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    Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

    If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

    Mr. William Adikes C’57
    Lt. Col. John Aidem F’57, MSFS’66
    Mr. Juan Albors F’57
    Dr. John Alexander C’57, W’65
    Mr. James Austin C’57, L’62
    Mr. Anton Auth C’57
    Mr. Joseph Barbella F’57
    Mr. Charles Baron F’57
    Mr. Peter Basa C’57
    MG Ronald Beckwith C’57
    Mr. J. Michael Berry C’57
    Mr. Charles Besterman F’57
    Mr. Raymond Bobko F’57
    Mr. Richard Bohn F’57
    Mr. Stephen Boszormenyi F’57
    Mr. Robert Bowen C’57
    Mr. Ludwin Branch F’57
    Mr. James Briggs F’57
    Colonel John Bright C’57
    Mr. George Brumfield C’57
    Mr. Warren Buehler C’57
    Mrs. Sarabelle Burka I’57
    Rev. Thomas Burr C’57, L’60
    Mr. Victor Camera B’57
    Mr. John Campbell B’57
    Mr. Paul Caron C’57
    Mr. Daniel Carter F’57
    Dr. Gerard Cerchio C’57, M’61
    Mr. Anthony Charles C’57
    Mr. John Chester F’57
    Mr. Robert Chiperfield F’57
    Mr. Fred Cincotti C’57
    Mr. Peter Cinotti F’57
    Mr. Roy Clark F’57
    Mr. Paul Claymore C’57
    Mr. Richard Comerford C’57, L’60
    Mr. James Conheady C’57
    Mr. Edwin Conmy C’57
    Mr. John Conrad F’57
    Mr. John Conricode C’57
    Mr. Robert Conway C’57
    Mr. E. W. Coombs C’57
    Dr. William Cordasco C’57, M’61, R’65
    Mr. Ernest Corte C’57
    Dr. Michael Costello C’57, M’61
    Mr. Marcellus Countryman C’57
    Mr. John Cranage F’57
    Mr. John Crean F’57, L’60
    Mr. Charles Cubellis C’57
    Mr. William Culhane C’57
    Mr. Louis Cyr F’57
    Mr. James Daly C’57, L’60
    Mr. Victor Danner I’57
    Mr. Kofi Darko F’57
    Col. Philip Davis F’57
    Ms. Patricia Davis N’57
    Mr. James Davoli F’57
    Mr. Crosby Day F’57
    Mr. Richmond Dean C’57
    Mr. Hunt Dickinson F’57
    Dr. William Dingwall F’57, MA’59, PHD’64
    Mr. Cornelius Doherty C’57, L’59
    Dr. John Dolan C’57
    Mr. Walter Donahoe C’57
    Mr. Donald Dougherty C’57
    Mr. George Dow C’57
    Dr. Donald Dowler C’57, M’61, R’62
    Dr. Donald Drake C’57
    Mr. Thomas Driscoll C’57
    Mr. George Drummey C’57, L’60
    Mr. Richard Du Brul C’57
    Mr. Thomas Dugan C’57
    Mr. Leo Dunn C’57, L’59
    Mr. Herman Eberharter C’57, L’63
    Mr. Merritt Edson F’57
    Ms. Betsy Edwards I’57
    Mr. David Ellsworth F’57
    Ms. Katharine Ertel N’57
    Mr. Louis Ervin F’57
    Mr. John Ewers C’57, L’60
    Mr. Joseph Falsetti F’57
    Mr. Thomas Farley C’57
    Mr. Charles Fazio C’57
    Mr. Patrick Feany F’57
    Mr. Marcelino Fernandez B’57
    Mr. Emilio Fernandez B’57
    Dr. William Fisher C’57
    Mr. Peter Forbes C’57
    Mr. Jay Forst C’57
    Mr. William Frank F’57
    Mr. Juan Frau C’57
    Mrs. Juanita French F’57
    Mr. Thomas Frey F’57
    Mr. John Fuer C’57, L’61
    Major General John Fugh F’57
    Mr. Michael Gaffigan F’57
    Mr. John Gardner F’57
    Mr. Frank Gentile B’57
    Mr. C. Earl Gettinger C’57
    Mr. Francis Gibson F’57
    Mr. Gerald Gilmartin F’57
    Mr. Wendell Gingrich F’57
    LTC Michael Glynn C’57
    MAJ Harry Gordon F’57
    Mr. James Gorman F’57
    Mr. Harry Granzow F’57
    Miss Eleanor Greenhill N’57
    Mr. Francis Griffith C’57
    Mr. Donald Guerette F’57
    Mr. William Haberkorn C’57
    Dr. David Harris C’57
    Mr. Thomas Hartnett F’57
    Mr. Joseph Hirata C’57
    Mr. Martin Hladik I’57
    Mr. Adam Holman F’57
    Mr. Jared Howard F’57
    Mr. Joseph Iannotti C’57
    Mr. Allen Johnson C’57
    Mr. Paul Jullien C’57
    Mr. John Kane F’57
    Mrs. Mariadelia Kanter F’57
    Dr. Edward Karbon C’57, D’61
    Dr. John Keefe C’57
    Mr. Francis Keevers C’57
    Dr. Joseph Kehoe C’57
    Mr. Michael Keliher C’57, L’64
    Dr. James Kelly C’57, M’61
    Ms. Katherine Kemp F’57
    Mr. David Kendall B’57
    Mr. Frederick Kerr C’57
    Mr. Richard King F’57
    Mr. William Kissinger B’57
    Mr. A. C. Kniseley F’57
    Mr. John Knops F’57
    Mr. Ralph Kohnen C’57
    Mr. Necdet Kostem I’57, MS’65
    Mr. Edward Kovach C’57, L’60
    Dr. Arthur Kreischer C’57, M’61
    Dr. Joseph Kump C’57, M’63
    Mr. Irving Kurinsky C’57
    Mr. John Labash C’57
    Mr. James Lane C’57
    Mr. Gerald Lane C’57
    Mrs. Cheryl Lanning N’57
    Mr. Lawrence Le Clerc F’57
    Mr. Gregory Lembo F’57
    Dr. Rolf Lemp C’57
    Mr. Robert Lippemeier C’57
    Rev. Paul Longua C’57
    Mr. Louis Lorenzetti F’57
    Mr. William Lukaswitz C’57
    Mr. John MacDougall F’57
    Mr. Bart Maggio C’57
    Ms. Nancy Maher N’57
    Mr. Richard Mahoney C’57
    Mr. Vincent Mainelli C’57
    Mr. Roger Makley C’57, L’60, L’62
    Dr. Joseph Malin C’57, M’61, R’62
    Mr. James Maloney C’57
    Mr. Terry Maloney F’57
    Miss Nina Mangravite I’57
    Dr. John Marchese C’57, M’61
    Mr. Michael Mastrangelo C’57
    Mr. Orland McCafferty F’57
    Mr. Donald McDonnell F’57
    Mr. Thomas Mcguigan F’57
    Mr. Kevin McHugh F’57
    Mr. Robert McIntire F’57, MSFS’61
    Mr. Thomas McKenna C’57
    Rev. James McNamee F’57
    Mr. Robert Metsker F’57
    Mr. Robert Miller C’57, L’62, L’76
    Mr. Joseph Mitchell F’57
    Mr. Thomas Mitchell F’57
    Mr. Paul Molony F’57
    Dr. Victor Monserrate C’57
    Mr. John Moore B’57
    Dr. Chaplain Morrison F’57
    Mr. James Moynihan F’57
    Mr. Bernard Mudd C’57
    Dr. Richard Murphy C’57, M’62
    Mr. John Naughton F’57
    Mrs. Helen Nelson N’57
    Dr. Julius Neviaser C’57
    Mr. David Niblack F’57, L’64
    Mr. Denis Nichelson C’57, L’61
    Mr. George Nonemaker F’57
    Mr. Albert Noonan F’57
    Mr. James Oakes C’57
    Mr. Daniel O’Connell F’57
    Mr. Donald O’Dea B’57
    Mr. Joseph O’Donnell C’57
    Mr. Joseph O’Hora C’57
    Mr. Michael Ostrosky F’57
    Mr. Nelson Owen C’57
    Dr. Victor Palace C’57, D’63
    Mr. Ronald Palazzetti F’57
    Mr. Robert Palma F’57
    Mr. Arthur Pankopf F’57, L’65
    Mr. John Pappas F’57
    Mr. Richard Pedrick C’57, L’59
    Mr. Joseph Pelej C’57
    Mr. Richard Percudani C’57
    Dr. John Perkins C’57
    Dr. Felix Pesa C’57
    Mrs. Marion Pontzer N’57
    Mr. Donald Porter F’57
    Mr. Robert Pratt C’57
    Mr. Arthur Purvis C’57, L’60
    Mr. Forrest Rabell I’57
    Mr. Robert Rafferty F’57
    Mr. Clayton Railey F’57
    Mr. Robert Ramey F’57
    Mr. Francis Ravetti B’57
    Mrs. Kathleen Reber N’57
    Dr. David Redding C’57, D’61
    Mr. Tomas Regalado C’57
    Mr. Michael Reid C’57
    Dr. Justin Renaudin C’57
    Mr. Joseph Riccobene C’57
    Mr. Richard Ridolfi C’57
    Mr. L. David Ritter C’57
    Mr. Ronald Rowland F’57
    Mr. Joseph Roy I’57
    Mr. James Russell C’57
    Mr. Peter Ryan C’57
    Mr. Edward Ryan C’57, MA’72
    Mrs. Alice Ryan N’57
    Dr. William Sabbag C’57
    Mr. Charles Sacconaghi F’57
    Dr. Oscar Salvatierra C’57
    The Hon. Antonin Scalia C’57
    Mr. Joseph Scannell C’57
    Mr. Michael Scheu C’57
    Mr. Raymond Schreck F’57
    Mr. James Schuyler C’57
    Mr. Frederick Sears F’57
    Mr. James Selig C’57
    Mr. William Sharron C’57
    Mr. John Shaw I’57
    Mr. John Sheahan C’57
    Mr. Thomas Sheehan F’57
    Mrs. Charlene Sheehan N’57
    Dr. Eileen Sheil N’57
    Mr. Joseph Sheridan C’57
    Mr. John Shipe C’57
    Mr. John Shirley F’57
    Mr. Thomas Shore C’57
    Dr. William Sims C’57
    Mrs. Susan Sinclair N’57
    Mr. Stanley Skaife C’57
    Mrs. Margaret Smith N’57
    Mr. John Snyder F’57
    Mr. John Stahlman F’57
    Mr. Charles Staley C’57
    Mr. Roderick Stanek F’57
    Mr. Frank Steadman C’57
    Mrs. William Sullivan I’57
    Mr. Thomas Summers C’57
    Mrs. Elaine Suppes N’57
    Mr. Jerome Sylvester F’57
    Mr. John Sylvestre F’57
    Mrs. Anna Szwec F’57
    Mr. Martin Tait C’57
    Mrs. Marianne Talbert N’57
    Dr. Robert Tarro C’57, M’61
    Mr. Leopold Teacher F’57
    Dr. William Tesauro C’57
    Mrs. Jean Tessier N’57
    Dr. James Thompson C’57
    Mr. James Thompson F’57, L’62
    Mr. Edwin Thompson F’57, MA’61
    Mr. George Thoms F’57
    Mr. Fred Tobin C’57
    Mr. Edmund Toland F’57
    Rev. David Toolan C’57
    Mr. Laurence Tosi C’57
    Mr. Jesse Traywick C’57
    Mr. Arturo Valle F’57
    Mr. Richard Victor C’57
    Mr. Hans von Barby F’57
    Mr. Antony Waddell F’57
    Mr. Richard Wagner C’57
    Mr. John Walsh C’57
    Dr. John Warburton C’57
    Mr. John Waters C’57
    Mr. Wayne Welch F’57
    Mr. Harlan Westover F’57
    Mrs. Diana Whitaker N’57
    Mr. Matthew White C’57
    Ms. Florence White F’57, S’76, S’83
    Mr. Selden Wicks B’57
    Mrs. Kathleen Wilkinson N’57
    Mr. David Williams B’57
    Dr. William Wimsatt C’57
    Mr. John Winter C’57
    Mr. Melvin Wischmeyer F’57
    Mr. Edward Wodecki F’57
    Mr. Adam Woyna F’57
    Lt. Col. Wilfred Wright F’57
    Mr. Shoso Yamasaki F’57
    Mr. Edward Yohe F’57
    Mr. Alexander Young C’57
    Mr. Peter Zambelli C’57
    Mr. Edward Zurmuhlen C’57
    Mr. Benjamin Zurun F’57

  • Lost List

    We’ve lost touch with some of our classmates and we’d love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to

    Mr. Lee E. Addleman F’57, L’60
    Mr. Eugene H. Albrecht F’57
    Mr. Lisardo Aleman I’57
    Mr. Jorge C. Alfonzo F’57
    Mr. Richard A. Altman C’57
    Mr. Sukran Atay I’57
    Miss Ulku Atsul I’57, MS’63
    Mr. James R. Austin F’57
    Mr. Abdelghani A. Bahraoui F’57
    Mr. Norman H. Baum F’57
    Mr. Omar Belkora F’57
    Mr. David T. Boltz C’57
    Miss Jacquelyn A. Breen N’57
    Miss Kathryn Ann Burch I’57
    Mr. Kevin Burke C’57
    Mr. Richard J. Butler C’57
    Miss Joanne S. Callahan I’57
    Mr. Webster C. Cash I’57
    Ms. Gloria B. Castaneda I’57
    Mr. George P. Cavanagh F’57
    Mr. J. R. Chandler F’57
    Mr. Robert J. Choquet F’57
    Mrs. Marie Chrysanthopoulos N’57
    Ms. Catherine J. Claire I’57
    Miss Lucille K. Clements F’57
    Mr. David L. Connelly F’57
    Mr. Robert T. Coseglia C’57
    The Hon. Flavio E. Cumpiano C’57
    James F. Cundari C’57
    Mr. Ronald A. Davidson F’57
    Theodore J. De Groot C’57
    Mr. A. C. Gallatin De Knox F’57
    Mr. Robert E. Downing F’57
    Mr. Jose R. Echevarria C’57
    Mr. Jack S. Ellenberger F’57
    Mr. John Fosdick Emery F’57
    Mr. M. L. Epstein C’57
    Mr. Antonio A. Fiocca F’57
    Mr. J. Roger Fortin F’57
    Mr. Susumu Ganiko F’57
    Mr. Herman E. Goldner C’57
    Mr. Ronald W. Gorton C’57
    Mr. John P. Griffin F’57
    Mr. Eugene L. Guedry Jr. F’57
    Mr. Paul L. Guidry F’57
    Mr. Carmel Hacohen F’57
    Mrs. Laszlo Hadik I’57
    Mr. George E. Harrington Jr. F’57
    Mr. Nathan A. Haverstock I’57
    Mrs. Francis T. Haxo I’57
    Mr. Peter S. Herrmann F’57
    Mr. Henry R. Hollyday C’57
    Mr. Edward W. Hosley F’57
    Mr. John M. Hunter C’57
    Mr. Harry J. Kane III F’57
    Mr. Wilfred A. Kernback F’57
    Mr. Benedict S. Kim F’57, MSFS’60
    Mr. Thomas M. Kolb F’57
    Mrs. Janet Zenorini LaManna N’57
    Mr. Kee H. Lee F’57
    Mr. Agustin C. Legorreta F’57
    Mr. Miguel M. Llivinia F’57
    Mr. Edward J. Long C’57
    Mr. Rafael E. Lopez II C’57
    Mr. Andrew M. Lysak F’57
    Ms. Amelia Madrak F’57
    Mr. Joseph M. Mahoney F’57
    Mr. Edmund P. Maloney F’57
    Mr. Perico D. Martinez C’57
    Mr. John P. Marx C’57
    LCDR Phillip T. Masar C’57
    Mr. Mark M. Mason F’57
    Mr. Frank L. Massana I’57
    Mr. John C. McCarthy C’57
    Mr. Robert G. McCartney F’57
    Mr. Harold W. McConchie F’57
    Mr. Thomas F. McGill Jr. F’57
    Miss Sally McLendon I’57, MS’60
    Mr. Douglas T. McMullan F’57
    Mr. Robert B. McOwen C’57
    Mrs. Monique L. Medalia I’57, MS’58
    Miss Katherine L. Mills F’57
    Mr. Joseph V. Missett III C’57, L’61
    Mr. Roberto G. Monaci F’57
    Mr. Enrique Morales C’57
    Mr. Richard G. Muller C’57
    Mr. Maurice P. Murphy F’57
    Mr. John P. Murray F’57
    Mr. William R. Myers F’57
    Mr. Turhan Nalgaci I’57
    George C. Nesser D.D.S. C’57, D’61
    Mrs. Elizabeth Norcross F’57
    Mr. Robert E. O’Keefe F’57
    Mr. Brian R. O’Neill F’57
    Mr. Samuel Oglesby F’57
    Mr. Edward P. Oliver C’57
    Mrs. J. K. Parks I’57
    Mr. Raymond J. Pieri I’57
    Mr. Donald F. Pierz C’57
    Mr. Marcus E. Popp F’57
    Ms. Carolyn J. Proctor F’57
    Mr. Walter D. Prybyla I’57
    Mr. Jose L. Quimson C’57
    Mr. Christopher J. Reagan C’57
    Mr. John Y. Relland C’57
    Mr. Lawrence R. Richardson C’57
    Mr. Nicanor C. Salvador Jr. F’57
    Mr. Carlos R. Sauma F’57
    Mr. John P. Sensenig F’57
    Mr. Lawrence E. Showalter Jr. F’57
    John Arthur Simpson M.D. C’57, M’60, R’62
    Mr. Thomas G. Snyder F’57
    Augustus Sordinas I’57
    Mr. Joseph H. Sterling F’57
    Mr. Manuel Tello Jr. F’57
    Mr. A. J. Travis F’57
    Mr. R. W. Tyler F’57
    Miss Ida F. Vacchiani I’57
    Mr. Emin Vangul I’57
    Mr. Louis J. Villarreal F’57
    Mr. Constancio Villarreal Jr. F’57
    Mr. Boris A. Von Holdenberg I’57
    Mr. Jeremiah R. Walsh F’57
    Mr. L. J. Waters Jr. C’57
    Mr. Robert C. Welch I’57
    Ms. Clarence J. Welsh F’57
    Mr. Jack G. Wilker C’57, L’59
    Mr. Louis Zanga I’57

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