
    Mr. James Martin F’61
    Ms. Brenda Martinelli I’61
    Mr. Thomas Matan C’61
    Mr. William Mattle B’61
    Mr. Alan McAninch I’61
    Ms. Dolores McCarthy N’61
    Ms. Mary McGovern N’61
    Mr. Stephen McGrath C’61
    Mr. Bernard Mcgurr B’61
    Mr. William Meehan C’61
    Dr. Leonid Mihalap I’61, MS’63
    Mr. Mario Mirabelli C’61
    Mrs. Thomas Missett N’61
    Mr. Coleman Mobley F’61, MSFS’63
    Mr. Joseph Molinari C’61
    Mr. Ballard Moore I’61
    Mr. William Morgan C’61
    Mr. Robert Mott C’61
    The Hon. Thomas Muldoon C’61
    Mrs. Katherine Neville F’61
    Mr. George Newman C’61
    Prof. Fred Nichols C’61
    Mr. Earll Nikkel C’61
    Mr. Glenn Northup F’61
    Ms. Eileen Oberman F’61
    Mr. Gerald O’Brien C’61
    Dr. Hugh O’Brien C’61, M’65
    Mr. John O’Connell C’61
    Mr. Robert O’Connor C’61
    Mr. Harold Olsen C’61
    Mr. Patrick O’Malley C’61
    Mr. Norris O’Neill C’61
    Dr. Mark O’Neill C’61, M’65
    Mr. Homer Page F’61
    Col. John Payne F’61
    Mr. Thomas Peter C’61
    Mr. William Pfeiffer B’61
    Mr. Salvatore Pinzino F’61
    Dr. Juan Piza C’61, D’65
    Mr. Peter Platt B’61
    Mr. William Prest C’61
    Mr. Theodore Prochazka I’61, MS’68
    Mr. Robert Prokop F’61
    Commander S. Paul Ragan F’61
    Mr. Leonard Ralston C’61, L’64
    Judge Ray Ramon F’61
    Mr. Ivan Ramos F’61
    Mr. William Rashid C’61
    Mr. David Raycroft C’61
    Mr. Joseph Raymond C’61, L’64
    Mr. Richard Razzetti B’61
    Mr. Dennis Reilly C’61
    Captain Robert Reilly C’61
    Dr. Robert Remuzzi C’61, M’66, W’70
    Dr. Veronica Richel I’61
    The Hon. Gerard Ring F’61
    Mr. Robert Risso C’61
    Mr. Peter Robinson F’61
    Mr. James Roenitz C’61
    Mr. James Rogan B’61
    Mrs. Regina Rooney N’61
    Mr. Charles Ross C’61
    Mr. Josef Saidman B’61
    Mrs. Margaret Salinger N’61
    Mr. Julio Sanjurjo C’61
    Mr. F. Henry Savage C’61
    Mr. Steven Savage F’61
    Mr. Joseph Schlagenhaft C’61
    Mrs. Ann Schmidtlein F’61
    Mr. Joseph Scoma C’61
    Ms. Stacy Sherwood B’61
    Mr. Joseph Shields B’61
    Mr. Robert Simpson C’61
    Mr. P. W. Slattery F’61
    Mr. Paul Snawder C’61
    Mr. Peter Soule F’61
    Mr. Robert Spain C’61
    Mr. George Stafford B’61
    Mr. Albert Stamp I’61
    Mr. Stephen Stepnes B’61
    Mr. James Stewart F’61
    Mr. Francis Sullivan B’61
    Mr. John Sullivan C’61
    Mr. James Sullivan C’61
    Mr. John Sulzman C’61
    Mr. Jack Swift C’61
    Mr. Stephen Sztanko C’61
    Mr. William Taft F’61
    Mr. Richard Tauss C’61
    Ms. Constance Tolkan I’61
    Mr. Stephen Tormey C’61
    Mr. Garrett Towell C’61
    Mr. James Tunny F’61
    Mr. Daniel Ulbrich C’61
    Dr. Thomas Vanderloo C’61, M’65
    Dr. J. Ted Vidmar C’61
    Mr. Leo Vincent B’61
    Mr. Alex Wade F’61
    Mr. James Wagner C’61
    Mr. Richard Walsh C’61
    Mr. John Warman C’61, H’86
    Mr. Arthur Weinfield F’61
    Mr. William Wentworth C’61
    Mrs. Cornelia West N’61
    Mr. Harry White F’61
    Ms. Sarah Williams F’61
    Mr. Robert Williams F’61
    Mr. Paul Williamson C’61
    Dr. James Wood C’61
    Mrs. Laura Wyman I’61
    Mr. Graeme Wynne F’61
    Mr. Arthur Yahn C’61
    Ms. Rosalind Yee F’61
    Mr. Eugene Young B’61

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Mr. Luis J. Aldave I’61
    Mr. Alberto Alfonso I’61
    Mr. Generoso N. Alzamora I’61
    Mr. Thomas Lane Anderson C’61, L’64
    Mr. Patrick R. Arnold C’61
    Mr. Carl Barone C’61
    Mr. David K. Barrett F’61
    Mrs. Stanley H. Barriger F’61
    Mr. Rafik Belhajali B’61
    Ms. Lynn D. Bender F’61
    Mr. John B. Bennett III F’61
    Mr. Mohamed B. Benothman F’61
    Mr. Edmund H. Bingham III B’61
    Miss Gloria Blanco I’61
    Mr. Carl H. Boehringer F’61
    Miss Maria T. Bonilla I’61
    Miss Ann Bonner F’61
    Mr. Michael G. Bourke C’61
    Mr. John L. Breckenridge F’61
    Mr. Edward J. Brice I’61
    Mr. Donald J. Briceno C’61
    Mr. Paul C. Bromberg C’61
    Ms. Christina Brown F’61
    Mr. William F. Burns I’61
    Mr. Joseph F. Butler B’61
    Miss Yvonne Marie Capobianco C’61
    Mr. Charles P. Carlson I’61
    Mr. Albert L. Carricarte C’61
    Mr. Julio Castro I’61
    Mr. John L. Cavanagh C’61
    Mr. Guy D. Chichester F’61
    Mr. John M. Cholakis F’61
    Mr. Soon H. Chough F’61
    Mr. Robert J. Clements F’61
    Mrs. Robert S. Coe F’61
    Mr. Bernard G. Collins C’61
    Ms. Patricia A. Conaway B’61
    Ms. Corinne Conde I’61
    Mr. Robert O. Conger F’61, MSFS’63
    Hugh J. Connolly M.D. C’61, M’65
    Mr. Charles R. Connolly Jr. B’61
    Mr. Wade H. Coombs C’61
    Mr. Peter H. Cronin C’61
    Mr. Thomas E. Cusack C’61
    Brother Austin D’Alfonso B’61
    Mr. Alfred M. D Agostini C’61
    Mr. Robert L. Dante C’61
    Mr. Jose A. Datas-Panero B’61, MA’64
    Mr. C. H. Day Jr. C’61
    Mr. Francis J. Deastlov C’61
    Mr. William B. Dennen B’61
    Mr. Ernesto G. De Paredes C’61
    Mr. Giuseppe A. Di Blasi F’61
    Mr. Joe A. Di Pomazio F’61
    Mr. Shamis C. Donoghue C’61
    Mr. Thomas R. Dougherty C’61
    Mr. John E. Doyle Jr. F’61
    Mr. William A. Doyle Jr. C’61
    Mr. David P. Drennan C’61
    Mr. James D. Eckland C’61
    Mr. Ned D. Engeman C’61
    Mr. Fazle R. Farid F’61
    Mr. Joaquim B. Fernandes B’61
    Mr. Zoe Finhane I’61
    Mr. Leopoldo C. Fontenele B’61
    Mr. Mike B. Frain C’61
    Mrs. Susan L. Gasster I’61
    Mr. Ulf H. G. Goebel F’61, MSFS’64
    Mr. Onor Gokce F’61
    Mr. Guillermo Gonzalez C’61
    Mr. Ernest L. Graubner F’61
    Eugene P. Haddock M.D. C’61, M’66
    Mr. Edward Michael Hamilton C’61
    Mr. Gerald P. Harding C’61
    Mr. John W. Heffernan C’61
    Mr. Kevin M. Hennessey B’61
    Mr. Max R. Heurtematte C’61
    Thomas J. Hickey Jr. C’61, MA’70, PHD’75
    Mr. Robert Hill F’61
    Mr. Alan C. Hobbs F’61
    Miss Rita H. Holmes F’61
    Mr. Thomas T. Houston B’61
    Mrs. M. Pierce Huffman I’61
    Mr. John Hutko F’61
    Mr. David A. Ingrassia C’61
    Mr. Abraham L. James C’61
    Mr. William J. Kelly Jr. F’61
    Mr. Timothy J. Kelly C’61
    Mr. William J. Kentnich III C’61
    Mr. Habib Khouadja F’61
    Mrs. Barbara G. Killian I’61
    Mr. David E. Kilroy C’61
    Mr. Henry M. Knight S. J. C’61
    Mr. Melvin E. Kokosaka F’61
    Mrs. Lutz Kruger I’61
    Mr. Stanley W. Kylis I’61
    Mrs. Eiko T. Lambert I’61
    Mrs. Helen H. Lanagan I’61, MS’63
    Mr. D. Thomas LeBlanc C’61
    John A. Legett M.D., USAF C’61
    Mr. Joachim W. Lehman F’61
    Mr. Francisco J. Marcano B’61
    Mr. Antonio Martorell F’61
    Ms. Mary A. McInery B’61
    Mr. John B. Mclaughlin F’61
    Mr. P. X. McMenaman F’61
    Mr. John M. Meagher C’61
    Mr. Philip R. Mehler I’61
    Mr. Louis Midence III C’61
    Miss Marguerite G. Miller F’61
    Mr. Oscar Molinari-Herrara C’61
    Miss Evelyn Monsonego I’61
    Mr. Rachid M. Msadek F’61
    Mr. Thomas E. Mulcahy C’61
    Mr. Marshall W. Murphy F’61
    Mrs. T. C. Nelson I’61
    Mr. Miguel A. Nistal Jr. F’61
    Mr. Augusto Noiran I’61
    Mr. Manuel J. Odua I’61
    Mr. Carlos Orillac C’61
    Mr. R. A. Ouellette F’61
    Mr. Max M. Pachino I’61
    Mr. James G. Pacifici C’61
    Mr. Andrew G. Pappas C’61
    Mr. Michael J. Parsons C’61
    Mr. Robert E. Pearson C’61
    Mr. Joseph E. Petrillo F’61
    Miss Alice H. Pettersson F’61
    Mr. Frank J. Pignataro C’61
    Mr. Miguel J. Pla C’61
    Miss Sheila M. Platt I’61
    LT Wayne D. Ploger C’61
    Mr. Jacques Popiel C’61
    Ms. Marian Radetzki B’61
    Mr. Marcel J. Ramirez F’61
    Mr. John B. Redecker I’61
    Mr. Mohamed Redissi F’61
    Mr. James E. Rife I’61
    Mr. Daniel P. Riordan C’61, L’65
    Mr. Robert D. Roady F’61
    Mr. Marivs H. Roos B’61
    Mr. Victor L. Rossi C’61
    Mr. Joseph F. Ruffalo F’61
    Miss Colleen M. Russell I’61
    Mr. James C. Russo B’61
    Reverend Dennis P. Ryan C’61
    Mr. James P. Salafia C’61
    Mr. E. John Sampson Jr. B’61
    Mr. Leo Sarkisian I’61
    Miss Emma Scaffini I’61
    Mr. John R. Schaefer B’61
    Mr. Stuart Schansinger C’61
    Miss Maria I. Schonborn I’61
    Ms. Prue Donoghue Schroeder F’61
    Mr. Joseph S. Sexton C’61
    Mr. W. S. Shiflet Jr. B’61
    Mr. Morgan D. Shrader F’61
    Mr. Joseph F. Sikorski C’61
    Mr. J. F. Slicklen B’61
    Mr. Richard T. Smith C’61
    Mr. John J. Smithrick C’61
    Mr. M. M. Spellman F’61
    Mr. George M. Stafford C’61
    Mr. Joseph S. Steliga I’61
    Mr. Brian P. Sullivan C’61
    David J. Szymanski C’61
    Mr. Albert E. Taishoff F’61
    Mr. Merrille R. Thimpson F’61
    Mr. Thomas N. Todd F’61
    Mr. N. H. Tolkhan F’61
    Mr. Salvador A. Trevino I’61
    Mr. Jose R. Valdesuso I’61
    Mr. Kusol Varophas F’61
    Ms. Guillermina Vega-Comez I’61
    Mr. Lucia Velasco I’61
    Mrs. Patricia Villegas F’61
    Rev. William J. Voller Jr. F’61
    Ms. Erna Von Hassell I’61
    Mr. Robert A. Walker Jr. I’61
    Mr. Paul J. Ward Jr. C’61
    Ms. Billie J. Weaver F’61
    Mr. Gerome R. White Jr. B’61
    Miss Tura K. Wieland F’61
    Ms. Beverly B. Williams F’61
    Mr. William P. Willis C’61
    Mr. William R. Wissinger C’61

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