Class of 1960

It's been so long since last we met, so make sure to check in here with your classmates and friends! Learn what fellow alumni are doing in their personal and professional lives, view upcoming events and keep up with reunion plans as they begin.

Upcoming Events


Join Georgetown April 14-17, 2016, as we say “Buongiorno!” to the Eternal City at John Carroll Weekend Rome. This beloved and exciting annual event welcomes alumni from around the globe for four days of social, cultural and intellectual engagement that will make the most of Rome’s history, beauty, world-famous art and architecture.

Class Notes

Learn what's happening with your classmates and other Georgetown friends.

Class Committee

Our class needs you! We are currently seeking volunteers for events, communications and fundraising. Email the Class of 1960 liaison Faith Ssebikindu to join.

Mr. William D. Benjes (C'60)
Patrick C. Bennison, D.D.S. (C'60)
Mr. John M. Bruderman, Jr. (C'60)
Colonel Dennis J. Flynn (C'60)
Mr. William P. Freyd (F'60)
Mr. Michael J. Gibbons (C'60)
Mrs. Colette Corr Gwozdz (N'60)
James A. Heffernan, Ph.D. (C'60)
Richard Joseph Nasca, M.D. (C'60, M'64)
Mr. Joseph E. Sraeel (C'60)
Mr. Peter J. Tanous (C'60)
Mr. Robert G. Tynan (C'60)

In Memoriam List

Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away. If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email alumnirelations@georgetown...

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Georgetown mourns the loss of its sons and daughters. On this page we pay homage to fellow Hoyas who have recently passed away.

If you notice a classmate is missing from the list, or if you would like to notify us of a classmate who has recently passed away, please email If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note request. All information will be verified by Georgetown University before your note is published.

Mr. Trygve E. Aarhus (F'60)
Mr. Laurence C. Affron (F'60)
Mr. J. H. Michael Agar (F'60)
Dr. Robert C. Agnitsch (C'60)
Mr. Yong C. Ahn (F'60)
Ms. Deborah Roddy Baker (I'60)
Mr. Rawson Bennett III (I'60)
Mr. Howard W. Bessell (F'60)
Mr. Thomas A. Betz (B'60)
Mr. Albert E. Bonacci (C'60)
Mr. Fred Boulineau (F'60)
Mr. Reginald A. Bourdon (F'60)
Mr. Philip J. Bowers III (B'60)
Mr. James B. Brown (C'60)
Mr. Robert M. Callagy, Sr. (C'60)
Mr. Gary P. Capurro (F'60)
Mr. Robert C. Cardozo (F'60)
Mr. James P. Carr, Sr. (C'60)
Rev. James E. Casey (B'60)
Sister Ellen Castellini (N'60)
Mr. Samuel J. Cerrato (F'60)
Mr. William A. Champlin (B'60)
Dr. Fernando L. Chardon (C'60)
Mr. Howard E. Christie (F'60)
John W. Coleman, Jr., M.D. (C'60, M'64)
Mr. Frederick L. Cone (C'60)
Mr. Donald M. Courter (C'60)
Mr. John F. Cusack (C'60)
Mr. Richard J. Daly (F'60)
Mr. William R. David (C'60)
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Davis (I'60)
Mr. Innocente L. De Marco (B'60)
Mr. Thomas A. De Scisciolo (C'60)
Mr. John C. Dillingham (C'60)
Joseph R. DiMare, M.D. (C'60)
Mr. Michael Ryan Diskin (C'60)
Mr. Theodore A. Distler (F'60)
Mr. John J. Donnelly (B'60)
Mr. L. Terence Donovan (C'60)
Mr. Don B. Edison (F'60)
Miss Eleanor A. Festa (F'60)
Dr. Charles J. Fleener (F'60)
Ms. Nancy T. Fox (F'60)
Mr. Nicholas J. Galanis (I'60)
Mr. Ralph F. Gambaro (B'60)
Mrs. Elsa Corridon Gannon (I'60)
Dr. George D. Gates (F'60)
Ms. Neva Marie Goldammer (N'60)
Mr. George P. Grau III (C'60)
Mr. William C. Griffey (C'60)
Mr. James J. Hauser, Jr. (C'60)
Mrs. Judith P. Hayes (N'60)
Mr. Richard F. Heimbuch (C'60)
Mr. William F. Heller, II (C'60)
Mr. Bernard J. Hennessey (B'60)
Lucy M. Hight (F'60)
Mr. Lawrence J. Hinkle (B'60)
Mr. Ralph S. Hisle, Jr. (F'60)
Mr. Clifford J. Hole (C'60)
Mr. L. R. Ingle (C'60)
Mr. Robert A. Jacques (C'60, L'63)
Mr. Charles R. Joyce (F'60)
Mr. Edward H. Kaplan (I'60)
Mr. James M. Keane (C'60)
Mr. Michael M. Keating (C'60)
Mr. Leonard Joseph Keilp (C'60, L'66)
Mr. Daniel J. Kelliher (C'60)
Mr. Leonard D. Kemenyas (B'60)
Mrs. William J. Kirsch (N'60)
Mr. James B. Knoble (F'60)
Mr. John R. Kraemer (C'60)
Mr. Richard C. Kullen, Jr. (C'60)
Mr. Michael M. La Placa (C'60)
Mr. Louis J. Lamanna (F'60)
Mr. Michael L. Langie (C'60)
Mr. Joseph E. Link (C'60)
Mr. Dennis L. Little (C'60, MA'64)
Mr. Peter Little (C'60)
Mrs. Linda Louise Lonergan (N'60)
Mr. Douglas S. Lonon (C'60)
Mr. Daniel K. MacKenzie (F'60)
Lt. Col. Charles F. Magness, (Ret.) (F'60)
Ms. Haydee S. Magro (I'60)
Dr. Juergen Manchot (C'60)
Mr. Joseph L. Mathias, III (C'60)
Mr. Daniel J. McBride (C'60)
Mr. Owen E. McBrien (F'60)
Mr. Richard S. McCann (C'60, L'63)
Mr. William P. McDevitt (C'60)
Mr. James A. McFadden (C'60)
Mr. Richard L. McHugh (C'60)
Mr. John M. McInerney (B'60)
Mr. Henry E. Mergner (F'60)
Mr. Joseph P. Miranda (F'60)
Mr. Thomas B. Missett, Sr. (C'60)
Mrs. Miriam R. Mitchell (C'60)
Mr. Peter J. Monaghan III (C'60)
Mr. Frank W. Moran, Jr. (B'60)
Mr. John J. Morrison (B'60)
Mr. Anthony D. M. Mulvihill (C'60)
Miss Marina C. Muricy (I'60)
Shirley Murphy (F'60)
Mr. Timothy J. Murphy, Jr. (C'60, MA'70)
Mr. David Raymond Nackashi (C'60)
Mr. Michael J. Nastick (B'60)
Mr. Enrique M. Neret (I'60)
Mr. Paul J. O'Brien (F'60)
Mr. Richard F. O'Hearn, Jr. (B'60)
Mr. Max J. Ollendorff (F'60)
Mr. John J. O'Meara (C'60)
Mr. Mathias Thomas Oppersdorff (F'60)
Miss Maureen C. O'Toole (I'60)
William P. Pearson, M.D. (C'60, M'64)
Alan W. Peters (C'60)
Mr. Neil R. Peterson (C'60, L'63)
Mrs. Dolores Poldervaart (N'60)
Miss Marie M. Price (F'60)
Mr. Robert F. Pruner, Jr. (C'60)
Mr. George C. Rankey, Jr. (F'60)
Ms. Frances M. Rauch (N'60)
Mr. Earl P. Rebstock (F'60)
Mr. Charles D. Reed (B'60)
Mr. Richard Reinke (I'60)
Mr. Julio M. Rodriguez (B'60)
Pedro A. Rosado-Pacheco, M.D. (C'60, M'64)
Mr. Charles P. Ryan, Jr. (C'60)
Dr. Luis A. Sanchez-Raffucci (C'60)
Mr. Richard R. Schalk (C'60)
Mr. Gerald E. Schlick (C'60)
Miss Mary E. Schroder (I'60)
Mr. Jerald R. Schultheis (F'60)
Ms. Chista Shashaani (I'60)
Mr. William F. Sheahan (C'60)
Ms. Carol B. Sheehan (N'60)
Mr. Dennis Sherwin (F'60)
Miss Virginia A. Shuler (I'60)
Hal C. Simmons (F'60)
Mrs. Mary Ann E. Sliwinski (N'60)
Mr. Robert D. Snoddy (C'60, L'66)
Mr. Lawrence J. Stach (F'60)
Mr. James C. Stark (C'60, M'64)
Mr. John P. Steinmetz (F'60)
Mr. Chapman Stockford (F'60)
Mr. Charles J. Sullivan (F'60)
Mrs. Constance Fisher Swenson (F'60)
Mr. Carl Tang (C'60)
Mrs. Helen Mallon Tilley (N'60)
Mr. Maurice J. Tobin, Jr. (C'60)
Mr. James E. Uelmen (C'60)
Mr. William E. Vinson (C'60)
Mr. Kevin P. Walsh (C'60)
Mr. Henry R. Walters (F'60)
Mr. Roland K. Willette (F'60)
Prof. Richard A. Williams (F'60)
Mr. Louis J. Zeleznock (I'60)

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Lost List

We've lost touch with some of our classmates and we'd love to reconnect. View the Lost List and let us know if you have any information to help us reach out to our Hoya friends by sending an email to