Hoya Highlight: Nicole Orphanos (SLL'95)

Nicole Orphanos

Vice President, Douglas Elliman

Describe your current profession and what motivates you most to stay in your role.

My current profession involves interacting with clients from all over the world. What is fascinating about real estate in New York City is that every day is a different day, and no two days are alike. What motivates me to stay in my role is the challenge I face with each client and learning something new each day about the real estate business.

What’s it like to work with fellow Hoya Rande Coleman?

It’s great to work with a fellow Hoya because we have a common ground. We work with several Hoya alumni, and it is always nice to reconnect with them and share common school experiences.

What has been the most challenging or rewarding moment in your career?

The most challenging moment in my career was getting started in the real estate business. I came from a corporate background working at American Express, and starting from scratch in a new industry was very challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Who do you consider to be your influencers?

I consider my father to be my biggest influencer. He has always given me good business and personal advice, and I value his opinion.

What do you consider to be the most useful piece of career advice you ever received?

If you don’t try it, you’ll never know.

What skills are necessary, or how do you think the requirements for your industry are changing?

The most important skills are interpersonal skills and listening skills. The real estate business requires one to always listen to what the client wants, and it requires a lot of patience and diligence as well.

How do you think your time at Georgetown affected your professional decisions?

I think my experience with studying languages and traveling abroad affected my professional decisions. I always enjoyed meeting people from different places and learning about their backgrounds.

What associations, clubs, or resources have aided in your professional development?

The Georgetown Club of New York.