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    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Mr. Walter Abendschein C’59, M’63, W’68, R’70
    Dr. James Addy C’59
    Mr. Thomas Allen C’59
    Mr. Harry Allen C’59
    Mr. Constantino Alvarado F’59
    Mr. George Andrew C’59
    Mr. Richard Apcar C’59, L’63
    Mr. Marios Atsaves F’59
    Mr. Peter Auerbacher C’59
    Ms. Grete Babinek I’59
    Mr. Charles Baer F’59
    Mr. Terrance Baroody F’59
    Mr. Richard Barry C’59
    Mr. William Barton F’59
    Mr. Richard Belair B’59
    Mr. Anthony Benacka F’59
    Mr. Marc Bennett F’59
    Mr. John Berry F’59
    Mr. Jack Biddle C’59
    Mr. Robert Bockting F’59
    Mr. Stephen Bolger C’59
    Dr. Felix Bongiorno C’59
    Mr. Laszlo Boszormenyi F’59
    Mr. John Boyle F’59
    Mr. Patrick Boyle F’59
    Mr. William Brady C’59
    Mr. Joseph Brannigan F’59
    Mr. Edward Breck C’59
    Dr. Donald Breneman C’59
    Mr. Michael Bresnahan C’59
    Mr. George Brett C’59
    Mr. Robert Brown I’59
    Mr. Henry Buchanan F’59, L’72
    Dr. James Buckley F’59, MA’61, PHD’70
    Mr. Wade Burger C’59
    Mr. James Burke F’59
    Deacon James Butler C’59
    Mr. David Callan C’59, L’62
    Mr. William Cannon C’59, D’66
    Mr. Wesley Capar B’59
    Mr. William Cappock C’59
    Mr. James Casey F’59
    Mr. Nicholas Catsakis F’59
    Mr. Thomas Cavanaugh B’59
    Mr. Walter Cempura C’59
    Mr. Earl Chamberlayne I’59
    Mr. A. B. Chettle C’59, L’62, L’63
    Dr. Ira Chidel C’59, M’63
    Dr. Eugene Cianciulli C’59
    Mr. Charles Clark C’59
    Dr. Ralph Coan C’59, M’63
    Mr. M. W. Cocke F’59
    Mr. Peter Coleman C’59
    Mr. John Coleman F’59
    Mr. Robert Collins F’59
    Mr. Andrew Connell C’59
    Mr. Arthur Connolly C’59, L’62
    Mr. William Connor F’59
    Mr. Charles Cook C’59
    Mr. James Cotter C’59, L’63
    Dr. Gabriel Coulon C’59, D’63
    Mr. Francis Cox C’59
    Ms. Dorothy Crow I’59
    Mr. Arthur Crumlish C’59
    Dr. John Cuozzo C’59
    Mr. Wilfred Cyr B’59
    Mr. William Dambeck C’59
    Mr. Thomas Daniggelis B’59
    Mr. Gary Davies F’59
    Mr. Hugh Dawson C’59
    Mr. George Degnan C’59
    Dr. Robert Demski C’59, M’63
    Mr. G. Neil Dequau C’59
    Mr. Edward Derry C’59
    Mr. Vincent Di Benedetto F’59
    Ms. Jacqueline Di Francesco N’59
    Mr. Michael Di Salle C’59
    Mr. Ralph Diaz B’59
    Mr. William Doherty I’59
    Rev. James Dolan C’59
    Mr. Matthew Donahue C’59
    Mr. Michael Donovan C’59
    Mr. William Donovan F’59
    Mr. Henry Dougherty F’59
    Mr. Richard Drayne C’59
    Mr. Michael Ducar C’59
    Mr. James Duffy C’59
    Mr. Brian Dunn C’59
    Mr. Stephen Dunne C’59
    Mr. Roger Egan F’59
    Mr. Edward English C’59
    Mr. William Fasceski I’59
    Ms. Elizabeth Ficuciello F’59
    Mr. Clark Finks F’59
    Dr. Francis Fitzpatrick C’59
    Lt. Col. James Fitzpatrick C’59
    Mr. Michael Flaherty C’59
    Mr. Edmund Fleming F’59
    Mr. Charles Gagliardi C’59
    Mr. William Galbraith F’59
    Mrs. Juliette Gallagher F’59
    Mr. Arthur Gallogly C’59
    Mr. Carlos Garcia F’59
    The Hon. Joseph Gendron C’59
    Dr. Francis Gillen C’59
    Mr. William Giraldin C’59
    Mr. John Gojekian F’59
    Mr. Edward Granville-Smith F’59
    Mr. George Grosse C’59
    Mr. Thomas Gwynne C’59
    Mr. Ted Hammond C’59
    Mr. Russell Harris F’59
    Mr. Brian Hayes F’59
    Mr. C. Wesley Hayes F’59
    Mr. William Healy C’59
    Mr. Robert Helm B’59
    Mr. Myron Hill F’59, L’62
    Mr. Peter Hoegen C’59
    Mrs. Geneieve Houghton F’59
    Mr. Wasyl Hrubiak B’59
    Mr. Henry Hudson F’59
    Mr. Michael Hughes C’59
    Mr. William Hurley C’59
    Mr. Harry Idle B’59
    Mr. Francis Jahn B’59
    Mr. Stanley Jansen F’59
    Mr. Joseph Jaros C’59
    Mr. Nils Johnson F’59
    Mr. Fred Joseph I’59
    Mr. E. William Jowdy F’59, MA’61
    Mr. Robert Kane B’59
    Mr. Stephen Karpinski C’59, M’63
    Mrs. Joan Kelly F’59
    Mr. Shawn Kennedy C’59
    Mr. Richard Killeen C’59
    Mr. Norman King C’59
    Mr. B. Neal Klenke C’59
    Mr. Peter Koegen C’59
    Mr. David Kohnen B’59
    Mr. George Kopf C’59
    Mr. Stephen Koslo F’59
    Mrs. Audree Kraemer N’59
    Mr. Thomas Kramer C’59
    Mr. Milan Kravanja F’59
    Mr. Edward Kurriss C’59
    Dr. Joseph La Hood C’59, M’63
    Mr. Robert Labas F’59
    The Hon. Frank Lario C’59
    Dr. Robert Lazun C’59
    Mr. Albert Lefebvre I’59
    Mr. Thomas Lennon C’59
    Mr. Robert Liedel B’59
    Capt. Robert Lilly C’59
    Miss Nancy Lilly F’59
    Mr. Raymond Lobus F’59
    Mr. Hubert Longua C’59
    Dr. George Lonner F’59
    Dr. Sol Love C’59
    Mr. John Lynch C’59
    Mr. James Lynch F’59
    Mr. Roberto MacEachen F’59
    Mrs. Margaret Magruder N’59
    Mr. Roy Malinowski F’59
    Mrs. Barbara Marckx N’59
    Mr. Robert Marginot B’59
    Mr. Thomas Mattingly C’59
    Mr. Charles McCarthy C’59
    Mr. George McCarthy F’59
    Mr. Carl McCarthy F’59
    Mr. Lawrence Mcdonald C’59, MA’68
    Mr. John McGarty C’59
    Mr. Joseph McGovern F’59
    Ms. Joan McLauglin F’59, L’62
    Mr. Frank Mead C’59
    Mr. Joseph Melone C’59
    Mr. Bruce Merkle F’59
    Mr. Joseph Milton C’59
    Mr. Curtis Mitchell F’59
    Mr. Arkady Moisiuk F’59
    The Hon. Patrick Molinari C’59
    Mr. John Monroe I’59
    Mr. James Moorhouse F’59
    Mr. William Morgan F’59
    Mr. Randall Morin C’59
    Mr. Edward Mosher F’59
    Mr. Kelsey Mott F’59
    Col. John Mott I’59
    Dr. John Moyne I’59, MS’60
    Mr. John Muldoon B’59
    Mr. Edward Mulholland C’59
    Mr. John Murphy C’59
    Mr. Michael Murphy C’59
    Mr. Ihor Mychalus F’59
    Mr. Frank Nastick B’59
    Mr. Joseph Neder F’59
    Mr. Edwin Nichols C’59
    Mr. Arthur Nies F’59, L’64
    Mr. Paul Norton C’59
    Mr. George O’Connor C’59
    Mr. Roger O’Neill C’59
    Mr. James Oravec C’59
    Mr. Eugene O’Riley C’59
    Mr. Norbert Ostrowski C’59
    Mr. William Outten C’59
    Mr. Thomas Oxenreider B’59
    Mr. Antonio Pelaez B’59
    Mr. George Peters C’59
    Mr. Barry Peters F’59
    Dr. Rudolph Preletz C’59
    Mr. J. A. Ramirez De Arellano C’59
    Mr. Richard Record F’59
    Mr. Gerald Renner F’59
    Dr. Patrick Reno B’59
    Mr. Edward Reusch C’59
    Mr. Nicholas Rivero C’59
    Mr. J. P. Roarty F’59
    Mr. F. Brodnax Robertson F’59
    Mr. Richard Robinson C’59
    Mr. Ernest Roderick C’59
    Mr. Zave Rosenbaum F’59
    Mr. Arnold Rosenthal F’59
    Mr. Victor Rosier B’59
    Mr. H. Bernard Ruppert B’59
    Mr. Joseph Rutledge F’59
    Mr. George Ryan C’59
    Mr. Michael Sabia C’59
    Mr. Stanley Sadlowski B’59
    Mr. Eliodoro Sagui C’59
    Mr. William Salter F’59
    Col. Timoteo Sapia-Bosch I’59, MA’61
    Mr. Francis Saponaro C’59, L’62
    Mr. David Sauber C’59
    Mr. Robert Schrider C’59
    Mr. George Shaffer C’59, L’62
    Mr. Konsin Shah F’59
    Mr. Elliott Shapiro C’59
    Mr. James Shea F’59
    Mr. Joseph Short B’59
    Mr. Frank Shott F’59
    Mr. Howard Simons I’59
    Mr. Andrew Skinner B’59
    Ms. Anita Skinner C’59
    Mr. Jervis Smelz F’59, L’63
    Mr. John Snell F’59
    Mr. Edward Sobota B’59
    Mr. Albert Solga F’59
    Dr. Herbert Solomon C’59, M’63
    Mrs. Margaret Sommerlad N’59
    Miss Roslyn Spanyol I’59
    Mr. William Speight C’59
    Father Thomas Stahel C’59
    Mr. John Stevens F’59
    Mr. Thomas Sullivan F’59
    Dr. Robert Sulzbach C’59
    Mr. Richard Surman B’59
    Mr. Leslie Swietzer C’59
    Mr. Terence Tannehill C’59
    Mr. Dean Tileson C’59
    Father Charles Tracy F’59
    Mr. Edward Tralka F’59
    Mr. Robert Tripp F’59
    Lt. Col. George Ureke I’59
    Mr. William Vail F’59
    Mr. Karl Vasiloff I’59
    Mr. John Vaughan C’59
    Mr. Anthony Vernava C’59
    Dr. Michael Vlahos C’59, M’63
    Mr. Walter Vliet F’59
    Mr. Elmer Von Feldt F’59
    Mrs. Kathy Wach F’59, S’84
    Mr. Thomas Walsh C’59
    Mr. John Walsh F’59
    Ms. Arthur Walters F’59
    Dr. Charles Walton F’59, PHD’67
    Mr. Charles Wassem C’59
    Mr. William Wendt C’59
    Dr. John Whelan C’59
    Mr. Donald White I’59
    Mr. Norman Williams B’59
    Mr. Mark Williams C’59
    Mrs. Ann Wiseman N’59
    Mr. Michael Woomer C’59
    Mr. Charles Wychunas C’59
    Mr. Raymond Yuhasz F’59
    Mr. Joseph Zeno C’59

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    C. E. Anagnostopoulos M.D. C’59, M’63
    Ms. Maria L. Asensio I’59
    Mr. Richard H. Bangert F’59
    Mr. Thomas F. Basick F’59
    Mr. Roger G. Bell F’59
    Mr. Frank M. Bennett Jr. I’59
    Mrs. Richard G. Benning F’59
    Mr. Peter P. Bielucki C’59
    Mr. Peter T. Bongiorno C’59
    Mr. David E. Bray F’59
    Mr. Robert Brent F’59
    Mr. Kenneth W. Buell Jr. I’59
    Mr. Norman W. Busse I’59
    Mr. Thomas J. Carter Jr. F’59, L’63
    Miss Judith A. Cavanagh F’59
    Mr. Phillip A. Chavez F’59
    Mr. Harold J. Cheyne F’59
    Mr. William S. Childs Jr. I’59
    Mr. John F. Christian I’59
    Mr. Dennis Church F’59
    Mrs. Julia O. Church F’59
    Mr. Walter R. Compura C’59
    Mr. Maurice S. Conte C’59
    Ms. Cornelia Coudenhove-Kalergi I’59
    Mr. Gary L. Cox I’59
    Mr. James S. Crowley C’59
    Mr. Geoffrey S. Curran C’59
    Mrs. Alexander M. De La Garza I’59
    Mr. Oscar De La Pava F’59
    Mr. Thomas F. Diamond C’59
    Mr. Dominic A. Donio C’59
    Mr. George C. Drescher Jr. C’59
    Mr. Paul C. Duncan C’59
    Mr. Robert J. Dupuis F’59
    Mr. Gonul Durust I’59
    Mr. Robert M. Ellis C’59
    Mr. Edward A. Everett I’59, MS’70
    Mr. R. S. Ewart F’59
    Mr. Ernesto Falla C’59
    Mr. Manuel Febles F’59
    Miss Karin H. Fera I’59
    Mrs. Elizabeth G. Ferguson N’59
    Mr. Marshall Fightlin C’59
    Mr. Jairo M. Florez F’59
    Mr. Frank E. Fontaine C’59
    Mr. Richard H. Furlow F’59
    Mr. Jaime C. Gandiaga F’59
    Mr. Llewellyn H. Gedge C’59
    Mr. Fernando Gomez I’59
    Mr. Manuel Gomez I’59
    Mr. Neil I. Gonsalves C’59
    Mr. Alexander Graham C’59
    Ms. Sheila E. Grocke N’59
    Mr. Richard J. Hannibal C’59
    Miss Rose Hartsilver I’59
    Gerald C. Hay Jr. C’59, MA’62
    Mr. James T. Hayden C’59
    Joseph G. Hayes M.D. C’59, M’63
    Ms. Mary T. Heath N’59
    Mr. Ronald G. Heinrich F’59
    Mr. Roberto P. Hernandez C’59, MA’75
    Mrs. Anna O’Brien Heyden F’59
    Mr. Donald A. Hubman C’59
    Mr. Robert A. Hurel I’59
    Mr. Bernard M. Ibanez F’59
    Ms. Sofia Ibarra F’59
    Mr. James U. Johnson F’59, L’62
    Mr. Thomas C. Jones F’59
    Mr. John F. Keenan C’59
    Mr. William H. Keidel III F’59
    Mr. David W. Kelly F’59
    Mr. Edward L. Kenney F’59
    Mr. J. Kolton I’59
    Mr. William L. Lange C’59
    Mr. Michael A. Lanigan F’59
    Albert J. Laurenzo C’59
    Mr. Pablo A. Legorreta F’59
    Mr. Richard F. Leslie C’59
    Mr. Robert E. Leter I’59
    Mr. Robert A. Lewis I’59
    Mrs. Anna L. Lichtenstein I’59
    Mr. Thomas J. Longua C’59
    Mr. Donald E. Lundquist F’59
    Mr. P. A. Maguire F’59
    Mr. Francisco F. Maldonado I’59
    Mr. Rudolph O. Manzo F’59
    Mr. Larry W. Martin I’59
    Miss Frances Martinez I’59
    Mr. Thomas E. Mason C’59
    Mr. Herbert P. McCabe F’59
    Ms. Marjorie E. McCallum I’59
    Mr. James J. McCaroon F’59
    Mr. Arthur R. McConnell C’59
    Mr. Kenneth F. Mccurdy I’59
    Mr. John J. McGarraghy C’59
    Mr. Raymond C. McGarvey C’59
    Captain James E. McKeon C’59
    Ms. Mary K. Mclaughlin F’59
    Mr. Jairo J. Mejia F’59
    Prof. Robert H. Meskill I’59
    Mrs. Luciane M. Meyer F’59
    Mrs. Laurent Monnier F’59
    Mrs. Elizabeth S. Monsen N’59
    Ms. Otilia Munoz I’59
    Mr. Michael M. Nesbitt F’59
    Miss Eleanor R. Nicholas N’59
    Mr. Joseph F. Niland II C’59
    Mr. John B. O’Hara C’59
    Mr. Betul Oguzman I’59
    Mr. Jorge R. Oller F’59
    Mr. Jose R. Oller F’59
    Mr. Charles L. Pace F’59
    William E. Palma M.D. C’59, M’62
    Mr. Jewell R. Parnell F’59
    Mr. Richard A. Parry F’59
    Ms. Helen A. Patterson I’59
    Ms. Jean A. Peabody I’59
    Mr. Lazaro M. Perez F’59
    Mr. Gerald R. Perreau-Saussine C’59
    Mr. Joseph T. Phelan I’59
    Mr. Joseph N. Poulin F’59
    Mr. Pierre M. Pouliot F’59
    Mr. James G. Powers C’59
    Mr. Fernando F. Pujals C’59
    Ms. Josette M. L. Racine F’59
    Mr. Antonion P. Rambunting Jr. F’59
    Rafael A. Ramirez Brunet C’59
    Mr. Walter G. Reed F’59
    Mr. Richard F. Reilly C’59
    Mr. Charles C. Remsen F’59
    Mr. Thomas B. Richardson F’59
    Mrs. Michael J. Ricks N’59
    Ms. Elizabeth A. Rispoli I’59
    Mr. Charles A. Robinson C’59
    Mr. Lewis M. Saint George Jr. F’59
    Mrs. Joseph P. Salamon N’59
    Mr. Armando Sandoval C’59
    Ms. Linda Schein I’59
    Ms. Susanne W. Schlegel I’59
    Mr. David Segal I’59
    Mr. Anthony V. Sforza C’59
    Mr. Jose A. Sitton C’59
    Mr. Peter W. Siverson F’59
    Mr. Silvano Solis I’59
    William H. Spates M.D. F’59
    Miss Cecilia A. Speekenbrink F’59
    Mr. Anthony R. Springer C’59
    Mr. George E. Staley F’59
    Mr. Alain L. Stern I’59
    Mr. Edward J. Streator Jr. F’59
    Gerald E. Sussman M.D. C’59, L’62
    Mr. Thomas J. Taylor C’59
    Henry C. Thel Jr., M.D. C’59, M’63
    Mr. Hamit R. Togay I’59, MS’64
    Mr. Charles A. Tomasino F’59
    Mr. Edgar C. Toral F’59
    Mr. Rolio J. Trumbull Jr. F’59
    Mrs. Elisabeth M. Trump I’59
    Mr. Mehmet Turcin I’59
    LCDR Ellen M. Uren F’59
    Mr. Alfonso Vargas-Becerra C’59
    Mr. Juan Ventura F’59
    Mr. Robert P. Wade C’59
    Mr. Alfred Wasfy I’59
    Mr. Julian W. Wasser I’59
    Mr. Richard E. White F’59
    Mr. Robert A. Whitman I’59
    Mr. David L. Whitstone C’59
    Rev. John A. Widman I’59
    Mr. Bartlett C. Winkler C’59
    Mr. Jean A. Woerner C’59
    Ms. Theresa P. Wood F’59
    MAJ Dale E. Wykoff I’59
    Sister M. V. Wysocka N’59
    Mr. Hyung C. Yoon F’59
    Mr. Chin S. Yu C’59

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