Villa Le Balze: Georgetown's Study Center in Florence

Villa Le Balze is Georgetown’s internationally recognized study center in Florence, Italy. In 1979, Margaret Rockefeller Strong, daughter of Dr. Charles Augustus Strong and Elizabeth Rockefeller, and granddaughter of John D. Rockefeller, donated her father's estate, Villa Le Balze, to Georgetown University. Her dream was that Villa Le Balze would forever be a place of learning in honor of her father—a philosopher, writer, and educator.

This video examines the beauty of not only the magnificent villa and its surrounding gardens, but also of the collaboration, academic exploration, and camaraderie of the students, faculty, and staff who live there throughout the year.

Villa Le Balze daily lunch
2016 Villa Le Balze students meet for their daily lunch together, prepared by the villa's talented in-house cooks and shared by faculty and staff alike.

Each year, Villa Le Balze provides eligible undergraduate students with the opportunity to study abroad for a summer, semester, or year. Because they  both study and live at Villa Le Balze, students enjoy a unique experience that includes a comprehensive, on-site academic program, intensive Italian language classes, academic and cultural excursions, and the opportunity to travel throughout Italy, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. The villa also hosts conferences and lectures that are open to the local community in Fiesole and Florence. The unforgettable experience of studying at Villa Le Balze and the relationships formed there create a bond that is remembered for generations.

Georgetown is extremely proud of its status as a global institution. The university’s commitment to engage the forces of globalization serves to advance the betterment of humankind and prepare future leaders who will serve as true global citizens. Villa Le Balze is one of Georgetown’s more than 160 study-abroad programs in 40 countries. Additionally, Georgetown is home to more than 2,000 international students (undergraduates and graduates) from 120 countries. More than 400 international scholars who are currently teaching or conducting research at the university.

November 14-18 is International Education Week 2016, an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. Visit the Villa Le Balze website for a closer look at this unique study abroad program and read more about Georgetown’s mission and engagement as a global university on our Global Engagement website.