Freshman Rules in the Early 1900s

It wasn’t easy being a first-year male student in Georgetown College in the early- to mid-1900s (Georgetown College was all male until 1969). Not only were you told where to walk, you also had to wear a beanie-style cap around campus and at school functions. Variations of the rules listed below appeared in the student newspaper and in the student handbook, the G Book, between 1919 and 1959. These outrageous rules were enforced by a Sophomore Vigilance Committee.

Rule 1

Freshmen will wear a distinctive cap everywhere on the campus, in Georgetown, to and on Wisconsin Avenue, to and in Montrose Park, and also on the river. N. B.—The cap need not be worn after a street car has been boarded, nor when in the street car in Freshmen rule district in Georgetown.

Rule 2

Freshmen will yield the right of way to all upper classmen. This rule applies to street cars within the section of Georgetown where the Freshmen rules apply, to all places on the campus, including telephone booths, and excepting only the tennis and handball courts.

Rule 3

Freshmen will not wear bow ties before seven o’clock in the evening.

Rule 4

Freshmen will be present at all College activities, and at all athletic contests, they will sit in the Freshmen section wearing caps. Roll call will be made by the President of the Freshmen Class, or some other officer of the Class, and a report made to the Chairman of the Sophomore Vigilance Committee. Check will also be made at the gate.

Rule 5

Freshmen will walk on the north side of O Street from 37th to Wisconsin Avenue. Until seven at night they shall use the center gate and keep to the crushed stone drive until a place opposite the students’ entrance is reached.

Rule 6

Freshmen will commit to memory the official songs and yells of the College by noon of October 1.

Rule 7

Freshmen when called upon by the proper authorities, will aid in any work for the A. A.

Rule 8

Infraction of these rules will be reported to the Chairman of the Sophomore Vigilance Committee.

Rule 9

These rules shall be enforced throughout the entire Freshman year, with the exception only: That the Freshman caps need not be worn if the Freshmen Class is victorious in the annual game with the Sophomore Class.

The Hoya, Oct. 9, 1940
The Hoya, Oct. 9, 1940
The Hoya, July 15, 1942
The Hoya, July 15, 1942
The Hoya, Oct. 3, 1947
The Hoya, Oct. 3, 1947