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It’s been so long since last we met, so make sure to check in here with your classmates and friends! Learn what fellow alumni are doing in their personal and professional lives, view upcoming events and keep up with reunion plans as they begin.

There are no upcoming events for this class.

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  • In Memoriam List

    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Mr. Trygve Aarhus F’60
    Mr. Laurence Affron F’60
    Mr. J. H. Agar F’60
    Dr. Robert Agnitsch C’60
    Mr. Yong Ahn F’60
    Ms. Dolores Aluise I’60
    Mr. Malcolm Arnold F’60
    Ms. Deborah Baker I’60
    Dr. F. Perry Banda C’60, M’64, MS’71, R’71
    Mr. Rawson Bennett I’60
    Mr. Howard Bessell F’60
    Mr. Peter Bill C’60
    Mr. John Bishop C’60
    Mr. Alberto Blanco-Carbonell F’60
    Mr. Roger Block F’60
    Mr. Albert Bonacci C’60
    Mr. John Boule C’60
    Mr. Fred Boulineau F’60
    Mr. Reginald Bourdon F’60
    Mr. Philip Bowers B’60
    Mr. Robert Bradley C’60
    Mr. James Brown C’60
    Mr. William Burke F’60
    The Hon. Luke Burns C’60
    Mr. Michael Byrnes F’60
    Mr. Robert Callagy C’60
    Mr. Gary Capurro F’60
    Mr. Robert Cardozo F’60
    Mr. Thomas Carey F’60
    Mr. James Carr C’60
    Mr. John Carroll F’60
    Mrs. Louise Carter I’60
    Rev. James Casey B’60
    Sister Ellen Castellini N’60
    Mr. Edgar Caster F’60
    Mr. Samuel Cerrato F’60
    Mr. William Champlin B’60
    Dr. Fernando Chardon C’60
    Mr. Howard Christie F’60
    Mr. Colman Clohosey C’60
    Mr. Thomas Clohosey C’60
    Mr. John Coleman C’60, M’64
    Mr. Frederick Cone C’60
    Mr. John Consolini C’60
    Mr. Marcel Coppola F’60
    Mr. Donald Courter C’60
    Mr. William Cumberland C’60
    Mr. John Cusack C’60
    Mr. Robert Daly C’60, L’65
    Mr. Richard Daly F’60
    Mr. William David C’60
    Mrs. Elizabeth Davis I’60
    Mr. Innocente De Marco B’60
    Mr. C. James De Sando C’60, M’64, W’71
    Mr. Thomas De Scisciolo C’60
    Mr. Charles Dempsey F’60
    Mr. John Devine C’60, M’65, R’71
    Mr. William Dietz F’60
    Mr. John Dillingham C’60
    Dr. Joseph DiMare C’60
    Mr. Michael Diskin C’60
    Mr. Theodore Distler F’60
    Mr. James Dolan C’60, L’63
    Mr. Arnold Donahue C’60
    Mr. George Donnelly F’60
    Mr. John Donnelly B’60
    Mr. L. Terence Donovan C’60
    Dr. Roger Doyle C’60
    Mr. Clifford Duerfeldt F’60
    Mrs. Diane Duffy N’60
    Mr. Hugh Dwelley F’60
    Mr. Don Edison F’60
    Mr. Frederick Ehrsam F’60
    Miss Eleanor Festa F’60
    Mr. Stanley Fiore C’60
    Dr. Charles Fleener F’60
    Mr. Henry Forbes C’60
    Ms. Nancy Fox F’60
    Mr. Robert Fox I’60, MS’62
    Mr. Earl Franck I’60
    Mr. Michael Freydl C’60
    Mr. Nicholas Galanis I’60
    Mr. Ralph Gambaro B’60
    Mrs. Elsa Gannon I’60
    Dr. George Gates F’60
    Ms. Neva Goldammer N’60
    Mr. Randall Graham F’60
    Mr. George Grau C’60
    Mr. William Griffey C’60
    Mr. Edward Guettler C’60
    Mr. Orhan C. Guler I’60
    Mr. Gerald Haddaway F’60
    Mr. Brian Hamilton F’60
    Mr. Scott Hand F’60
    Mr. James Hauser C’60
    Mr. Harry Hauser F’60
    Mrs. Barbara Hayes N’60
    Mrs. Judith Hayes N’60
    Dr. James Heffern C’60, M’64
    Mr. Richard Heimbuch C’60
    Mr. Michael Heisley F’60
    Mr. William Heller C’60
    Mr. Bernard Hennessey B’60
    Ms. Lucy Hight F’60
    Mr. Lawrence Hinkle B’60
    Mr. Ralph Hisle F’60
    Mr. Clifford Hole C’60
    Dr. Michael Horan F’60, PHD’66
    Mr. David Horn F’60
    Mr. William Hoyer F’60
    Most Rev. Francis Hurley I’60
    Mr. L. R. Ingle C’60
    Mr. Lorenz Iversen C’60
    Mr. Robert Jacques C’60, L’63
    Mr. Michael Johnson C’60
    Mr. Charles Joyce F’60
    Mr. Edward Kaplan I’60
    Mr. Stephen Karikas C’60
    Mr. James Keane C’60
    Mr. Michael Keating C’60
    Mr. John Keenan C’60
    Mr. Leonard Keilp C’60, L’66
    Mr. Daniel Kelliher C’60
    Mr. James Kelly C’60
    Mr. Leonard Kemenyas B’60
    Mr. Jin-heung Kim F’60
    Mrs. William Kirsch N’60
    Mr. James Knoble F’60
    Mr. John Kraemer C’60
    Mr. Ernest Krafft F’60
    Mr. Richard Kullen C’60
    Mr. Michael La Placa C’60
    Dr. James LaFollette I’60
    Mr. Louis Lamanna F’60
    Mr. Michael Langie C’60
    Mrs. Janice Lenti N’60
    Mr. Enrico Leuterio F’60
    Mr. Leslie Lewis F’60
    Mr. Joseph Link C’60
    Mr. Peter Little C’60
    Mr. Dennis Little C’60, MA’64
    Mr. William Loichot C’60
    Mrs. Linda Lonergan N’60
    Mr. Douglas Lonon C’60
    Mr. John Lorden F’60
    Mr. Daniel MacKenzie F’60
    Lt. Col. Charles Magness F’60
    Ms. Haydee Magro I’60
    Dr. Juergen Manchot C’60
    Mr. Thomas Martin C’60
    Mr. Joseph Mathias C’60
    Mr. Daniel McBride C’60
    Mr. Owen McBrien F’60
    Mr. Richard McCann C’60, L’63
    Mr. Robert McCormick C’60
    Mr. William McDevitt C’60
    Mr. James McFadden C’60
    Mr. Richard McHugh C’60
    Mr. John McInerney B’60
    Dr. James McShane C’60
    Dr. John McTague C’60
    Mr. Karl Meister C’60
    Mr. Henry Mergner F’60
    Mr. James Michel C’60
    Mr. Joseph Miranda F’60
    Mr. Thomas Missett C’60
    Mrs. Miriam Mitchell C’60
    Mr. Peter Monaghan C’60
    Mr. Washington Monge F’60, MA’67
    Mr. Edward Moon I’60
    Mr. Frank Moran B’60
    Mr. James Morgan F’60
    Mr. John Morrison B’60
    Mrs. Norine Mountcastle N’60
    Mr. Donald Mowe F’60
    Mr. Anthony Mulvihill C’60
    Miss Marina Muricy I’60
    Mr. Brian Murphy C’60
    Mr. Timothy Murphy C’60, MA’70
    Mr. Shirley Murphy F’60
    Mrs. Angela Murphy N’60
    Mr. David Nackashi C’60
    Mr. Raymond Nadonley F’60
    Mr. Michael Nastick B’60
    Mr. John Nealon F’60
    Mr. Enrique Neret I’60
    Mr. Paul O’Brien F’60
    Mr. Chris O’Connell C’60
    Mr. Richard O’Hearn B’60
    Mr. Max Ollendorff F’60
    Mr. John O’Meara C’60
    Mr. Mathias Oppersdorff F’60
    Miss Maureen O’Toole I’60
    Mr. Roy Parker F’60
    Dr. William Pearson C’60, M’64
    Mr. Robert Perlitz F’60
    Mr. Alan Peters C’60
    Mr. Neil Peterson C’60, L’63
    Mrs. Dolores Poldervaart N’60
    Miss Marie Price F’60
    Mr. Robert Pruner C’60
    Mr. Gerard Quinlan C’60
    Mr. Richard Rael C’60
    Mr. George Rankey F’60
    Ms. Frances Rauch N’60
    Mr. Earl Rebstock F’60
    Mr. Charles Reed B’60
    Mr. Richard Reinke I’60
    Mr. Michael Richardson C’60
    Mr. John Roche C’60
    Mr. Julio Rodriguez B’60
    Mr. Julian Rodriguez C’60
    Dr. Pedro Rosado-Pacheco C’60, M’64
    Mr. Alfred Ross C’60
    Mr. Vincent Ross F’60
    Mr. Paul Rowen F’60
    Dr. David Roxe C’60, M’64, W’72
    Mr. Charles Ryan C’60
    Dr. Luis Sanchez-Raffucci C’60
    Mr. Richard Schalk C’60
    Mr. Gerald Schlick C’60
    Mr. Peter Schmeling C’60
    Miss Mary Schroder I’60
    Mrs. Katherine Schulte N’60
    Mr. Jerald Schultheis F’60
    Mr. Bruce Sever F’60
    Ms. Chista Shashaani I’60
    Mr. William Sheahan C’60
    Ms. Carol Sheehan N’60
    Mr. Dennis Sherwin F’60
    Mr. Raymond Shourds F’60
    Miss Virginia Shuler I’60
    Mr. Jerome Sidel F’60
    Mr. Hal Simmons F’60
    Mr. Neal Skowbo C’60
    Mrs. Mary Ann Sliwinski N’60
    Mr. Walter Smith C’60
    Mr. Robert Snoddy C’60, L’66
    Mr. Herbert Sperling C’60
    Mr. Lawrence Stach F’60
    Dr. James Stark C’60, M’64
    Mr. John Steinmetz F’60
    Mr. Chapman Stockford F’60
    Mr. John Stockman F’60
    Mr. Robert Stucker F’60
    Mr. P. L. Stutts F’60
    Mr. Joseph Suffredini C’60
    Mr. Kevin Sullivan C’60
    Mr. Charles Sullivan F’60
    Miss Margaret Sweeney F’60
    Mrs. Constance Swenson F’60
    Mr. Charles Swisher C’60
    Mr. William Symmes C’60
    Mr. David Taborn F’60
    Mr. Carl Tang C’60
    Mrs. Helen Tilley N’60
    Mr. Maurice Tobin C’60
    Mr. James Townsend F’60
    Mr. James Uelmen C’60
    Mr. John Ullrich C’60
    Mrs. Sheila Veatch F’60
    Mr. Wilson Velloso I’60
    Mr. William Vinson C’60
    The Hon. Joachim Volhard F’60, L’63
    Mr. William Walsh C’60
    Mr. Kevin Walsh C’60
    Mr. Henry Walters F’60
    Mr. Kurt Weiser I’60, MS’65
    Mr. James Welch I’60
    Mr. Roland Willette F’60
    Dr. George Williams C’60, M’64
    Prof. Richard Williams F’60
    Captain Robert Wood F’60
    Mrs. Graeme Wynne F’60
    Mr. Louis Zeleznock I’60
    Mr. George Zurlo C’60

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Ms. Clair M. Abrams I’60
    Mr. Fred H. Adams F’60
    Ms. Angel A. Agregado F’60
    Mr. Michael J. Allman C’60
    Mr. Nuri Altinseven I’60, MS’65
    Mr. Ricardo Anaya F’60
    Ms. Mary E. Anderson I’60
    Mr. Constantino J. Arana I’60
    Ms. Joaoluiz Araujo I’60
    Mr. Yehel I. Arnowicz F’60
    Mr. Eudaldo Baez Jr. F’60
    Mr. James A. Bailey Jr. F’60
    Ms. Nelle Mark Baldwin I’60
    Mr. Eduardo C. Baragano F’60
    Mr. Richard F. Barquist I’60
    Mr. Gerald David Barrett F’60
    Mr. George F. Baumann F’60
    Mrs. Kathlyn C. Baxter F’60
    Mr. Antonio J. Bechara C’60
    Mr. Steve Beck C’60
    Mr. George R. Bennett I’60
    Mr. Arturo Aponte Berrios C’60
    Mr. Richard K. Betters F’60
    Mr. Jean I. Bietzell F’60
    Miss Beatrice R. Bindloss F’60
    Mr. William A. Binion F’60
    Mr. George A. Binney III F’60
    Mr. William J. Blake F’60
    Miss Nancy Blossom F’60
    Mr. Howard R. Boozer I’60
    Mr. Robert F. Bordeau F’60
    Mr. Jonathan Boucher I’60
    Mr. Roger C. Bowman F’60
    Mr. Stephen T. Boyle F’60
    Mr. Ali Briceno I’60
    Miss Lois C. Broadhurst I’60
    Mr. Louis F. Brodesser C’60
    Mr. Robert F. Bronzo F’60
    Mr. Edward R. Brown I’60
    Mr. Lawrence L. Buchkeit Jr. F’60
    Mr. Hanns H. Buehler I’60
    Miss Mary E. Burke F’60
    Mr. Don D. Bushnell I’60
    Mr. Robert E. Butler F’60
    Mr. Edward J. Campana F’60
    Mrs. Michael F. Canning N’60
    Mr. Wallace A. Capobianco F’60
    Miss Nubia M. Carbo I’60
    Mr. Lauro Cavazos I’60
    Mrs. Carlos Cereceda F’60
    Mr. Thurman F. Charleston I’60
    Mr. Gary Chenkin F’60
    Mr. Wonyup Choo F’60
    Mr. Hayri Cingi I’60
    Mr. Neil F. Clancy I’60, MS’67
    Mr. Robert D. Clearly F’60
    Mr. William A. Collins Jr. C’60
    Mr. Edward M. Collins Jr. C’60
    Ms. Berta Colomes I’60
    Mrs. Shamin M. Copeland I’60
    Mr. Matthew M. Cordes C’60
    Mr. Thomas F. Cox F’60
    Mr. Paul J. Crehan C’60
    Ms. Dorothy L. Crosby F’60
    Ms. Joan C. Crosby I’60
    Mr. Edward C. Dahl F’60
    Mr. J. Robert Damouchel F’60
    Mr. Richard O. Danner F’60
    Mr. David A. Davis C’60
    Ms. Elisabeth De Clermont-Tonnerre I’60
    Mr. G. Paul Des Jardins C’60
    Mr. Angel L. Diaz I’60
    Mr. Elmer Dickey F’60
    Ms. Josephine Di Costanzo I’60
    Mr. Richard W. Dobyns I’60
    Mr. John A. Donovan F’60
    Mr. Ignacio R. Duarte C’60
    Mr. William F. Duckett F’60
    Mr. John A. Duffy F’60
    Mrs. Clara H. Duncan I’60
    LT Robert M. Dunning C’60
    Mr. James R. Durfee C’60
    Mr. Carlisle W. Dusenburg F’60
    Mr. Alfred J. Elbrick C’60
    Mr. Luis M. Esparolini I’60
    Mr. John H. Esser-Freites F’60
    Mrs. Erika J. Faber F’60
    Ms. Dora Fairmont I’60
    Mr. Carl M. Farner F’60
    Miss Marianne A. Fay F’60
    Mr. Luis Fernandez-Rocha C’60
    Miss Maria D. Ferro I’60
    Mr. Thomas M. Finn I’60
    Milla Fischer I’60, PHD’66
    Miss Mary A. Fitzgerald F’60
    Miss Eliza Beth E. Flannery F’60
    Mr. Peter C. Frame F’60
    Mr. George T. Freeman C’60
    Miss Roberta A. Galante F’60
    Mrs. William Graff F’60
    Mr. Roy D. Green C’60
    Mr. John E. Guare C’60, H’91
    Mr. Arife Gumus I’60
    Mr. Vedat Gurgan I’60
    Mr. Zulkarnain Hasan F’60
    Mr. James J. Hass C’60
    Mr. Alaattin Haydaroglu I’60
    Mr. Laurans C. Hertz C’60
    Mr. Julide S. Hizlilar I’60
    Mr. Kenneth K. Hoelscher C’60
    Mr. Maurice H. Hopson I’60
    Mr. George K. Horvath F’60
    Mr. Frank G. Hurley C’60
    Mr. David F. Jackson F’60
    Mr. Joseph L. Jarvis Jr. F’60
    Mr. Frederick B. Johnson I’60
    Mr. Hulusi Kadayifcioglu I’60
    Lt. Col. Paul Kasarda Jr. F’60
    Mr. F. J. Kearful C’60
    Mr. Joseph C. Kelley F’60
    Mr. Charles Kelly C’60
    Mr. M. L. Keville C’60
    Ms. Dolly E. Kolberg F’60
    Thomas A. Kovats C’60
    Mr. Jurgen H. Krekeler C’60
    Mr. George A. Kulstad F’60
    Ms. Geraldine La Certe I’60
    Brother William J. Lamb C’60
    Mr. Panayiotis J. Lambrou C’60
    Miss Louella Lasche N’60
    Mr. John M. Le Cluse F’60
    Mr. Moon S. Lee F’60
    Mr. Rodrigo Leon-Soto I’60
    Mr. Ross H. Levine F’60
    Rev. Teodoro A. Llamzon S.J., Ph.D. I’60, PHD’68
    Mr. Jose M. Llaverias F’60
    Mr. Alberto Lleras F’60
    Mrs. Ann B. Longua N’60
    Mr. John M. Lynch C’60
    Mr. Andrew M. Macaulay C’60
    Mr. Richard J. Mahon F’60
    Mr. Lewis M. Marsten C’60
    Miss Ligia Martinez F’60
    Miss Annabelle Mcallister I’60
    Mr. Daniel McCarthy C’60
    Mr. Hugh F. McColl F’60
    Mr. Robert E. McDonald F’60
    Ms. Ann L. McDougle F’60
    Mr. James A. McGinley I’60
    Mr. James McGrath F’60
    Mr. Arturo Mejia F’60
    Mr. Robert J. Mendel C’60
    Mr. Louis M. Mendez C’60
    Mr. Edward Mike I’60
    Miss Helen Miklus I’60
    Mr. Vyong J. Min F’60
    Mr. Abduz Momin I’60
    Mr. Joseph B. Monaghan C’60
    Ms. Elizabeth H. Moore F’60
    Mr. Harold D. Morgan I’60
    Mr. Howard M. Morse F’60
    Mr. David M. Moss C’60
    Mr. Dermot K. Nee C’60
    Mr. John W. Nelson C’60
    Mr. Bertram P. Nemitz F’60
    Miss Mary S. Newcomb F’60
    Mr. Russell T. Newman I’60
    Miss Dulcie M. Nicholson I’60
    Mrs. Diana T. Nicholson I’60
    Ms. Susanne H. Nolan I’60
    Mr. John F. O’Brien F’60
    Mr. Thomas T. O’Connor C’60
    Mr. Michael J. O’Connor C’60
    Mr. Robert A. O’Leary C’60
    Mr. Gaillermo Ochoa F’60
    Mr. Pedro F. Oller F’60
    Mr. Roman Ortega F’60
    Mr. Donatella Ortona F’60
    Mr. Gerald B. Osler C’60
    Mr. Jose G. Ossorio C’60
    Mr. Mario M. Pacheco Jr. F’60
    Mr. Augustus H. Paine I’60
    Mr. Agustin Pardo I’60
    Mr. Tai C. Park C’60
    Mr. Walter M. Pedreira F’60
    Mr. William S. Peebles C’60
    Mr. Frank D. Plaia C’60
    Mr. John J. Policastro F’60
    Mr. Laszlo A. Pook C’60
    Mr. Daniel T. Porter F’60
    Mr. Henry E. Powell I’60
    Mr. Joseph R. Quinn F’60
    Mr. Richard R. Rafferty F’60
    Mr. John J. Rafferty III C’60
    Mr. Clive L. Rahamut-Ali C’60
    Mrs. Kai E. Rasmussen Jr. F’60
    Mr. George R. Reagan I’60
    Mr. Ralph G. Rector F’60
    Mr. Aristbulo Redes F’60
    Mr. Harry L. Reeves C’60
    Mr. Gaston Reyes F’60
    Mr. Frank B. Rice F’60
    Mr. Xavier E. Rosales C’60
    Mr. John K. Russell C’60
    Miss Nancy C. Russo I’60
    Ms. Joan L. Ruth F’60
    Mr. Michael J. Ryan C’60
    Mrs. Mary D. Said I’60
    F. J. Sanchez-Jauregui F’60
    Mr. Erasno J. Santiago F’60
    Mr. Spencer W. Sargent F’60
    Mr. Gunardi Sartono F’60
    Mr. John D. Scanlan I’60
    Miss Mary R. Scanlon I’60
    Mr. Edward C. Schalk C’60
    Mr. John D. Schmidtlein F’60, L’63
    Mr. George E. Schuck F’60
    Ms. Joan F. Schwetje F’60
    Mr. Andreas M. Scott-Hansen C’60
    Mr. Robert Seager III C’60
    Robert J. Seitz M.D. F’60
    Mr. Hilmi Sever I’60
    Mr. Michael K. Sheehan F’60
    Ms. Katherine A. Shull N’60
    Mr. Marlon S. Siciliano I’60
    Mr. Sergio De F. Silveira F’60
    Mr. Thomas A. Simco C’60
    Mr. Joseph A. Sistrom C’60
    Miss Jacqueline Slade I’60
    Miss Rosemary A. Sliter N’60
    Mr. James W. Smart F’60
    Mr. William Sollitt I’60
    Mr. Edwin H. Somers Jr. C’60
    Mr. Carlos F. Soto F’60
    Mr. Rodrigo L. Soto C’60
    Mr. Peter P. Spadaro C’60
    Mr. Cecil E. Spurlock F’60
    Miss Suzanne F. Stephenson I’60
    Mr. Dennis C. Striegel C’60
    Mr. Stephen W. C. Sull F’60
    Mr. Charles D. Sullivan II C’60
    Mrs. Marcia B. Sutton F’60
    Mrs. Lydia S. Taylor I’60
    Mr. Marilupe Tello I’60
    Mr. Rene G. Teran C’60
    Ms. Pamela H. Thorsen I’60
    Brother Lambert Tiernan C’60
    Mr. Selami Tiryaki I’60
    Mr. Robert L. Tolson C’60
    Patrick L. Tombeau C’60
    Mr. Francis J. Tonkin C’60
    Mr. John M. Towle F’60
    Mr. Frank G. Treutlein C’60
    Mr. Gustavo A. Trius Jr. I’60
    Mr. Guillermo O. Tucker I’60
    Mr. Mahmut Turker I’60
    Ms. Cheri L. Tyson F’60
    Mr. Ahmet Unal I’60
    Mr. Henryk M. Usnanski F’60
    Mr. James T. Vandergrift F’60
    Mr. Eduard Van Thiel F’60
    Mr. Alvaro J. Velasco F’60
    Miss Elizabeth Velasco-Kruger I’60
    Mr. Garcia A. Villarreal F’60
    Mr. L. B. Virant F’60
    Mr. William T. Virden C’60
    Mr. Carlton M. Waggoner C’60
    Mr. Edwin L. Walker F’60
    Miss Bette B. Walker I’60
    Mr. J. Lloyd Walsh F’60
    Miss Jeanne F. Waterston N’60
    Mr. William H. Weddleton F’60
    Mr. John A. Wedgeworth Jr. C’60
    Mr. John M. Welty F’60
    Mr. Albert X. White I’60
    Ms. Christiane S. Whiteside I’60
    Mr. Charles J. Wiesner I’60
    Mr. Francis L. Williams F’60
    Mr. Albert B. Williamson F’60
    Mr. John A. Wolter F’60
    Mr. Yoshiko Yamaguchi I’60
    Mr. Victor M. Zafra F’60
    Ms. Lydia V. Zamba I’60
    Ms. Ursula Zieschang F’60
    Mr. Michail Zinovieff F’60, MSFS’62
    Olga M. Zoghby I’60, MS’64, PHD’66

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