Josefina Urzaiz de Burke (MSFS’07)

Josefina Urzaiz de Burke

Co-founder and Owner, Hammock Boutique

As an investment banker in New York, Urzaiz de Burke felt disconnected with her upbringing in Yucatán, Mexico. She missed volunteer work and wanted a more gratifying career, so in 2010, she decided to leave the financial world. Inspired by the beauty of her Mayan ancestors’ craftsmanship, Urzaiz de Burke decided to launch Hammock Boutique with her brother. The Yucatán-based company is committed to providing a sustainable business model to 700 weavers, providing the raw materials to weave custom-made hammocks. “Our craftsmen are indigenous Mayans, 90 percent women, all of whom work from home,” Urzaiz de Burke explained on her website. “This allows them to earn wages, to avoid the cost and time of a commute to work and to take care of young children at home.”