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Georgetown Researcher Partners With NASA to Detect Alien Life

If life exists on other planets, would an Earth-bound scientist even be able to detect it? Georgetown Assistant Professor of Biology Sarah Stewart Johnson is throwing out all assumptions and building new life-detection systems with the help of nearly $7 million from NASA's astrobiology program. Read More

dark planet face of mars

NHS Professor Catches the Scent of Fresh Discoveries

Every day, Blythe Shepard, assistant professor of human science at the School of Nursing & Health Studies, runs along the C&O Canal in Georgetown to think. She never wears headphones, preferring to listen to wildlife sharing her refuge inside the city and let possibilities for new research wash over her. Read More

Blythe Shepard (center) and her research team, including Ryan Kurtz and Lily Steinberg (C’20), focus on the role of microscopic olfactory receptors in metabolic diseases.

Hilltop a Hotspot for Disease Study

In what areas of the U.S. are parents more reluctant to vaccinate their kids? Do these locations have something in common? Is vaccine hesitancy—the desire to delay or refuse vaccines—eroding population immunity? Read More

Shweta Bansal, an assistant professor of biology at Georgetown